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From Francesco Chicchiricc├▓ <>
Subject Re: Want to start contributing in Syncope project
Date Fri, 05 May 2017 06:43:39 GMT
Hi Yash,
see my replies below.


On 04/05/2017 20:46, Yash Jain wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for providing the documents.
> 1) I am able to build the project on my local using following command :
>     mvn - PskipTests,all
> I have attached txt file for the build results.


> 2)  But when I am running command:
>    mvn clean install
> It is failing . Should I try to debug the issue or should I start 
> going through the code.

Building Syncope with all tests is quite resource-demanding, so there 
are some synchronization issues in the integration tests which lead to 
failure when the underlying system takes a bit more than expected to 
On my laptop, for example, 'mvn  -T 1C -PskipTests,all' takes around 
1.30 mins while 'mvn -T 1C clean install' something less than 20 mins.

We have however several CI instances in place, including Travis CI:

which take additional care about successful builds.

I'd say you'd rather start going through the code ;-)

> 3) I went through the link [1]  and I think I can work on "social 
> registration for End user UI" module.
> Kindly help me on which sections of code, I should start going through 
> to further work on this module.

Cool, then you're looking at

Besides what it is already reported in the issue description and 
comments, you can now - after Syncope 2.0.3 was released - also have a 
kind of reference implementation in the SAML 2.0 SP extension, e.g.

That extension, in fact, allows to SSO to Admin Console and Enduser UI 
after authenticating to an external SAML 2.0 IdP.

The new extension from SYNCOPE-1018, instead, should enable the Enduser 
UI (and possibly the Admin Console too, why not?) to SSO after 
authenticating to an external OAuth 2.0 provider (for existing users) or 
to pre-populate some attribute (for self-registration, in the Enduser UI).

Once you've got some confidence around Syncope concepts and codebase, I 
suggest to start from

and to create a similar page for OAuth 2.0.
Once done that, you might want to start a separate mail thread here on 
dev@ to discuss.

In order to proceed, we need:

* you to sign and submit an ICLA - see
* your Confluence account so I can grant you write access to

Glad to have you onboard, anyway!

> On Thu, May 4, 2017 at 1:12 PM, Yash Jain < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     Thanks a lot guys for quick response. I will go through the ideas
>     and start going through the documents.
>     On Thu, May 4, 2017 at 1:01 PM, Francesco Chicchiricc├▓
>     < <>> wrote:
>         On 04/05/2017 09:11, Yash Jain wrote:
>             Hi Guys,
>             I am excited to contribute to syncope project as I find it
>             quite
>             interesting and challenging opportunity to learn and
>             contribute.
>             I have worked on some projects using spring framework, SQL
>             and some front
>             end technologies. I am willing to learn new technologies
>             while contributing
>             to such a good project.
>             Kindly guide me on how to start and in which area I can
>             start contributing.
>         Welcome to Apache Syncope!
>         If you are looking for contribution you can check [1], which
>         are the ideas for GSoC 2017 that did not unfortunately found
>         valuable proposals.
>         You might also be interested in some background information
>         about contributing in [2] and building [3].
>         Regards.
>         [1]
>         <>
>         [2]
>         <>
>         [3]
>         <>
Francesco Chicchiricc├▓

Tirasa - Open Source Excellence

Member at The Apache Software Foundation
Syncope, Cocoon, Olingo, CXF, OpenJPA, PonyMail

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