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From Misagh Moayyed <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Object versioning
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2019 07:41:32 GMT
I think it's a very good idea, and should fit quite nicely with the auditing capabilities of
the system to make auditors happy :) I have done some brief work with JaVers myself while
I was evaluating it for very similar requirements; it's a an easy-to-use library and also
has decent and flexible persistent mechanisms for record keeping; also somewhat Boot friendly.
Maybe the two can work with each other in fact; you'd have JaVers as the high-level abstraction
that keeps track of history and audits, while the persistence mechanisms are pushed out to
different systems, one of which could be handled by Spring Data JPA, while also allowing for
MongoDb and etc. 

A few things about history and audits in general that I think would be useful:

1. This should be an optional thing; one should have the ability to turn it off and I'd argue
that it perhaps should be kept off by default until at least a release passes to avoid surprises.
2. Audit data can grow quite large depending on system activity and may blow out the storage
system or cause performance issues, etc. There should be some sort of "automatic clean up"
process that purges records after a reasonable time period, or sufficient warnings that adopters
are to do the cleanup themselves.


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> From: "Andrea Patricelli" <>
> To: "dev" <>
> Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2019 12:02:25 PM
> Subject: [DISCUSS] Object versioning

> Hi all,
> in several of the last Syncope projects we recently worked on, we faced
> a recurring issue: data inconsistency (at business level) and the need
> to know who did what on some object.
> For "data inconsistency" I do not mean any issue related to database
> records or provisioning, but the values of the user attributes at the
> business level (identity info, groups or resources assigned, etc.).
> Often a sysadmin wonders about "why this attribute has changed?" or "who
> did this (wrong) change, how can I recover the previous value?"
> Changes I'm referring to can come from automatic tasks (pull, scheduled)
> or manual tasks performed by admin or manager users.
> Syncope already provides info about last change date, change password
> date or last modifier user, but in my opinion are not enough to
> understand the history of the record.
> This is why I'm proposing to add to Syncope the possibility of
> versioning objects. Something similar has been done for connectors and
> resources configurations [1]. It is not a simple work I know :)
> Here are some requirements that I was thinking of:
>  * Versioning should be done on all objects, USER, GROUP and ANY.
>  * Versioning could be heavy for systems with thousands or million of
>    users, so it should be a feature to enable/disable at each moment of
>    the project lifecycle. It should also be tunable, e.g. store only
>    attributes and not resources, groups, etc.
>  * In a first release I would leave apart all issues related to
>    provisioning. I would simply version data stored on Syncope database
>  * User should have the possibility to see a diff of what has changed
>    like per connectors and resources configurations.
>  * User should have the possibility to restore a certain value (or the
>    whole object?)
>  * User should be able to see, at least (in a first release), an
>    history of what has changed on data (e.g. name: foo -> bar) and who
>    did the change and when.
>  * User should be able to query by changed data like users who are
>    subject to "name" change in a certain period (not so useful, maybe).
> There are some usefu l open source libraries that support objects
> versioning like JaVers [2] or [3], but I'm not sure if this last one
> fits all the needs above. If you have any other proposal please don't
> hesitate to attach it in this thread.
> Have a nice day,
> Andrea
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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