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From Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Subject Re: Some comments on Connectors
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2016 15:49:24 GMT
On 22/03/2016 15:09, Colm O hEigeartaigh wrote:
> Hi all,
> First of all, Syncope 2.0.0(-M2) looks awesome! Well done to all the team
> for all of the hard work. It looks very professional overall IMO.

Thanks! :-)

> There is
> some annoying flickering on chrome that I'm seeing, but that might just be
> my setup.

Where exactly are you seeing this?

> I have a few trivial comments/queries on the Connector configuration:
> a) In the "Capabilities" tab, the header is "capabilitiesPalette" which
> seems a bit unnecessary IMO. An "all" checkbox would possibly be useful
> here which would select all of the other checkboxes.

Agree: would you mind opening an improvement for this?

> b) In the "Configuration" tab, it's not clear to me what the On/Off buttons
> mean?

As for 1.2, such buttons sets the possibility to override the related 
properties in the resources using the given connector.
I agree it is not clear now: again, could you please take care of filing 
another improvement for this?

> c) In previous Syncope versions, one could hover over the textfields IIRC
> and get an explanation as to what the configuration item meant. However
> this is not working, unless I am missing something.

Once more, I agree with you; third required improvement in a row.

> d) Not related to Connectors, but I noticed that all of the table listings
> in the UI have both the header and footer containing the column names. IMO
> it would be sufficient just to have the header there.

This was set according to the Admin LTE template that we have chosen for 
the new admin console: see [1]; however, as you can imagine, we can 
easily revert to the single-header version; it's more a matter of taste.




Francesco Chicchiriccò

Tirasa - Open Source Excellence

Involved at The Apache Software Foundation:
member, Syncope PMC chair, Cocoon PMC, Olingo PMC, CXF committer

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