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From Ruwan Linton <>
Subject Re: Generic WS gateway
Date Fri, 27 Mar 2009 08:43:34 GMT
Hi Johan,

To me this is a message mediation scenario, where you want to respond to the
client by looking at the To address of the message coming in. I am not
saying this is not possible.... but this will require an extension to

So basically you have to have a mediator to fetch the WSDL from the registry
and insert the correct addresses to the WSDL. Rest of the scenario can be
configured using a CBR in the synapse configuration.


On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 5:02 AM, Johan Eltes <> wrote:

> I would like to create a proxy service that handles any service request as
> long as a WSDL can be dynamically associated with the request. The WS-Policy
> attachments of the WSDL mapped to a request should be applied dynamically.
> It is a bit like the DRY principle implemented by metaprogramming in Grails,
> RobyOnRails etc. The following conventions would drive the behavior:
> wsdl GET request:
> -------------------------
><urn of Service>/?wsdl
> Synapse would look-up  the wsdl from a registry based on the value of <urn
> of Service> (e.g. urn:se:test:stock-quote:v1), replace the soap address and
> then return the wsdl.
> SOAP request
> -------------------
> When the soap request arrives at<urn of Service>,
> Synapse would dynamically look up the wsdl using <urn of Service> as key
> (see above) so that the policies defined by the wsdl could be applied.
> A metadata-driven mediation would use the soap Action (or wsa:action) + the
> value of a customer soap header element as input to a custom registry, which
> would yield  the To-address for the outbound soap request. The outbound soap
> processing would fetch the WSDL from the To-adress using the ?wsdl
> convention. The WS-Policy attachments of the target service WSDL would be
> applied.
> The purpose of this scenario is to have a generic Synapse virtual endpoint
> that can process any soap request on behalf of any service, as long as a
> wsdl is mapped to the last path element of the request URL and some
> predefined conventions for metadata is applied.
> Is this possible in Synapse? Any pointers to significant capabilities are
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Johan

Ruwan Linton
Senior Software Engineer & Product Manager; WSO2 ESB;
WSO2 Inc.;
email:; cell: +94 77 341 3097

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