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From "Mukund Balasubramanian" <>
Subject First code drop: Binary though :-(
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 12:07:54 GMT


Here is the first package we created to get your hands on the codebase
and play with the options available. The product will run in the manner
described in the readme (base dir) and the HOWTO (docs directory). I
will not digress into the contents of the two document except to note


1.	This has some limitations in terms of platform support (it is a
WAR, will run on anything - with modifications)
2.	It is a binary package fundamentally because our build rework is
not done yet. You can expect a buildable package of this next week.
3.	I have tried to mark out the technical "code level" details
including the JAR's that will be included in the first contrib..
4.	There a ZILLION different policy combinations that are possible
using the engines included:

	a.	Consumer Identification
	b.	Security (Auth-LDAP, Sig, Enc)
	c.	Logging and Monitoring (Rules, JMX)
	d.	Routing (Failover, Load Balanced, Content/Context Based)
- Xpath engine

5.	I have kept this package simple to install and use but I would
like to start a discussion on policy combinations of the above for which
we will provide the configuration options (the property formats are
structured content flattened into Axis Handler props - FLAT)


It's an 8 meg file so I chose not to attach it -


Hope you have fun with this over the weekend ;-)


Mukund Balasubramanian



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