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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [incubator-superset] kuckjwi0928 commented on a change in pull request #8265: Fixed korean translation error.
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2019 10:34:20 GMT
kuckjwi0928 commented on a change in pull request #8265: Fixed korean translation error.

 File path: superset/translations/ko/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po
 @@ -917,4027 +917,3125 @@ msgstr ""
 msgid "Type to search ..."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:148
 msgid "Select table "
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "테이블 선택"
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:162
 msgid "Error while fetching database list"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "데이터 베이스 목록을 가져오는 도중 에러가 발생하였습니다."
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:168
 msgid "Database:"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "데이터베이스"
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:172
 msgid "Select a database"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "데이터베이스 선택"
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:179
-#, python-format
 msgid "Select a schema (%s)"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:184
 msgid "Schema:"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "스키마"
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:198
-#, python-format
 msgid "Add a table (%s)"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:234
 msgid "Reset State"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TabbedSqlEditors.jsx:106
 msgid "Enter a new title for the tab"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TabbedSqlEditors.jsx:125
-#, python-format
 msgid "Untitled Query %s"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TabbedSqlEditors.jsx:171
 msgid "close tab"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "탭 닫기"
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TabbedSqlEditors.jsx:174
 msgid "rename tab"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TabbedSqlEditors.jsx:182
 msgid "expand tool bar"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TabbedSqlEditors.jsx:182
 msgid "hide tool bar"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:75
 msgid "Copy partition query to clipboard"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:94
 msgid "latest partition:"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:110
 msgid "Keys for table"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:119
-#, python-format
 msgid "View keys & indexes (%s)"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:135
 msgid "Sort columns alphabetically"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:136
 msgid "Original table column order"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:146
 msgid "Copy SELECT statement to clipboard"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:152
 msgid "Remove table preview"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TemplateParamsEditor.jsx:102
 msgid "Template Parameters"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TemplateParamsEditor.jsx:106
 msgid "Edit template parameters"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/TemplateParamsEditor.jsx:116
 msgid "Invalid JSON"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:92
-#, python-format
-msgid "%s is not right as a column name, please alias it (as in SELECT count(*) "
+msgid ""
+"%s is not right as a column "
+"name, please alias it (as in "
+"SELECT count(*) "
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:93
 msgid "AS my_alias"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:93
 msgid "using only alphanumeric characters and underscores"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:171
 msgid "Creating a data source and popping a new tab"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:202
 msgid "No results available for this query"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:254
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:285
 msgid "Chart Type"
 msgstr "차트 유형"
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:257
 msgid "[Chart Type]"
 msgstr "[차트 유형]"
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:265
 msgid "Datasource Name"
 msgstr "데이터소스 명"
-#: superset/assets/src/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:269
 msgid "datasource name"
 msgstr "데이터소스 명"
-#: superset/assets/src/addSlice/AddSliceContainer.jsx:59
 msgid "Create a new chart"
 msgstr "새 차트 생성"
-#: superset/assets/src/addSlice/AddSliceContainer.jsx:61
-#: superset/assets/src/addSlice/AddSliceContainer.jsx:69
 msgid "Choose a datasource"
 msgstr "데이터소스 선택"
-#: superset/assets/src/addSlice/AddSliceContainer.jsx:75
 msgid ""
-"If the datasource your are looking for is not available in the list, follow the "
-"instructions on the how to add it on the "
+"If the datasource your are looking "
+"for is not available in the list,"
+" follow the instructions on the how"
+" to add it on the "
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/addSlice/AddSliceContainer.jsx:79
 msgid "Superset tutorial"
 msgstr "Superset 튜토리얼"
-#: superset/assets/src/addSlice/AddSliceContainer.jsx:84
-#: superset/assets/src/addSlice/AddSliceContainer.jsx:91
 msgid "Choose a visualization type"
 msgstr "시각화 유형 선택"
-#: superset/assets/src/addSlice/AddSliceContainer.jsx:101
 msgid "Create new chart"
 msgstr "새 차트 생성"
-#: superset/assets/src/chart/chartAction.js:169
 msgid "Unexpected error: "
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/chart/chartAction.js:178
 msgid "Unexpected error."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/chart/chartReducer.js:55
 msgid "Updating chart was stopped"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/chart/chartReducer.js:66
-#, python-format
 msgid "An error occurred while rendering the visualization: %s"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/chart/chartReducer.js:74
 msgid "visualization queries are set to timeout at ${action.timeout} seconds. "
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/chart/chartReducer.js:75
 msgid ""
-"Perhaps your data has grown, your database is under unusual load, or you are "
-"simply querying a data source that is too large to be processed within the "
-"timeout range. If that is the case, we recommend that you summarize your data "
+"Perhaps your data has grown, your "
+"database is under unusual load, or "
+"you are simply querying a data "
+"source that is too large to be "
+"processed within the timeout range. If"
+" that is the case, we recommend "
+"that you summarize your data further."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/chart/chartReducer.js:84
-#: superset/assets/src/chart/chartReducer.js:134
 msgid "Network error."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/components/AlteredSliceTag.jsx:113
 msgid "Click to see difference"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/components/AlteredSliceTag.jsx:119
 msgid "Altered"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/components/AlteredSliceTag.jsx:137
 msgid "Chart changes"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/components/AsyncSelect.jsx:23
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/components/controls/SelectAsyncControl.jsx:27
 msgid "Select ..."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/components/CachedLabel.jsx:26
 msgid "Loaded data cached"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/components/CachedLabel.jsx:29
 msgid "Loaded from cache"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/components/CachedLabel.jsx:33
 msgid "Click to force-refresh"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/components/CopyToClipboard.jsx:21
-#: superset/assets/src/components/URLShortLinkButton.jsx:38
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/components/EmbedCodeButton.jsx:68
 msgid "Copy to clipboard"
 msgstr "클립보드에 복사하기"
-#: superset/assets/src/components/CopyToClipboard.jsx:72
 msgid "Not successful"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/components/CopyToClipboard.jsx:75
 msgid "Sorry, your browser does not support copying. Use Ctrl / Cmd + C!"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/components/CopyToClipboard.jsx:91
 msgid "Copied!"
