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From "Paul Fremantle" <>
Subject Re: Improving performance even more :)
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2008 14:41:03 GMT
> Cool, I think this would be interesting. So we need a mechanism to find
> whether the AXIOM tree is modified or not when we send the message out.

Ok so we can do this I guess by looking to see if the root has been
built at all. If it hasn't been built then the message is still
untouched. That would only work for pure routing or content-based
routing using only HTTP headers.

> I think this is possible, but I don't think we need an OMDataSource to do
> this, we can get the stream from the parser directly right? in which case we
> just need to override the MessageFormatter ....


> I am sorry I don't get this point...

We were talking earlier about using OMDataSource to create an
OMElement "backed" by a Map message. That way, if the Map message is
unmodified, then the Map can be accessed directly without having to
ever transform it into XML. For example, we could use this with FIX -
since FIX is basically a map of name-value pairs, we could create a
MapMessage, and only create XML if we needed to.


Paul Fremantle
Co-Founder and CTO, WSO2
Apache Synapse PMC Chair


"Oxygenating the Web Service Platform",

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