Hi Eric
"However, a persistent connection with an HTTP/1.0 client cannot make use of the chunked transfer-coding, and therefore MUST use a Content-Length for marking the ending boundary of each message"
a new idea came to my mind. Could this exception also occure if the server closes the connection before reading the whole request? What if the content length would be wrong for some reason? So maybe it would be too small just for certain messages (depending on the binary content)? Could this cause the same exception? If so, how do you calculate the content length?
I do not think the content length could be wrong, as its a clear violation of the HTTP spec then.. However, I have seen ApacheBench reporting incorrect length errors, and I think this is using HTTP 1.0, without keepalive, in which case the stream is closed, signalling the end of the message, even if the Content-Length header said something larger.. if the Content-length stated something lesser than the actual payload, as I understand, this should result in a serious error.
PS: Sorry for the wild guesses. I have no idea how to further analyze the issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.
No problem.. one option would be for you to develop a small scenario which I could deploy on WebLogic, and try to recreate.. generally I like bugs which I can re-create, as I can then find the cause and the solutions as well.. so if you can get this done from your end, I can take over the task of finding the underlying reason and a workaround

Asankha C. Perera

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