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Subject [incubator-superset] branch lyftga updated: Change number format default (#7137)
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2019 04:39:25 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

christine pushed a commit to branch lyftga
in repository

The following commit(s) were added to refs/heads/lyftga by this push:
     new a15703f  Change number format default (#7137)
a15703f is described below

commit a15703f9a1bd40fb1d2b2b617e75e16764890e53
Author: Kim Truong <>
AuthorDate: Mon Apr 1 21:39:20 2019 -0700

    Change number format default (#7137)
    * Sparkline dates aren't formatting in Time Series Table (#6976)
    * Exclude venv for python linter to ignore
    * Fix NaN error
    * Fix the white background shown in SQL editor on drag (#7021)
    This PR sets the background-color css property on `.ace_scroller` instead of `.ace_content`
to prevent the white background shown during resizing of the SQL editor before drag ends.
    * Show tooltip with time frame (#6979)
    * Fix time filter control (#6978)
    * Enhancement of query context and object. (#6962)
    * added more functionalities for query context and object.
    * fixed cache logic
    * added default value for groupby
    * updated comments and removed print
    (cherry picked from commit d5b9795f87f79fa2c41e144ffc00fd9586be7657)
    * [fix] /superset/slice/id url is too long (#6989)
    (cherry picked from commit 6a4d507ab607b01ed324cb3341b71c6fb2cb5c97)
    * [WIP] fix user specified JSON metadata not updating dashboard on refresh (#7027)
    (cherry picked from commit cc58f0e661044e95c7c86d0da8d77a0a6640efe7)
    * feat: add ability to change font size in big number (#7003)
    * Add ability to change font sizes in Big Number
    * rename big number to header
    * Add comment to clarify font size values
    * Allow LIMIT to be specified in parameters (#7052)
    * [fix] Cursor jumping when editing chart and dashboard titles (#7038)
    (cherry picked from commit fc1770f7b79a4d8815b646b46390fabf190c3815)
    * Changing time table viz to pass formatTime a date (#7020)
    (cherry picked from commit 7f3c145b1f5a4e2d8b95982119503e98772e2c47)
    * [db-engine-spec] Aligning Hive/Presto partition logic (#7007)
    (cherry picked from commit 05be86611785fef2904992e4e7d31dce23f1c51b)
    * [fix] explore chart from dashboard missed slice title (#7046)
    (cherry picked from commit a6d48d4052839286aec725d51303b3b2bf6e8dd4)
    * fix inaccurate data calculation with adata rolling and contribution (#7035)
    (cherry picked from commit 0782e831cd37f665a2838119d87c433269f1b36b)
    * Adding warning message for sqllab save query (#7028)
    (cherry picked from commit ead3d48133e7e1ab8b91d51e561544a544b4eaad)
    * [datasource] Ensuring consistent behavior of datasource editing/saving. (#7037)
    * Update
    * Update
    (cherry picked from commit c771625f1068d3a7f41e6bced14b0cbdbf9962cc)
    * [csv-upload] Fixing message encoding (#6971)
    (cherry picked from commit 48431ab5b9375a94c5262a0336d9c69e5f01a3ac)
    * [sql-parse] Fixing LIMIT exceptions (#6963)
    (cherry picked from commit 3e076cb60b385e675ed1c9a8053493375e43370b)
    * Adding custom control overrides (#6956)
    * Adding extraOverrides to line chart
    * Updating extraOverrides to fit with more cases
    * Moving extraOverrides to index.js
    * Removing webpack-merge in package.json
    * Fixing metrics control clearing metric
    (cherry picked from commit e6194051f486e42922dc4e34a861f4490c1062fc)
    * [sqlparse] Fixing table name extraction for ill-defined query (#7029)
    (cherry picked from commit 07c340cf8203f13222f16efad1e55e202deb1865)
    * [missing values] Removing replacing missing values (#4905)
    (cherry picked from commit 61add606ca16a6ba981ccde864b121f5464b697a)
    * [SQL Lab] Improved query and results tabs rendering reliability (#7082)
    closes #7080
    (cherry picked from commit 9b58e9f4920ef424e5b545dcbb4726e22bed5982)
    * Fix filter_box migration PR #6523 (#7066)
    * Fix filter_box migration PR #6523
    * Fix druid-related bug
    (cherry picked from commit b210742ad24d01ca05bc58ca3342c90e301fe073)
    * SQL editor layout makeover (#7102)
    This PR includes the following layout and css tweaks:
    - Using flex to layout the north and south sub panes of query pane so resizing works properly
in both Chrome and Firefox
    - Removal of necessary wrapper divs and tweaking of css in sql lab so we can scroll to
the bottom of both the table list and the results pane
    - Make sql lab's content not overflow vertically and layout the query result area to eliminate
double scroll bars
    - css tweaks on the basic.html page so the loading animation appears in the center of
the page across the board
    (cherry picked from commit 71f1bbd2ec59b99d6ba6d9a4a2f9cfceaf922b80)
    * [forms] Fix handling of NULLs
    (cherry picked from commit e83a07d3dfda350cc44041cb6cbaec4510887902)
    * handle null column_name in sqla and druid models
    (cherry picked from commit 2ff721ae072b8d69c5cabddc3e1a388a596b1b6f)
    * Use metric name instead of metric in filter box (#7106)
    (cherry picked from commit 003364e74ea70cad1a4a6e784933fe8bef4c78ec)
    * Bump python lib croniter to an existing version (#7132)
    Package maintainers should really never delete packages, but it appears
    this happened with croniter and resulted in breaking our builds.
    This PR bumps to a more recent existing version of the library
    (cherry picked from commit 215ed392a11598eac228f57341dbfd232cf770e3)
    * Revert PR #6933 (#7162)
    * [bugfix] SQL Lab 'Filter Results' doesn't stick (#7104)
    When using a "Search Results" criteria, the subset of rows that match
    the criteria get displayed. While this the filter is applied, if another
    query is run, the filter is still active, but not displayed in the input
    text box. After this change, the state of the input box sticks after
    subsequent queries.
    (cherry picked from commit d5e8d663dc63ee9b99b3e7bb4e91512fa32ed1e0)
    * Injectable statsd client (#7138)
    * Add ability to inject statsd client; some py test/reqs updates
    - Updated the metrics logger to allow construction with an existing
    statsd client, so that it can be configured by external systems or libs.
    - added requirements to requirements-dev.txt which are needed to run
      tests-eg coverage, nose
    - removed dependency on mock lib, it is in python stdlib now
    - updated tox.ini to remove the now-superfluous deps
    * add license to test file, and remove blank line at EOF
    (cherry picked from commit ba19a62412aba27d9c38ec7013f13a976cb6c054)
    * [Lyft-GA] Enable color consistency in a dashboard (#7135)
    * Enable color consistency in a dashboard
    Moved actions, minor UI, allowed dashboard copy
    Fix linting errors
    Undo unintentional change
    Updated and added unit tests
    Fail quietly if package has not been updated
    Fail quietly on dashboard copy if package is old
    * Update packages
    * Remove unnecessary code
    * Addressed Grace's comments
    * Small fix for item key
    * Reset chart's color during exploration
    * Do not reset chart form data when exploring chart
    * Fix double scroll bars when content of sql result table overflows horizontally (#7168)
    The PR substracts the scrollbar height from the height of the container of the react virtualized
table so we don't see double scrollbars.
    (cherry picked from commit 7ffcabd5c08bbe6aa022e66590c0ce805ae13f08)
    * Change number format default
    * Use smart formatter instead
    * fix merge issues
 superset/assets/backendSync.json                    | 8 ++++----
 superset/assets/src/explore/controlPanels/Bubble.js | 3 ---
 superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx            | 9 +++++----
 3 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