 msgstr "복사됨!"
-#: superset/assets/src/components/EditableTitle.jsx:14 superset/views/
-#: superset/views/
 msgid "Title"
 msgstr "제목"
-#: superset/assets/src/components/EditableTitle.jsx:105
 msgid "click to edit title"
 msgstr "클릭하여 제목 수정하기"
-#: superset/assets/src/components/EditableTitle.jsx:106
 msgid "You don't have the rights to alter this title."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/components/FaveStar.jsx:33
 msgid "Click to favorite/unfavorite"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/components/RefreshChartOverlay.jsx:32
 msgid "Dismiss"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/components/URLShortLinkButton.jsx:33
-#, python-format
 msgid "%s%s"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/CodeModal.jsx:35
 msgid "Active Dashboard Filters"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:120
-#, python-format
 msgid "Checkout this dashboard: %s"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:123
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:163
 msgid "Save as"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:131
 msgid "Force Refresh"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:132
 msgid "Force refresh the whole dashboard"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:140
 msgid "Set autorefresh"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:141
 msgid "Set the auto-refresh interval for this session"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:156
 msgid "Save the dashboard"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:164
 msgid "Edit properties"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:165
 msgid "Edit the dashboards's properties"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:172
 msgid "Email"
 msgstr "이메일"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:173
 msgid "Email a link to this dashboard"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:185
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:196
 msgid "Add Charts"
 msgstr "차트 추가"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:186
 msgid "Add some charts to this dashboard"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:197
 msgid "Edit CSS"
 msgstr "CSS 수정"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:198
 msgid "Change the style of the dashboard using CSS code"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/CssEditor.jsx:45
 msgid "Load a template"
 msgstr "템플릿 불러오기"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/CssEditor.jsx:48
 msgid "Load a CSS template"
 msgstr "CSS 템플릿 불러오기"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/CssEditor.jsx:60
-#: superset/views/
 msgid "CSS"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/CssEditor.jsx:66
 msgid "Live CSS Editor"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Dashboard.jsx:156
 msgid "You have unsaved changes."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/Header.jsx:50
 msgid "Unsaved changes"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:19
 msgid "Don't refresh"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:20
 msgid "10 seconds"
 msgstr "10초"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:21
 msgid "30 seconds"
 msgstr "30초"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:22
 msgid "1 minute"
 msgstr "1분"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:23
 msgid "5 minutes"
 msgstr "5분"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:24
 msgid "30 minutes"
 msgstr "30분"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:25
 msgid "1 hour"
 msgstr "1시간"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:26
 msgid "6 hours"
 msgstr "6시간"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:27
 msgid "12 hours"
 msgstr "12시간"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:28
 msgid "24 hours"
 msgstr "24시간"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:43
 msgid "Refresh Interval"
 msgstr "새로고침 간격"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:46
 msgid "Choose the refresh frequency for this dashboard"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:66
 msgid "This dashboard was saved successfully."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:72
 msgid "Sorry, there was an error saving this dashboard: "
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:95
 msgid "Error"
 msgstr "에러"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:96
 msgid "You must pick a name for the new dashboard"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:111
 msgid "Save Dashboard"
 msgstr "대시보드 저장"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:119
-#, python-format
 msgid "Overwrite Dashboard [%s]"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:127
 msgid "Save as:"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "다른이름으로 저장"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:131
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:209
 msgid "[dashboard name]"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:73
 msgid "Sorry, there was an error fetching charts to this dashboard: "
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:93
 msgid "Sorry, there was an error adding charts to this dashboard: "
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:163
-#: superset/views/
 msgid "Name"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "이름"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:169
 msgid "Viz"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:177
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:187
-#: superset/connectors/druid/ superset/views/
-#: superset/views/ superset/views/
 msgid "Datasource"
 msgstr "데이터소스"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:186
-#: superset/views/ superset/views/
-#: superset/views/
 msgid "Modified"
 msgstr "수정됨"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:205
 msgid "Add a new chart to the dashboard"
 msgstr "대시보드에 새 차트 추가"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:211
 msgid "Add Charts to Dashboard"
 msgstr "대시보드에 차트 추가"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceHeader.jsx:65
-#, python-format
 msgid "Served from data cached %s . Click to force refresh."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceHeader.jsx:66
 msgid "Force refresh data"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceHeader.jsx:67
 msgid "Annotation layers are still loading."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceHeader.jsx:68
 msgid "One ore more annotation layers failed loading."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceHeader.jsx:107
 msgid "Move chart"
 msgstr "차트 이동"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceHeader.jsx:127
 msgid "Toggle chart description"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceHeader.jsx:138
 msgid "Edit chart"
 msgstr "차트 수정"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceHeader.jsx:148
 msgid "Export CSV"
 msgstr "CSV 내보내기"
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceHeader.jsx:158
