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From Paul Fremantle <>
Subject Re: Synapse in a production environment
Date Wed, 20 Jan 2010 19:13:25 GMT
Some answers inline:

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 9:23 AM, Sabareeswar P. B.
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> We are looking at deploying Synapse in a production environment as a web service intermediary.
> Could you please give us inputs on the following:
> 1)       Approximate number of Synapse installations in existing production environments.
There are no easy numbers for this - but WSO2 has a strong number of
case studies including at least one customer doing 150m
transactions/day. In addition, there are some discussions archived in
the user list, including the US Army and various others. I can discuss
production systems offline under an NDA if necessary. There are also
public case studies with Concur and Chapdelaine on the WSO2 site.

> 2)       System requirements for Synapse, if any.
This depends on what you are doing - but in general the performance is
excellent with flat memory usage. If you aren't doing complex
transformations you should see memory usage in the 100-300Mb size and
a fairly average processor (say a quad-core single CPU) should handle
at least 1000tps.

> 3)       Availability of commercial support for production issues.
WSO2 offers commercial support 24x7. There are other companies as well.

> 4)       Any possible production-environment specific changes to the configuration
There are some useful settings in the benchmarks here:

However, Synapse is designed to perform well out of the box.


Paul Fremantle
Co-Founder and CTO, WSO2
Apache Synapse PMC Chair


"Oxygenating the Web Service Platform",

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