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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: Synapse not able to send request to jboss server + solaris 5.9
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2007 04:23:16 GMT
> Is there a way to configure synapse
> not to use NIO but blocking Http transport?
I don't think thats the right solution to this problem, as we spent a 
long time building a non-blocking transport and now we see its benefits 
and the scalability we have achieved. The problem with a blocking 
transport for an intermediary such as Synapse is that it boils down to 
one-thread per client connection, and this thread may be blocked on IO 
and waiting for the backend service to reply.

I would like to understand your problem in more detail, and try to see 
if I can reproduce it. So you need to tell me and Oleg the exact JDK 
version you are using, your OS version and the hardware (Sparc/Intel) so 
that we could try to investigate it further. Also could you try this 
with a different version of the JDK (1.5.x).. maybe JDK 1.6 and a newer 
Solaris box or OS version?  Also since you have nailed this down to 
HttpCore-NIO alone, maybe you could try the 4.0-alpha5 release of 
HttpCore that came out in the last week.

 >The example given in NIO module when executed from 
solaris  box is able to talk to HTTP
 > server / servlet container running in windows but not solaris (not 
even local machine).

The above seems quite confusing to me.. If the sample code you provide 
can talk to an external Windows server, I don't see any reason why it 
cant talk to a Solaris server? Just to be certain.. do you have any 
firewalls or other software between the two boxes? Can you do a "telnet 
<solarishost> <httpport>" from the command line and then a "GET / 
HTTP/1.1" and see if you get some response back?

Lets give this problem the due attention it deserves and try to find its 
root cause.


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