 msgid "Explore chart"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/dashboard/components/SliceHeader.jsx:169
 msgid "Remove chart from dashboard"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:85
-msgid "A reference to the [Time] configuration, taking granularity into account"
+msgid ""
+"A reference to the [Time] configuration,"
+" taking granularity into account"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:99
 msgid "Group by"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:102
 msgid "One or many controls to group by"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:121
 msgid "Metrics"
 msgstr "메트릭"
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:135
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:226
 msgid "One or many metrics to display"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:140
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:1452
-#: superset/connectors/druid/ superset/connectors/sqla/
 msgid "Metric"
 msgstr "메트릭"
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:149
 msgid ""
-"For more information about objects are in context in the scope of this "
-"function, refer to the"
+"For more information about objects are"
+" in context in the scope of "
+"this function, refer to the"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:151
 msgid " source code of Superset's sandboxed parser"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:173
-msgid "This functionality is disabled in your environment for security reasons."
+msgid ""
+"This functionality is disabled in your"
+" environment for security reasons."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:197 superset/views/
 msgid "Visualization Type"
 msgstr "시각화 유형"
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:199
 msgid "The type of visualization to display"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:205
 msgid "Percentage Metrics"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:207
 msgid "Metrics for which percentage of total are to be displayed"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:212
 msgid "Y Axis Bounds"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:215
 msgid ""
-"Bounds for the Y axis. When left empty, the bounds are dynamically defined "
-"based on the min/max of the data. Note that this feature will only expand the "
-"axis range. It won't narrow the data's extent."
+"Bounds for the Y axis. When left"
+" empty, the bounds are dynamically "
+"defined based on the min/max of "
+"the data. Note that this feature "
+"will only expand the axis range. "
+"It won't narrow the data's extent."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:224
 msgid "Ordering"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:232
 msgid "Fixed Color"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:233
 msgid "Use this to define a static color for all circles"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:240
 msgid "Legend Position"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:241
 msgid "Choose the position of the legend"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:255
 msgid "Fill Color"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:256
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:264
 msgid ""
-" Set the opacity to 0 if you do not want to override the color specified in the "
+" Set the opacity to 0 if you"
+" do not want to override the "
+"color specified in the GeoJSON"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:263
 msgid "Stroke Color"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:272
 msgid "Right Axis Metric"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:274
 msgid "Choose a metric for right axis"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:279
 msgid "Stacked Style"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:292
 msgid "Sort X Axis"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:300
 msgid "Sort Y Axis"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:308
 msgid "Linear Color Scheme"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:333
 msgid "Normalize Across"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:340
 msgid ""
-"Color will be rendered based on a ratio of the cell against the sum of across "
-"this criteria"
+"Color will be rendered based on a"
+" ratio of the cell against the "
+"sum of across this criteria"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:347
 msgid "Horizon Color Scale"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:354
 msgid "Defines how the color are attributed."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:359
 msgid "Rendering"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:366
 msgid ""
-"image-rendering CSS attribute of the canvas object that defines how the browser "
-"scales up the image"
+"image-rendering CSS attribute of the "
+"canvas object that defines how the "
+"browser scales up the image"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:372
 msgid "XScale Interval"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:377
 msgid "Number of steps to take between ticks when displaying the X scale"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:383
 msgid "YScale Interval"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:388
 msgid "Number of steps to take between ticks when displaying the Y scale"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:394
 msgid "Include Time"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:395
 msgid "Whether to include the time granularity as defined in the time section"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:401
 msgid "Auto Zoom"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:404
 msgid "When checked, the map will zoom to your data after each query"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:409
 msgid "Show percentage"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:411
 msgid "Whether to include the percentage in the tooltip"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:417
 msgid "Stacked Bars"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:425
 msgid "Show totals"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:428
 msgid "Display total row/column"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:433
 msgid "Show Markers"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:436
 msgid "Show data points as circle markers on the lines"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:441
 msgid "Bar Values"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:444
 msgid "Show the value on top of the bar"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:449
 msgid "Sort Bars"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:452
 msgid "Sort bars by x labels."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:457
 msgid "Combine Metrics"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:459
 msgid ""
-"Display metrics side by side within each column, as opposed to each column "
-"being displayed side by side for each metric."
