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From Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Subject Managing WebApplicationException
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2016 11:07:53 GMT
Hi all,
during a recent chat I had with the good Sergey (on another topic), I 
have found that the JAX-RS's standard WebApplicationException (and child 
exceptions) are handled by CXF, according to the specs, via 
WebApplicationExceptionMapper [1].

Syncope's RestServiceExceptionMapper, however, contains some code [2] to 
manage such exceptions, which is never going to be triggered, at this point.

Please consider that this affects both 1.2 and 2.0.

IMO, we should either:

  (a) remove [2] and let CXF do its work according to the specs
  (b) set the 'default.wae.mapper.least.specific' (which is false by 
default) to delegate WebApplicationException to [2]



Francesco Chicchiriccò

Tirasa - Open Source Excellence

Member at The Apache Software Foundation
Syncope, Cocoon, Olingo, CXF, OpenJPA, PonyMail

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