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From "Ruwan Linton" <>
Subject Synapse-1.1-qa-b3 published
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2007 11:53:07 GMT
Hi folks,

I have uploaded the 3rd QA build of Synapse-1.1 release to [1]. This build
fixes most of the issues with the QA build 2 and has some improvements to
the initialization of synapse. This build also has enhanced support for the
VFS and NHTTP transports. This also contains one new mediator which is
Aggregate mediator. Finally this is going to be the final QA build (most
probably :) )

XmlSchema release is yet to go, and will fix the synapse blocker [2] (In
case of a failure in getting the XmlSchema release for the 1.1 time frame we
will be depending on a custom build of XmlSchema from the 1.3.2 branch with
this patch [3] applied.)

Also we may update the BSF version for the 1.1 release (if the BSF release
fits with 1.1 time frame) to support the latest versions of the scripting
languages through the Script mediator.

* WS-RM is not working in this build as well, and we may not support WS-RM
for the 1.1 release as well, with the time constraints.
* This build is tested on JDK 1.5 on Unix environments and hence there can
be issues with other environments.
* This build does *not* contain the updated docs and samples for the 1.1release

Please verify the fixes for the issues.

[1] -<>
[2] -
[3] -

Synapse Team

Ruwan Linton - "Oxygenating the Web Services Platform"

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