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From "xuhongbo" <>
Subject Re: Re: network break down doesn't immediately cause Client request failure]
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2008 03:11:24 GMT
Thanks asankha to correct my mistake of unaware of how to subscribe the mail-list, and avoid
the stupid action of re-send same mail;

But using time-out property of endpoint is still cannot solved the situation: the unrecoverable-io-exception
has been detected by synapse transport, but the client still must wait for a time(defined
in time-out property).

After checking the code, I found these things

1)synapse http transports can detected the some network exception immediately ,but it just
shutdown connection and do nothing(in

2)Yes, the synapse http transports does write the code to process the immediately detected
exception (HttpCoreNIOSender.sessionRequestCallback).But when I testing by raise exception
manually (etc. shutdown axisServer), only ClientHandler catched the io-exception, the SessionRequestCallback
will never catch the io-exception.

So is it's the fault of synapse-transport? 
Or Synapselooks it as demand need not to be full-filled?
And maybe it's fault of http-core-nio

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You posted this same question to user@ mailing list, and I posted my reply there.. are you
subscribed to our lists? else you may be able to post but you will not see any replies. 

So can you please ensure that you are subscribed to the lists

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