+"Display metrics side by side within "
+"each column, as opposed to each "
+"column being displayed side by side "
+"for each metric."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:465
 msgid "Extra Controls"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:468
 msgid ""
-"Whether to show extra controls or not. Extra controls include things like "
-"making mulitBar charts stacked or side by side."
+"Whether to show extra controls or "
+"not. Extra controls include things like"
+" making mulitBar charts stacked or "
+"side by side."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:475
 msgid "Reduce X ticks"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:478
 msgid ""
-"Reduces the number of X axis ticks to be rendered. If true, the x axis wont "
-"overflow and labels may be missing. If false, a minimum width will be applied "
-"to columns and the width may overflow into an horizontal scroll."
+"Reduces the number of X axis ticks"
+" to be rendered. If true, the x"
+" axis wont overflow and labels may"
+" be missing. If false, a minimum "
+"width will be applied to columns "
+"and the width may overflow into an"
+" horizontal scroll."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:487
 msgid "Include Series"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:490
 msgid "Include series name as an axis"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:495
 msgid "Color Metric"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:497
 msgid "A metric to use for color"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:501
 msgid "Country Name"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:521
 msgid "The name of country that Superset should display"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:525
 msgid "Country Field Type"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:533
 msgid ""
-"The country code standard that Superset should expect to find in the [country] "
+"The country code standard that Superset"
+" should expect to find in the "
+"[country] column"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:539
 msgid "Frequency"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:551
 msgid ""
 "The periodicity over which to pivot time. Users can provide\n"
 "      \"Pandas\" offset alias.\n"
-"      Click on the info bubble for more details on accepted \"freq\" "
+"      Click on the info bubble for"
+" more details on accepted \"freq\" "
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:564
 msgid "Dimension"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:565
 msgid "Select a dimension"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:571
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:578
 msgid "Columns"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:572
 msgid "One or many controls to pivot as columns"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:580
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:683
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:693
 msgid "Columns to display"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:591
 msgid "Longitude & Latitude"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:593
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:603
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:613
 msgid "Point to your spatial columns"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:601
 msgid "Start Longitude & Latitude"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:611
 msgid "End Longitude & Latitude"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:621
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:1666
 msgid "Longitude"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:624
 msgid "Select the longitude column"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:632
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:1670
 msgid "Latitude"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:635
 msgid "Select the latitude column"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:643
 msgid "GeoJson Column"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:645
 msgid "Select the geojson column"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:653
 msgid "Polygon Column"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:655
 msgid ""
-"Select the polygon column. Each row should contain JSON.array(N) of [longitude, "
-"latitude] points"
+"Select the polygon column. Each row "
+"should contain JSON.array(N) of [longitude,"
+" latitude] points"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:664
 msgid "Point Radius Scale"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:673
 msgid "Stroke Width"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:702
 msgid "Origin"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:708
 msgid ""
-"Defines the origin where time buckets start, accepts natural dates as in `now`, "
-"`sunday` or `1970-01-01`"
+"Defines the origin where time buckets"
+" start, accepts natural dates as in"
+" `now`, `sunday` or `1970-01-01`"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:716
 msgid "Bottom Margin"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:720
 msgid "Bottom margin, in pixels, allowing for more room for axis labels"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:725
 msgid "X Tick Layout"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:730
 msgid "The way the ticks are laid out on the X axis"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:737
 msgid "Left Margin"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:741
 msgid "Left margin, in pixels, allowing for more room for axis labels"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:747
 msgid "Time Granularity"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:765
 msgid ""
-"The time granularity for the visualization. Note that you can type and use "
-"simple natural language as in `10 seconds`, `1 day` or `56 weeks`"
+"The time granularity for the "
+"visualization. Note that you can type"
+" and use simple natural language as"
+" in `10 seconds`, `1 day` or "
+"`56 weeks`"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:772
 msgid "Domain"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:775
 msgid "The time unit used for the grouping of blocks"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:780
 msgid "Subdomain"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:783
 msgid ""
-"The time unit for each block. Should be a smaller unit than domain_granularity. "
-"Should be larger or equal to Time Grain"
+"The time unit for each block. "
+"Should be a smaller unit than "
+"domain_granularity. Should be larger or "
+"equal to Time Grain"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:790
 msgid "Link Length"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:793
 msgid "Link length in the force layout"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:799
 msgid "Charge"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:813
 msgid "Charge in the force layout"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:819
 msgid ""
-"The time column for the visualization. Note that you can define arbitrary "
-"expression that return a DATETIME column in the table. Also note that the "
-"filter below is applied against this column or expression"
+"The time column for the visualization."
