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From Deepal jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: Supporting content types in Synapse and Axiom
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 09:40:58 GMT

> Hi
> As Synapse is getting more interest I see a number of people looking
> to use it and extend it for binary and text content types as well as
> XML.
Not only in Synapse but also in Axis2 I can see a lot of guys are asking
for this.
> We already support those from some transports (e.g. JMS) but each
> transport defines its own way of handling these things, 

This is not clear to me , what each transport does is depending on the
content type it get the correct builder and asked him to build the Axiom
. And the transport will give the input stream to the builder.

When it come to write to the wire , transport will pick the correct
message formatter and give him the output stream and the Axiom and that
guy will serialize the message accordingly .
> and so I can't
> be sure that a message coming in as binary/jms can go out correctly as
> binary/http post.
You mean you want to know the exact wire format ?
> So here is what I'd like to do:
> I'd like to have explicit methods:
> OMElement get/setPayload()
This is not clear to me , what do you mean by set and get Payload , isnt
that you getting and setting a child node ?
> DataHandler get/setBytesPayload()
> String get/setTextPayload()
> boolean isBinary();
> boolean isText();
> int getPayloadType()
What would be the result ?
> In order to make this work, we should have two well defined QNames -
> one for binary and one for text.
> For example binary payload will be in a wrapper element called:
> <a:binary xmlns:a="">
> And text payload could be in
> <a:text  xmlns:a="">
What do you mean by text pay load , what is the difference between
Omelement.getText and Omelement.getTextPayload() ?
> So if I setBinaryPayload, basically what happens (under the covers is)
> OMElement el = fac.createOMElement("binary", axNS);
> OMText bin = fac.createOMText(dh, true);
> el.addChild(bin);
> getBody().setFirstChild(el);
+1 , that will be very convenient.
> Now I'd be very happy to do this just in Synapse, but it makes much
> more sense to do it in Axiom. 
> That would mean everyone using this
> (axis2 transports, synapse mediators, etc) would inherit the same
> definitions and use the data in a consistent way. Which is the point
> of this.
> Paul

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