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From Jens Goldhammer <>
Subject Integration of Jboss Drools in Synapse?
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 10:42:49 GMT
Hello mailinglist,

I have read some interesting articles about rules engines and their part 
in the process orchestration. I want to share my thoughts about Synapse 
being not only a mediation framework, but also a rules engine in general.
Synapse provides me in writing rules via cbr (switch-case), but IMO this 
is not effiently enough for bigger and complex rules. JBoss Drools 
delivers an efficient way how to define business rools and execute them. 
I have the idea to integrate Synapse with Drools as a rules service into 
business processes. The business process calls the rules-engine to get 
e.g. values of a credit limit which should not be hard coded in the 
business process itself. The rules engine has to have a wsdl-interface 
for integration into bpel processes, so Synapse would be a good point 
because of the flexible interface. Synapse acts as a service and send 
back the result of the query. Problem is now how this integration should 
be done. Do you see any approach how integration between them can be made?


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