+" Note that you can define arbitrary"
+" expression that return a DATETIME "
+"column in the table. Also note "
+"that the filter below is applied "
+"against this column or expression"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:845
 msgid "Time Grain"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:847
 msgid ""
-"The time granularity for the visualization. This applies a date transformation "
-"to alter your time column and defines a new time granularity. The options here "
-"are defined on a per database engine basis in the Superset source code."
+"The time granularity for the "
+"visualization. This applies a date "
+"transformation to alter your time column"
+" and defines a new time granularity."
+" The options here are defined on "
+"a per database engine basis in the"
+" Superset source code."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:860
 msgid "Resample Rule"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:863
 msgid "Pandas resample rule"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:869
 msgid "Resample How"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:872
 msgid "Pandas resample how"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:878
 msgid "Resample Fill Method"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:881
 msgid "Pandas resample fill method"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:887
-#: superset/assets/src/visualizations/filter_box.jsx:114
 msgid "Since"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:888
 msgid "7 days ago"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:894
-#: superset/assets/src/visualizations/filter_box.jsx:123
 msgid "Until"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:901
 msgid "Max Bubble Size"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:909
 msgid "Whisker/outlier options"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:911
 msgid "Determines how whiskers and outliers are calculated."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:922
 msgid "Ratio"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:926
 msgid "Target aspect ratio for treemap tiles."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:932
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:1219
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:1246
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:1409
 msgid "Number format"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:942
 msgid "Row limit"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:951
 msgid "Series limit"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:954
 msgid ""
-"Limits the number of time series that get displayed. A sub query (or an extra "
-"phase where sub queries are not supported) is applied to limit the number of "
-"time series that get fetched and displayed. This feature is useful when "
-"grouping by high cardinality dimension(s)."
+"Limits the number of time series "
+"that get displayed. A sub query "
+"(or an extra phase where sub "
+"queries are not supported) is applied"
+" to limit the number of time "
+"series that get fetched and displayed."
+" This feature is useful when grouping"
+" by high cardinality dimension(s)."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:963
 msgid "Sort By"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:965
 msgid "Metric used to define the top series"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:973
 msgid "Sort Descending"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:975
 msgid "Whether to sort descending or ascending"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:980
 msgid "Rolling"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:983
 msgid ""
-"Defines a rolling window function to apply, works along with the [Periods] text "
+"Defines a rolling window function to "
+"apply, works along with the [Periods]"
+" text box"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:989
 msgid "Multiplier"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:993
 msgid "Factor to multiply the metric by"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:998
 msgid "Periods"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1000
 msgid ""
-"Defines the size of the rolling window function, relative to the time "
-"granularity selected"
+"Defines the size of the rolling "
+"window function, relative to the time"
+" granularity selected"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1010
 msgid "Cell Size"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1011
 msgid "The size of the square cell, in pixels"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1020
 msgid "Cell Padding"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1021
 msgid "The distance between cells, in pixels"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1030
 msgid "Cell Radius"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1031
 msgid "The pixel radius"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1040
 msgid "Color Steps"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1041
 msgid "The number color \"steps\""
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1046
 msgid "Grid Size"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1050
 msgid "Defines the grid size in pixels"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1055
 msgid "Min Periods"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1057
 msgid ""
-"The minimum number of rolling periods required to show a value. For instance if "
-"you do a cumulative sum on 7 days you may want your \"Min Period\" to be 7, so "
-"that all data points shown are the total of 7 periods. This will hide the "
-"\"ramp up\" taking place over the first 7 periods"
+"The minimum number of rolling periods"
+" required to show a value. For "
+"instance if you do a cumulative "
+"sum on 7 days you may want "
+"your \"Min Period\" to be 7, so"
+" that all data points shown are "
+"the total of 7 periods. This will"
+" hide the \"ramp up\" taking place"
+" over the first 7 periods"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1066
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:147
 msgid "Series"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1068
 msgid ""
-"Defines the grouping of entities. Each series is shown as a specific color on "
-"the chart and has a legend toggle"
+"Defines the grouping of entities. Each"
+" series is shown as a specific "
+"color on the chart and has a "
+"legend toggle"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1078
 msgid "Entity"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1081
 msgid "This defines the element to be plotted on the chart"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1089
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:137
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:200
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:244
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:325
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:411
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:452
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:850
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:1145
 msgid "X Axis"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1090
 msgid "Metric assigned to the [X] axis"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1096
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:209
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:333
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:420
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:461
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:859
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:1154
 msgid "Y Axis"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1098
 msgid "Metric assigned to the [Y] axis"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1103
 msgid "Bubble Size"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1109
 msgid "URL"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1110
 msgid ""
-"The URL, this control is templated, so you can integrate {{ width }} and/or "
-"{{ height }} in your URL string."
