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From Massimilino Perrone <>
Subject Add a link to send information about Syncope installation
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2015 11:57:55 GMT
Hi guys,
I'm sending this mail to share with you an idea to solve the problem to 
know who is using Syncope (and where) to create, for instance, an html 
page on the Syncope website with some reference to the Syncope 
installation around the world.

Basically the idea is to have a REST service (somewhere) where to send 
some anonymous information about the Syncope installation, the latter 
may be sent during the installation through the installer (adding a 
check box) or adding a link in the Info panel, on the Syncope console.

Recapping, I'm thinking two use cases:
UC 1) Check box on the installer.
Whether checked, after installation, the installer send "something" to 
the "famous" REST service.
UC 2) Link on the Info panel.
Whether clicked the console send "something" to the "famous" REST service.

For "something" I mean only the information as the location, system 
properties etc etc; in this way the information will be anonymous. But 
we could think also something more evolved, for instance a form with 
some *not* anonymous data as company, state, etc etc...


Best regards,

Massimiliano Perrone
Tel +39 393 9121310

Tirasa S.r.l.
Viale D'Annunzio 267 - 65127 Pescara
Tel +39 0859116307 / FAX +39 0859111173

"L'apprendere molte cose non insegna l'intelligenza"

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