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From Nuwan Sameera <>
Subject Re: [Syncope-808] How I send PR to upstream
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2016 10:44:00 GMT

Thank you very much. I am work in progress.

Nuwan Sameera

On Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 3:18 AM, andrea <> wrote:

> Il 02/07/2016 11:29, Nuwan Sameera ha scritto:
>> Hi all,
>> I worked with [Syncope-808] as GSoC project. Now I am not in GSoC program.
>> But I would like to contribute [Syncope-808]. In this time I did some
>> implementation about netbeans plugin.
>> All source codes are available in
>>               [1]
>> All the instructions to how install and run netbeans plugin available in
>> * [GSoC 2016] [Syncope 808] *mail thread.
> Hi Nuwan,
> I had a look to your project, I checked code and functionalities.
> Here are some suggestions on how to proceed to PR:
> First of all you have to rebase your Apache Syncope fork with current
> Apache Syncope master. I.e. you have to import all commits done on
> apache:master to re-align your project to Apache Syncope one. Like GitHub
> says you are 78 commits behind apache:master. You can use Git rebase
> command, there is a lot of documentation on the web.
> There are some best paractises to follow while developing with Apache
> Syncope. Especially in the pom.xml you have to:
> 1.  add dependencies in the root (father) pom.xml, versions of
> dependencies must be maven properties so that you can change them easily.
>     Then you can import dependencies in the child project (your project)
> without specifying versions.
> 2. Additional netbeans repository definition must be moved from child
> pom.xml to father (root) pms.xml into the tag "repositories".
> 3. While building the project I see: *[WARNING] The artifact
> org.apache.commons:commons-io:jar:1.3.2 has been relocated to
> commons-io:commons-io:jar:1.3.2 Please check if *this import is really
> necessary and if you can solve this warning. 4. Remove
> class! If you need to
> make some test (about plugin, if needed) you must add test classes under
> src/test directory. But Test class is not a test about plugin, so you can
> remove it.
> 5. Remove all @author javadoc.
> 6. Do you really need ianal-maven-plugin definition and configuration? I
> think that is enough father pms.xml one.
> 7. remove*
> <properties>
>        <checkstyle.skip>true</checkstyle.skip>
>        <rat.skip>true</rat.skip>
>    </properties>*
> These two properties must be removed, because you project have to build
> with checkstyle and rat checks enabled.
> 8. Plugin homepage does not
> exist.
> 9. You must do a bit of refactoring putting the project under an higher
> level project IDE. I'll give you details further.
> 10. I successfullty installed and tried to use plugin, but after I clicked
> on close button gave me an error and I had to restart netbeans to set new
> url, username and password for syncope endpoint. This is really
> disappointing.
> 11. Seems that sometimes Netbeans hangs and nothing happens. You could add
> a progress bar in the footer of the browser (like download or build)
> progress bar.
> Can be this template loading non-blocking?
> 12. About report XSLTs: you do not have to let the user choose the format,
> because XSLT is the reference format. You have to show one XSLT file (tab
> or subtab like Source and History) for each format of the report (CSV, FO,
> HTML), but format of the file is always XSLT, could never exist sample xslt
> that is .html.
> 13. After closing plugin and reconnecting I see duplicated templates in
> the left navigation toolbar of the plugin, and a duplicate is created every
> time I reconnect why??
> 14. If I click on test mail template another nothing happens.
> 15. How can I save remotely template? Just clicking on Save button? I
> tried but I did not see changes on Syncope.
> Suggestion: you can also open an issue for each point on your Git
> repository NuwanSameera/syncope. It will be very useful for you and for us
> to check developments.
>> I need feedback about my project and I need to know how I send PR to
>> upstream.
> To send  a PR, after a rebase with Apache Syncope master, you just click
> on New pull request button in your project main page.
> Thanks and Regards.
> HTH best regards,
> Andrea

Nuwan Sameera.
Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering,
University of Moratuwa.

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