+"The URL, this control is templated, "
+"so you can integrate {{ width }}"
+" and/or {{ height }} in your "
+"URL string."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1117
 msgid "X Axis Label"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1124
 msgid "Y Axis Label"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1131
 msgid "Custom WHERE clause"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1137
 msgid ""
-"The text in this box gets included in your query's WHERE clause, as an AND to "
-"other criteria. You can include complex expression, parenthesis and anything "
-"else supported by the backend it is directed towards."
+"The text in this box gets included"
+" in your query's WHERE clause, as "
+"an AND to other criteria. You can"
+" include complex expression, parenthesis "
+"and anything else supported by the "
+"backend it is directed towards."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1145
 msgid "Custom HAVING clause"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1151
 msgid ""
-"The text in this box gets included in your query's HAVING clause, as an AND to "
-"other criteria. You can include complex expression, parenthesis and anything "
-"else supported by the backend it is directed towards."
+"The text in this box gets included"
+" in your query's HAVING clause, as"
+" an AND to other criteria. You "
+"can include complex expression, parenthesis"
+" and anything else supported by the"
+" backend it is directed towards."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1159
 msgid "Comparison Period Lag"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1161
 msgid "Based on granularity, number of time periods to compare against"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1166
 msgid "Comparison suffix"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1167
 msgid "Suffix to apply after the percentage display"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1173
 msgid "Table Timestamp Format"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1179
 msgid "Timestamp Format"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1185
 msgid "Series Height"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1188
 msgid "Pixel height of each series"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1195
 msgid "Page Length"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1198
 msgid "Rows per page, 0 means no pagination"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1204
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1214
 msgid "X Axis Format"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1224
 msgid "Y Axis Format"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1236
 msgid "When `Period Ratio` is set, the Y Axis Format is forced to `.1%`"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1245
 msgid "Right Axis Format"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1254
 msgid "Date Time Format"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1263
 msgid "Markup Type"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1268
 msgid "Pick your favorite markup language"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1273
 msgid "Rotation"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1276
 msgid "Rotation to apply to words in the cloud"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1281
 msgid "Line Style"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1286
 msgid "Line interpolation as defined by d3.js"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1291
 msgid "Label Type"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1301
 msgid "What should be shown on the label?"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1306
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:955
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:995
 msgid "Code"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1307
 msgid "Put your code here"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1316
 msgid "Aggregation function"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1328
 msgid ""
-"Aggregate function to apply when pivoting and computing the total rows and "
+"Aggregate function to apply when "
+"pivoting and computing the total rows"
+" and columns"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1335
 msgid "Font Size From"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1337
 msgid "Font size for the smallest value in the list"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1343
 msgid "Font Size To"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1345
 msgid "Font size for the biggest value in the list"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1350
 msgid "Instant Filtering"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1361
 msgid "Extruded"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1369
 msgid "Show Range Filter"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1378
 msgid "Whether to display the time range interactive selector"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1383
 msgid "Date Filter"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1385
 msgid "Whether to include a time filter"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1390
 msgid "Show SQL Granularity Dropdown"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1392
 msgid "Check to include SQL Granularity dropdown"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1397
 msgid "Show SQL Time Column"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1399
 msgid "Check to include Time Column dropdown"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1404
 msgid "Show Druid Granularity Dropdown"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1406
 msgid "Check to include Druid Granularity dropdown"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1411
 msgid "Show Druid Time Origin"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1413
 msgid "Check to include Time Origin dropdown"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1418
 msgid "Data Table"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1420
 msgid "Whether to display the interactive data table"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1425
 msgid "Search Box"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1428
 msgid "Whether to include a client side search box"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1433
 msgid "Table Filter"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1436
 msgid "Whether to apply filter when table cell is clicked"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1441
 msgid "Align +/-"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1444
 msgid "Whether to align the background chart for +/- values"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1449
 msgid "Color +/-"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1452
 msgid "Whether to color +/- values"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1457
 msgid "Show Bubbles"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1460
 msgid "Whether to display bubbles on top of countries"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1465
 msgid "Legend"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1468
 msgid "Whether to display the legend (toggles)"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1473
 msgid "Show Values"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1476
 msgid "Whether to display the numerical values within the cells"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1481
 msgid "Show Metric Names"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1484
 msgid "Whether to display the metric name as a title"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1489
 msgid "X bounds"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1492
 msgid "Whether to display the min and max values of the X axis"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1497
 msgid "Y bounds"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1500
 msgid "Whether to display the min and max values of the Y axis"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1505
