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Subject [incubator-superset] branch update-docs-db-mutator created (now d591cde)
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2019 20:54:25 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

hugh pushed a change to branch update-docs-db-mutator
in repository

      at d591cde  added docs on proper function call for db mutator

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 447eefc  Initial commit
     new 68c5a48  Initial commit
     new 9f12046  Working checkpoint before classifying Viz
     new 059c02a  Checkpoint
     new 66dca37  Refactoring
     new 3bce904  Integrated the admin
     new 4cb380d  Starting over with flask app-builder
     new 8431800  Starting over
     new 29b0bdd  Stable
     new dd867da  Cleaning up
     new c441c5e  Merge branch 'objects'
     new 9ad7d54  A better README
     new 16f7bf9  Cosmetics
     new 8b17563  Humanized time boundaries and granularity
     new d268b6b  Now supporting multi-metric selection
     new 4334373  Numerous improvements
     new bd1d8eb  Better and better
     new c6dca0f  Improvements
     new 4d6e358  A screenshot in the README
     new 0b6d808  A slightly better README
     new 34fd113  LICENSE
     new 6031772  Adding installation infromation in
     new 6b30eec  Adding missing req
     new 67de93d  Minor change in README
     new 4bb313c  Improving the installation instructions
     new 056be73  Fixing filter for timeseries
     new 9ce4f68  New Charts
     new d438520  Implementing my own highcharts wrapper
     new b038d5a  Merge pull request #3 from mistercrunch/charts
     new 74a2e7d  Managing perms for new views
     new c29444e  Better PORT defaults
     new 1c6177c  All sorts of improvements
     new bc1db2d  Simplify install
     new c379430  Removing debug print statement
     new 0d92bcc  Adding health and ping endpoints
     new fb365cd  Making DEBUG a configuration
     new 6be2224  Preventing bad json from creating problems
     new fe22f4a  Merge pull request #8 from mistercrunch/bad_json
     new f07ea2b  TODO
     new e8f480f  Multi delete action on datasources
     new 00e6cc4  Merge pull request #9 from mistercrunch/actions
     new 6032daf  Multi clusters
     new 374802e  Now enabling multi-cluster, connection info managed in UI
     new 5e8fcab  Removing compare feature
     new e40dc87  Merge pull request #10 from mistercrunch/cluster
     new f851d20  Fixing the ways metrics are autogenerated
     new 95a0fb4  Merge pull request #11 from mistercrunch/cluster
     new b1d009f  Bug fixes
     new b734ace  Cosmetics
     new 736e102  Merge pull request #12 from mistercrunch/cluster
     new 28c0292  Getting ready to gut panoramix
     new 2d192d1  Query obj
     new 34acc90  ALL OF SQL is coming along nicely
     new f39b241  About to mess with filters
     new b70b270  Pivoting into sqla instead of sql
     new 8ea0157  SQL working !
     new 6e04d74  Merge pull request #13 from mistercrunch/sql
     new db56e84  Fixing FKs
     new 055d760  Adding AuditMixin everywhere
     new b4e7623  Adding query time
     new fac6dd1  Adding a compare by value viz
     new 9e22749  Refreshing the docs after adding support for SQLA
     new 3321a56  Final touches on getting decent database support
     new 221b86b  Using default permission names
     new 3a0eb07  Bugfixes
     new 59efbcd  Using sqlalchemy expression API to support all SQL dialects
     new 36a58e8  Minor fixes and improvments
     new 0cfa0e6  Adding Bubble charts
     new 81dbd14  Merge pull request #15 from mistercrunch/scatter
     new 56bfc31  Adding Bubble charts
     new 581207b  Merge pull request #16 from mistercrunch/scatter
     new 6510ee6  Sizes first
     new 0517f1c  Bugfix
     new 584ced5  Fillna
     new 4ecf9d1  Table view now shows metrics histograms
     new b240265  Squashing a small bug
     new 39a9b3b  Better automation around database table semantic layer
     new acd14af  More readable long error msg
     new 8e5a827  Adding gunicorn as a multi-threaded production server
     new b7acbd8  Bugfix on timeseries where granularity=all
     new e1e2980  Making x in timeseries non-ordinal
     new d419279  Minor improvments
     new efc54e0  Preparing pypi package
