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From Auke Schrijnen <>
Subject Re: Synapse 2.2.0 release and future
Date Mon, 30 May 2016 16:13:18 GMT
Hiranya, Andreas, others,

It looks like the mail from Brett worked as a wakeup call, the seems to be more
activity in the last week than the last year.

I've tried to rebase our patches (based on Synapse 2.1.0) onto the latest trunk
version, which isn't that easy (the odd project structure doesn't help here, see
SYNAPSE-888). It needs a lot of work to reshape those patches into small changes
which could be applied to Synapse. We do have quite some integration tests for
our services implemented in Synapse and I did found at least one regression
(Andreas merged the fix, see SYNAPSE-1027).

One thing I noticed was the level of integration of the pass through transport
with the framework. We ran into similar issues when we started to use Synapse in
a servlet environment, it seemed that the nhttp transport was the only transport
which was really supported. Both Axis2 and Synapse provide various abstraction
levels and modularity through modules, transports and mediators but the
boundaries of those abstractions are crossed on many occasions. The root case
for SYNAPSE-1027 is a crossing of such a boundary in combination with the
assumption that the pass through transport is used. Unfortunately Synapse lacks
unit tests which cover those cases and some features are implemented without
following the architecture of the framework. 

Enough complaining... what can I do? Like always, time is a limiting factor.
First of all we need to upgrade to Synapse trunk. A new Synapse release would
help a lot here, because it provides a version which doesn't change. Our local
changes should be rebased on the trunk and sanitized to become patches in Jira.
As we have a rich set of integration tests for our services we could set up CI
jobs for testing against the trunk version, although we would use a stable
version ourselves. Ideally our integration tests are ported to unit or
integration tests for the Synapse project, but by executing our tests on both
the latest Synapse release and trunk we can alert the project when our build
fails and preferably provide patches and tests for the issue.

I presume WSO2 does also have some quality assurance for their Synapse based
product which could used to improve the quality of the project and according to
the other thread there are more people who want to contribute. So it looks like
Synapse can be revived and can become a healthy project.

It would be great if Synapse could release more often and at least follow the
Axis2 releases. Seeing regular releases, even with only small changes, will
create a lot more trust in the project.

Andreas, you are saying the release process needs to be updated to make it
conform to the current
requirements for Apache releases. Who is able to do that? Is there anything I
could do to help in this area?


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