 msgid "Rich Tooltip"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1508
 msgid "The rich tooltip shows a list of all series for that point in time"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1514
 msgid "Y Log Scale"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1517
 msgid "Use a log scale for the Y axis"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1522
 msgid "X Log Scale"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1525
 msgid "Use a log scale for the X axis"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1530
 msgid "Log Scale"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1533
 msgid "Use a log scale"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1538
 msgid "Donut"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1541
 msgid "Do you want a donut or a pie?"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1546
 msgid "Put labels outside"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1549
 msgid "Put the labels outside the pie?"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1554
 msgid "Contribution"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1556
 msgid "Compute the contribution to the total"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1561
 msgid "Period Ratio"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1564
 msgid ""
-"[integer] Number of period to compare against, this is relative to the "
+"[integer] Number of period to compare"
+" against, this is relative to the "
 "granularity selected"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1570
 msgid "Period Ratio Type"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1573
 msgid ""
-"`factor` means (new/previous), `growth` is ((new/previous) - 1), `value` is "
+"`factor` means (new/previous), `growth` is "
+"((new/previous) - 1), `value` is "
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1581
 msgid "Time Shift"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1590
 msgid ""
-"Overlay one or more timeseries from a relative time period. Expects relative "
-"time deltas in natural language (example:  24 hours, 7 days, 56 weeks, 365 days)"
+"Overlay one or more timeseries from "
+"a relative time period. Expects relative"
+" time deltas in natural language "
+"(example:  24 hours, 7 days, 56 "
+"weeks, 365 days)"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1598
 msgid "Subheader"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1599
 msgid "Description text that shows up below your Big Number"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1605
 msgid "label"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1607
 msgid ""
-"`count` is COUNT(*) if a group by is used. Numerical columns will be aggregated "
-"with the aggregator. Non-numerical columns will be used to label points. Leave "
-"empty to get a count of points in each cluster."
+"`count` is COUNT(*) if a group by"
+" is used. Numerical columns will be"
+" aggregated with the aggregator. Non-"
+"numerical columns will be used to "
+"label points. Leave empty to get a"
+" count of points in each cluster."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1618
 msgid "Map Style"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1630
 msgid "Base layer map style"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1636
 msgid "Clustering Radius"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1649
 msgid ""
-"The radius (in pixels) the algorithm uses to define a cluster. Choose 0 to turn "
-"off clustering, but beware that a large number of points (>1000) will cause lag."
+"The radius (in pixels) the algorithm "
+"uses to define a cluster. Choose 0"
+" to turn off clustering, but beware"
+" that a large number of points "
+"(>1000) will cause lag."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1656
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:798
 msgid "Point Size"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1658
 msgid "Fixed point radius"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1666
 msgid "Point Radius"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1668
 msgid ""
-"The radius of individual points (ones that are not in a cluster). Either a "
-"numerical column or `Auto`, which scales the point based on the largest cluster"
+"The radius of individual points (ones"
+" that are not in a cluster). "
+"Either a numerical column or `Auto`, "
+"which scales the point based on "
+"the largest cluster"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1678
 msgid "Point Radius Unit"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1681
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1697
 msgid "The unit of measure for the specified point radius"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1686
 msgid "Point Unit"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1702
 msgid "Opacity"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1705
 msgid "Opacity of all clusters, points, and labels. Between 0 and 1."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1711
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:1657
 msgid "Viewport"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1713
 msgid "Parameters related to the view and perspective on the map"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1722
 msgid "Zoom"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1725
 msgid "Zoom level of the map"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1731
 msgid "Default latitude"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1734
 msgid "Latitude of default viewport"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1740
 msgid "Default longitude"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1743
 msgid "Longitude of default viewport"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1749
 msgid "Live render"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1751
 msgid "Points and clusters will update as viewport is being changed"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1757
 msgid "RGB Color"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1767
 msgid "The color for points and clusters in RGB"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1772
 msgid "Color"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1774
 msgid "Pick a color"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1779
 msgid "Ranges"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1781
 msgid "Ranges to highlight with shading"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1786
 msgid "Range labels"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1788
 msgid "Labels for the ranges"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1793
 msgid "Markers"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1795
 msgid "List of values to mark with triangles"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1800
 msgid "Marker labels"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1802
 msgid "Labels for the markers"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1807
 msgid "Marker lines"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1809
 msgid "List of values to mark with lines"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1814
 msgid "Marker line labels"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1816
 msgid "Labels for the marker lines"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1865
 msgid "Chart ID"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1867
 msgid "The id of the active chart"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1872
 msgid "Cache Timeout (seconds)"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1874
 msgid "The number of seconds before expiring the cache"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1879
 msgid "Order by entity id"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1880
 msgid ""
-"Important! Select this if the table is not already sorted by entity id, else "
-"there is no guarantee that all events for each entity are returned."
