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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: Some general questions on synapse usage
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2007 03:18:50 GMT
Hi Rajith
> 1. Do we support TCP as a transport in synapse? I assume that we can 
> switch
> between any transport supported by axis2
Theoretically yes, but this is not yet a supported and tested transport 
with Synapse and it is possible that you may encounter some issues. 
Currently we do testing and QA for http/s, JMS only, and would extend 
this to SMTP and a file/ftp transport or AMQP and MQ once they become 
available. This would be on usage and user demand.
> 2. if I want to do simple camparisons on an element value, is script
> mediators the best ? like use e4x or ruby etc...
No, the filter mediator can do XPath and XPath+Regex conditions (Also 
see Switch mediator and the examples). The script mediator could do the 
same - but you need to remember that some of the scripting engines may 
or may not be thread safe. We are considering switching to BSF v3 in the 
future to overcome this.
>    Can I use beanshell bcos now are using the beanscripting framework? (I
> figured the answer for this, but still posting it for the benifit of 
> others)
I am not very familiar with 'beanshell' but I guess you have already 
found out..
>    here is an example of what I want to do.
>     <transaction>
>        <amount>36533</amount>
>        <time>10.44</time>
>     </transaction>
>  What I like to do is if amount > 1000 then follow a particular 
> sequence or
This is certainly possible.. just use XPath and regex
>   if time is between a particular vale (say 11.30pm and 6.00 am) then 
> follow
> a particular sequence
I was thinking of making System time/date and other properties such as 
host name available through the get-property() function.. I think we 
should file a JIRA for this enhancement.
> 3. If I do headers and synapse takes care of converting it to the correct
> header type based on the out going message format right?
No, you can specify to Synapse if its a SOAP header add/remove or a 
Synapse or axis2 property being added/removed or a transport header 
add/remove. Synapse will not try to be intelligent where it cannot
>    like if it's soap it becomes a soap header, if it's POX it becomes a
> HTTP header and if JMS, it's a JMS header ..etc
No, Synapse cannot automatically move SOAP headers to transport headers 
- I do not think that is right. However, you can write your mediation to 
read a SOAP header and write it as a HTTP/JMS or any other transport header


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