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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: Enhancements to the JMS transport
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2008 13:44:35 GMT
Hi Andreas

I have fixed the MinConcurrency test as well and almost at the end of 
finishing up with the TransportDisposedIOExceptions.. Please wait for an 
updated patch a bit later tonight before you start reviewing in detail..

>> The testkit logs show lots of TransportDisposedIOExceptions in the
>> tests based on ActiveMQ. This is not the case for the current version
>> of the JMS transport. Could it be that some JMS resources are not
>> properly closed?
> Ok.. I will check t I have done more cleanup and a re-review of the 
> code, and will check the logs now.. also I will check the 
> min-concurrency test again considering your comments.. I did see the 
> latch counting down to zero with souts, but from within the IDE, I've 
> seen it get stuck.. Let me check the resource cleanup code as well, to 
> see if synchronization is required to ensure proper behavior. I also 
> used volatiles to notify shutdown etc, which should generally improve 
> things for better
>>  Also I've seen some random failures, but I need more
>> time to collect relevant information. Could you give me some more time
>> to thoroughly test and review the patch?
> Sure Andreas.. since I have done a few more changes, I can either 
> commit this to a private branch so that both of us can work on it 
> together.. or even trunk if you feel its ready.. or I can also send 
> the latest patch (with whatever changes I have done since Wednesday) 
> whenever you can find some time to go through.. Let me know what will 
> work best..

Asankha C. Perera

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