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From Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Subject Re: I am having trouble setting up my build system for Syncope and need some help on deployment.
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2019 15:45:53 GMT
FYI customizing Docker is indeed possible up to a certain extent, but it
requires some Docker skills, of course.

Moreover, building the Maven project generated from archetype and
deploying to an external Java EE container, with a real database is
ordinary stuff. If you still have troubles with that, I'd suggest to try


On 11/09/19 13:43, Dalrymple, Philip wrote:
> Thanks, I have another fire to put out today (well two as a matter of fact)
> I do need to work with the source as I need to add two functions that are missing
> (and maybe another) but the reason that I went to that now is that I could not
> get enough customization in the docker build (it did work) and could not get
> the Maven from archetype to start in tomcat. I may take another shot at that.
> just F.Y.I.
> 1) a simple command line too to generate at least a BCRYPT admin/root password
> (needed because for production it is a very bad idea to have a default password and
> the ASE-1 hash is not a good one anymore)
> 2) support in the password .... I think it is rules .... to check each password for Entropy
> (at least an estimate using zxcvbn) I was thinking of adding this as an option to the
> default password rules.
> In addition I may look at getting Argon2 as another hash into Syncope.
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> From: Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
> Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 3:54
> To:
> Subject: Re: I am having trouble setting up my build system for Syncope and need some
help on deployment.
> Hi Philip,
> first of all, I am glad that Syncope "looks like just what we need for
> Identity management".
> I noticed that you are quite struggling, let's see if I can help.
> 1. you don't need to build Syncope from source, even if you need to
> customize / extend it for your own deployment (e.g. adding your own
> code): generating a Maven project from archetype [1] is exactly for that
> purpose; moreover, all tutorials / documentation / deployment
> instructions you will find are meant for this setup, not for build from
> sources
> 2. nevertheless, if you plan to contribute fixes and / or features,
> setting up your local build environment is anyway a good idea, but take
> also into account that:
> * Syncope 2.1 is the current stable release, actively maintained and
> released from the 2_1_X git branch, requires JDK 8
> * Syncope 3.0 is next major release, currently under high development
> and subjected to changes; currently in the master git branch, requires
> JDK 11
> Having said that, in case of contributions, I'd say it would be easier
> to start with 2_1_X / JDK 8
> 3. To deploy into an external Tomcat, just keep following Andrea's
> advice [2]; again, please note how this is meant for a Maven project
> generated from archetype
> Regards.
> [1]
> [2]
> On 10/09/19 15:54, Dalrymple, Philip wrote:
>> I am new to Syncope but it looks like just what we need for Identity management.
I will have to
>> make a couple of changes but first I thought to get a system up and running without
any changes.
>> So I first tried the docker deployment, I was able to get this up but any tweaking
was real hard
>> (as the notes said it would be) so I shifted to the Maven method noted in the getting
started guide,
>> this did not go well so, given that I wanted to make some changes to the code anyway
I next
>> build a new VM (Centos 7) and got java 12 and the latest Maven and the latest Tomcat
up and
>> running on it. I forked the GitHub repo and then made a working copy on my Getlab
server so
>> that the pull requests will be clean (I will Meld any code changes back to the forked
repo from
>> my working that will be good in the default project).
>> I did find three things that I did need.
>> 1) the options for Maven changed with version of Java after 8 (in the up stream building.xml)
>> 2) the patch program is needed to build one of the sub modules (again in up stream
>> 3) docker is needed for the PostgreSQL test (and I assume to docker one but I have
not tried that yet)
>>      AND even on unix (where it is in general not needed) you have to set DOCKER_HOST
to unix://localhost
>>      If it makes sense I will update builing.xml with that note, I have not yet.
>> After these changes I was able to build but could not do so following the instructions
in building.xml. I had to
>> first do:
>> mvn -PskipTests,all
>> then:
>> mvn -PskipTests,install
>> then I could do a
>> mvn clean install
>> as much as I wanted without error. (I have been making small changes to
>> the code and testing).
>> I am not sure what might be wrong with my build setup, how can I trouble shoot this?
>> Second. Once I have a good source build what is the best way to deploy it to a tomcat
>> running on this (and another) system?

Francesco Chicchiriccò

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