diff --git a/superset/assets/backendSync.json b/superset/assets/backendSync.json
index 389da9c..68684bd 100644
--- a/superset/assets/backendSync.json
+++ b/superset/assets/backendSync.json
@@ -1635,7 +1635,7 @@
       "freeForm": true,
       "label": "Number format",
       "renderTrigger": true,
-      "default": ".3s",
+      "default": "SMART_NUMBER",
       "choices": [
@@ -2085,7 +2085,7 @@
       "freeForm": true,
       "label": "X Axis Format",
       "renderTrigger": true,
-      "default": ".3s",
+      "default": "SMART_NUMBER",
       "choices": [
@@ -2165,7 +2165,7 @@
       "freeForm": true,
       "label": "Y Axis Format",
       "renderTrigger": true,
-      "default": ".3s",
+      "default": "SMART_NUMBER",
       "choices": [
@@ -2206,7 +2206,7 @@
       "type": "SelectControl",
       "freeForm": true,
       "label": "Right Axis Format",
-      "default": ".3s",
+      "default": "SMART_NUMBER",
       "choices": [
diff --git a/superset/assets/src/explore/controlPanels/Bubble.js b/superset/assets/src/explore/controlPanels/Bubble.js
index d3cdaca..638e6d1 100644
--- a/superset/assets/src/explore/controlPanels/Bubble.js
+++ b/superset/assets/src/explore/controlPanels/Bubble.js
@@ -62,9 +62,6 @@ export default {
   controlOverrides: {
-    x_axis_format: {
-      default: '.3s',
-    },
     color_scheme: {
       renderTrigger: false,
diff --git a/superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx b/superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx
index ae73e80..c72348a 100644
--- a/superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx
+++ b/superset/assets/src/explore/controls.jsx
@@ -79,6 +79,7 @@ const D3_FORMAT_DOCS = 'D3 format syntax:';
 // input choices & options
 const D3_FORMAT_OPTIONS = [
+  ['SMART_NUMBER', 'Adaptative formating'],
   ['.1s', '.1s (12345.432 => 10k)'],
   ['.3s', '.3s (12345.432 => 12.3k)'],
   [',.1%', ',.1% (12345.432 => 1,234,543.2%)'],
@@ -989,7 +990,7 @@ export const controls = {
     freeForm: true,
     label: t('Number format'),
     renderTrigger: true,
-    default: '.3s',
+    default: 'SMART_NUMBER',
     choices: D3_FORMAT_OPTIONS,
     description: D3_FORMAT_DOCS,
@@ -1232,7 +1233,7 @@ export const controls = {
     freeForm: true,
     label: t('X Axis Format'),
     renderTrigger: true,
-    default: '.3s',
+    default: 'SMART_NUMBER',
     choices: D3_FORMAT_OPTIONS,
     description: D3_FORMAT_DOCS,
@@ -1252,7 +1253,7 @@ export const controls = {
     freeForm: true,
     label: t('Y Axis Format'),
     renderTrigger: true,
-    default: '.3s',
+    default: 'SMART_NUMBER',
     choices: D3_FORMAT_OPTIONS,
     description: D3_FORMAT_DOCS,
     mapStateToProps: (state) => {
@@ -1273,7 +1274,7 @@ export const controls = {
     type: 'SelectControl',
     freeForm: true,
     label: t('Right Axis Format'),
-    default: '.3s',
+    default: 'SMART_NUMBER',
     choices: D3_FORMAT_OPTIONS,
     description: D3_FORMAT_DOCS,

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