Hi all,

We are planning for the next release of Synapse which is going to be synapse-1.1.1. This release is mostly going to be a bug fix release of the 1.1 release with a very few new features and improvements like email mediator (in-progress), call-out mediator and the enhanced support for the GET requests and some more transport level improvements.

There are a few JIRAs yet to work on,


and there are number of issues that has been already fixed on the svn trunk.

Our planned time line for the final release is mid January (hopefully with becoming a TLP) and we will be doing a few qa and beta releases frequently before the release.

devs, is there any thing that I have missed or any thing that can be added to synapse for this release?
users, is there any thing that need to be fixed or added to this release? Please speak up now.


Ruwan Linton
http://www.wso2.org - "Oxygenating the Web Services Platform"