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From "Ants Kiwi" <>
Subject Connection timeout problem on Solaris
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 21:43:05 GMT
Hi, I'm using Synapse 1.2 to take an input message, do some mediation
on it, then clone it so it can be sent to two different web services
and then I'm aggregating the results with a custom aggregate mediator
I have written (as the aggregation has business rules in it, so I
can't use the default Synapse aggregator).

This works perfectly on Windows using Synapse 1.2 stand-alone.  When
using the same setup on a Solaris box, the cloned messages time out
when trying to on-send the message to the end points.  These
web-services are running in a Tomcat on the same machine as axis 2 web
services.  Using localhost and the actual server domain names both
fail.  Moving these web services to a different machine on the network
fail also, as does going via an external www URL to those services.
Every single message times out.

Initially I thought that this would be a DNS problem or something -
however setting up a plain Synapse proxy in the same Synapse instance
runs fine, and it makes contact to the axis 2 web services.

I have debugged the Synapse 1.2 source and it goes all the way through
and sends off the message fine - its just it never gets a response.

Has anyone had issues on Solaris (this is an older version) or similar
behaviour where messages timeout every time?

My synapse.xml is as follows:

<definitions xmlns="">

    <!-- takes a request, sends it to VIS and VBATS and
         aggregates the results. -->
    <sequence name="main" trace="enable">
        <log level="full"/>
            <sequence key="topicregister.getvehicleidentifier.sequence"/>

    <!-- datahub.vis.sequence takes a request, sends it to the VIS
datahub vehicle
         service, and returns the result, as-is. -->
    <sequence name="datahub.vis.getvehicle.sequence">
            <!-- Send all incoming traffic to the VIS datahub vehicle
service -->
            <property name="source-system" value="vis"/>

    <!-- datahub.vbats.getvehicle.sequence takes a request, sends it to the
         VBATS datahub vehicle service, and returns the result, as-is. -->
    <sequence name="datahub.vbats.getvehicle.sequence">
            <!-- Send all incoming traffic to the VBATS datahub
vehicle service -->
            <property name="source-system" value="vbats"/>

    <!-- topicregister.getvehicleidentifier.sequence takes a vehicle
request and looks up its
         vin in the topic-register. -->
    <sequence name="topicregister.getvehicleidentifier.sequence">
            <!-- parameters for the vehicle identifier lookup call to
the topic register -->
              <property name="axis2-repository-path"
              <property name="topic-register-service-url"
              <property name="username" value="*****"/>
              <property name="password" value="*****"/>
            <clone continueParent="false">
               <target sequence="datahub.vbats.getvehicle.sequence"/>
               <target sequence="datahub.vis.getvehicle.sequence"/>


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