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From Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Remove deb packages for Syncope 3.'0
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2019 05:46:54 GMT

On 14/09/19 07:01, Francesco Chicchiriccò wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like to propose to remove the deb packages from master branch / 3.0, for some
> 1. it's difficult to produce packages compatible at the same time with Debian, Ubuntu
and other derivatives: for example, ATM Debian stable has a tomcat9 package while Ubuntu LTS
is still on tomcat8
> 2. in branches 2_0_X and 2_1_X deb packages are used to build Docker images but on master
this has changed: since all is now based on Spring Boot, Docker images were changed as consequence
> 3. there are new components on master (SRA, Keymaster, WA, .. [1]) that would deserve
new deb packages, but I don't think the effort is worthwhile, especially given the reason
> 4. deb packages were originally meant as a fast and straightforward way to get Syncope
properly deployed, but I think that nowadays Docker images (with Docker Compose and Kubernetes
samples) serve better such purpose, on more platforms
> If there are no objections, I'll proceed with removal next week.
> Regards.
> [1]
Francesco Chicchiriccò

Tirasa - Open Source Excellence

Member at The Apache Software Foundation
Syncope, Cocoon, Olingo, CXF, OpenJPA, PonyMail

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