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From "Hubert, Eric" <>
Subject RE: Problem with empty load balance groups
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2009 07:58:05 GMT
> > Two solutions would be acceptable to me:
> > a) The ESB does not start if a load balancing group is empty and output
> > the name(s) of the empty laodbalance groups. This approach might cause
> > compatibility issues with existing (mis)configurations. Also unused
> > configuration parts would cause Synapse not to start. On the other hand
> > this is "fail fast" and if we would have a schema, this configuration
> > would probably be disallowed.
> >
> > b) At runtime the problem is detected and a fault is sent to the client
> > indicating that no member of a loadbalancing group are available.
> >
> > Do you have other solutions in mind? What solution do you prefer?
> >
> I would certainly prefer option "A".. it would be easier to implement
> and also better in dealing with the issue than at runtime.

Ok, I will go this road. If you currently set log4j level to debug for synapse core, you already
have this behaviour - even though surely not intended. ;-) NPE during debug output in LoadbalanceEndpoint.setAlgorithm()

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