+"Important! Select this if the table "
+"is not already sorted by entity "
+"id, else there is no guarantee "
+"that all events for each entity "
+"are returned."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1888
 msgid "Minimum leaf node event count"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1891
 msgid ""
-"Leaf nodes that represent fewer than this number of events will be initially "
-"hidden in the visualization"
+"Leaf nodes that represent fewer than "
+"this number of events will be "
+"initially hidden in the visualization"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1897
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:29
 msgid "Color Scheme"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1901
 msgid "The color scheme for rendering chart"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1907
 msgid "Significance Level"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1909
 msgid "Threshold alpha level for determining significance"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1914
 msgid "p-value precision"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1916
 msgid "Number of decimal places with which to display p-values"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1921
 msgid "Lift percent precision"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1923
 msgid "Number of decimal places with which to display lift values"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1928
 msgid "Time Series Columns"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1935
 msgid "Use Area Proportions"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1936
 msgid ""
-"Check if the Rose Chart should use segment area instead of segment radius for "
+"Check if the Rose Chart should use"
+" segment area instead of segment "
+"radius for proportioning"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1946
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:905
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:1025
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:1373
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:1438
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:1529
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:1551
 msgid "Options"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1952
 msgid "Not Time Series"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1954
 msgid "Ignore time"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1957
 msgid "Time Series"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1959
 msgid "Standard time series"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1962
 msgid "Aggregate Mean"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1964
 msgid "Mean of values over specified period"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1967
 msgid "Aggregate Sum"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1969
 msgid "Sum of values over specified period"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1972
 msgid "Difference"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1974
 msgid "Metric change in value from `since` to `until`"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1977
 msgid "Percent Change"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1979
 msgid "Metric percent change in value from `since` to `until`"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1982
 msgid "Factor"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1984
 msgid "Metric factor change from `since` to `until`"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1987
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/visTypes.js:71
 msgid "Advanced Analytics"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1989
 msgid "Use the Advanced Analytics options below"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1994
 msgid "Settings for time series"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:1999
 msgid "Equal Date Sizes"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2002
 msgid "Check to force date partitions to have the same height"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2007
 msgid "Partition Limit"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2011
 msgid ""
-"The maximum number of subdivisions of each group; lower values are pruned first"
+"The maximum number of subdivisions of"
+" each group; lower values are pruned"
+" first"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2017
 msgid "Minimum Radius"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2023
 msgid ""
-"Minimum radius size of the circle, in pixels. As the zoom level changes, this "
-"insures that the circle respects this minimum radius."
+"Minimum radius size of the circle, "
+"in pixels. As the zoom level "
+"changes, this insures that the circle"
+" respects this minimum radius."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2029
 msgid "Maximum Radius"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2035
 msgid ""
-"Maxium radius size of the circle, in pixels. As the zoom level changes, this "
-"insures that the circle respects this maximum radius."
+"Maxium radius size of the circle, "
+"in pixels. As the zoom level "
+"changes, this insures that the circle"
+" respects this maximum radius."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2041
 msgid "Partition Threshold"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2045
 msgid ""
-"Partitions whose height to parent height proportions are below this value are "
+"Partitions whose height to parent height"
+" proportions are below this value are"
+" pruned"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2051
 msgid "Lines column"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2053
 msgid "The database columns that contains lines information"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2061
 msgid "Lines encoding"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2064
 msgid "The encoding format of the lines"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2073
 msgid "Line width"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2077
 msgid "The width of the lines"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2083
 msgid "Line charts"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2086
 msgid "Pick a set of line charts to layer on top of one another"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2088
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2106
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2137
 msgid "Select charts"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2089
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2107
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2138
 msgid "Error while fetching charts"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2101
 msgid "Right Axis chart(s)"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2104
 msgid "Choose one or more charts for right axis"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2118
 msgid "Prefix metric name with slice name"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2125
 msgid "Reverse Lat & Long"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2132
 msgid " charts"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2135
 msgid "Pick a set of charts to layer on top of one another"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2148
 msgid "Javascript data interceptor"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2149
 msgid ""
-"Define a javascript function that receives the data array used in the "
-"visualization and is expected to return a modified version of that array. This "
-"can be used to alter properties of the data, filter, or enrich the array."
+"Define a javascript function that "
+"receives the data array used in "
+"the visualization and is expected to "
+"return a modified version of that "
+"array. This can be used to alter"
+" properties of the data, filter, or"
+" enrich the array."
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2155
 msgid "Javascript data mutator"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2156
 msgid ""
-"Define a function that receives intercepts the data objects and can mutate it"
+"Define a function that receives "
+"intercepts the data objects and can "
+"mutate it"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2160
 msgid "Javascript tooltip generator"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2161
 msgid ""
-"Define a function that receives the input and outputs the content for a tooltip"
+"Define a function that receives the "
+"input and outputs the content for "
+"a tooltip"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2165
 msgid "Javascript onClick href"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2166
 msgid "Define a function that returns a URL to navigate to when user clicks"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2171
 msgid "Extra data for JS"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2173
 msgid "List of extra columns made available in Javascript functions"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2178
 msgid "Stroked"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2180
 msgid "Whether to display the stroke"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2186
 msgid "Filled"
 msgstr ""
-#: superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx:2188
 msgid "Whether to 
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