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From mehdi ait oufkir <>
Subject Re: Adding STOMP transport protocol in synapse
Date Sat, 29 Dec 2007 21:46:08 GMT

I know I can do that. But I don't want to have my server to talk directly to
So I would have, On the client side something like.

The client is in php.

On the server side:
My server is in C.

I don't know if it's the best way to do it. But I don't want to have neither
my client, nor my server coupled to activemq.

My goal is to enable asynchronous web-services thru a queue mechanism, but
to my knowledge PHP and C can't talk JMS.

Let me know if I'm going the wrong way.

Concerning the build of synapse. Do you have some documentation somewhere or
can I build it from eclipse. I have heard about maven but I'm not familiar
at all with it, I know more about ant.


On 12/29/07 1:24 AM, "Paul Fremantle" <> wrote:

> Mehdi
> Synapse works "out of the box" with ActiveMQ. Would it be enough
> simply to use ActiveMQ and enable the STOMP protocol with that?
> i.e. Synapse->ActiveMQ->STOMP
> Paul
> On Dec 29, 2007 2:11 AM, Asankha C. Perera <> wrote:
>>  Hi Mehdi
>>  The transports used by Synapse are actually Axis2 transports.. Thus the
>> interfaces you need to implement are actually in Axis2.. however, since
>> Synapse uses more transports typically than Axis2, the Synapse code base
>> contains a module "tranports" that contains the code for the VFS, JMS and
>> NHTTP transports. However, the NHTTP transport is quite different and a bit
>> complex - but you should be able to look at the JMS transport code to get a
>> better understanding. Start from the JMSListener and JMSSender and also look
>> at the AbstractTransportSender and the AbstractTransportListener that will
>> make your implementation simpler
>>  asankha
>>  mehdi ait oufkir wrote:
>>  Hi,
>>  I'm evaluating synapse for a project and one of the requirement would be to
>> support the STOMP transport protocol. I know synapse already support by
>> default http,https, jms, I'd like to know what it would take to support
>> another protocol. How extensible is synapse?
>>  If this is possible, may be you can guide me with some general dev
>> documentation, and build documentation. I already checked out the code into
>> eclipse but I had hard to understand the structure of the code.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Mehdi Ait Oufkir

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