     new 94ef801  Merge pull request #19 from mistercrunch/setup
     new 58c2186  Adding a few screenshots to README
     new c95c252  v0.2.1
     new 11aaaf3  add tzinfo config, useful when start druid without utc timezone
     new bca1e15  Temp DB in /tmp
     new 483935c  Marking distribution as is_timeseries=False
     new 6dd81a3  Adding argparse for port and debug mode on bin/panoramix
     new 1283bc0  Form factory refactor
     new 7f9d96b  Merge pull request #20 from wbchn/master
     new 9858304  Merge pull request #22 from mistercrunch/forms
     new 67c5f63  Linting
     new fab0670  Custom WHERE clause for tables (not druid) + error handling refactor
     new 53fe171  Merge pull request #23 from mistercrunch/where
     new 5825f45  Allowing for form field description and tooltips
     new 9a63a31  Warn on row limit reached
     new ca39597  New script
     new 5f20a08  Setting up alembic
     new e755854  Save and embed
     new 3635191  Dashboards
     new 95b0801  Pinning flask-login
     new a5b8964  Dashboards
     new 6daf92e  About to start ajaxifying
     new 0bc2e71  Changing the way viz templates are defined using macros instead
     new 359a81e  Getting back into a working state
     new 521b000  Checkpoint
     new f6753af  Panoramix v1 dashboards is up
     new cd09b0d  Bugfixes
     new c1f28a3  Merge pull request #25 from mistercrunch/dash
     new 16550b9  Bugfix
     new 116b1c0  Merge pull request #26 from mistercrunch/dash
     new e5e2988  More refactor and bugfixes
     new 6f1fa51  Merge pull request #27 from mistercrunch/dash
     new 4edbbd3  More bug squashing
     new e0d6d20  Adding a command to load a sample dataset
     new 8ac35bd  Fix default Sqlite path.
     new 6c8f268  Fix default Sqlite path in README.
     new 256193c  Merge pull request #28 from noddi/bugfix/default_sqlite_path
     new 72ec6ae  Cosmetics
     new c09dca5  Adding a BigNumber widget
     new 2cbe25c  Changing an icon
     new e1b3c7e  Bugfixes+ better docs
     new 4d1d3ad  Minor bugfix
     new ff29f90  Loading examples with a CLI subcommand
     new 3d8fbaa  Improvments to the dashboard view
     new 449441f  Adding support for markup (html/markdown) widgets
     new e4a5f34  Uncommenting try block
     new f5e355a  Forgot to git add viz_markup.html
     new 2488288  Forgot to git add viz_markup.html
     new 11c291b  Merge pull request #29 from mistercrunch/markup_widgets
     new a28d9d4  Bugfix
     new 2cbc2e3  Adding a word cloud widget
     new 591c90d  Merge pull request #30 from mistercrunch/word_cloud
     new f395c83  Improving the main page
     new e126ab4  Improvements
     new 71274ae  Beautifying the index page
     new 63d55c9  Polish
     new caafb1e  Changing title
     new e854798  Adding a button to test connections
     new 9fab75b  Merge pull request #31 from mistercrunch/test_connection
     new 74ae4ee  ADding help text around sqlalchemy URI
     new 83e37f6  Adding fields to list_columns of DatabaseView
     new f95e844  Trying POST instead of GET for testconn
     new c4b24cb  Adding a foundation for unit tests
     new 2d23fee  Merge pull request #32 from mistercrunch/tests
     new 82bf543  More screenshots
     new 1d6d821  Changing default to 100 items per page
     new aea304d  Making sum metrics for numeric columns
     new 8d4c3ea  Increasing test coverage to 68%
     new f1a64c0  Allowing 2 widgets to overflow
     new 703b6f6  Forgot to add some files for unit tests
     new 89e9290  Adding nvd3 support
     new 4c78b4f  Merge pull request #33 from mistercrunch/nvd3
     new e643671  v0.4.0
     new bf8ce17  nvd3 Stacked Area chart
     new 495c2df  Ripping highcharts out
     new 4cd7c3d  Introducing compare
     new 7143972  Adding contribution to total
     new 625bd9d  Period ratio compare
     new 721113d  About to rip out args
     new a674fca  Better form handling
     new 2e29c39  Merge pull request #34 from mistercrunch/nvd3_2
     new a2a0545  Integrating with travis-ci
     new 80228ac  Adapting command
     new 50adfdc  Explicit flask dependency
     new e473a82  Adding flask-testing to list of deps
     new db272f8  Adding markdown dep
     new 930dad4  Further CI integration
     new ac2446c  Adding coverage badge
     new 391b31e  Forgot the .coveralls.yml file
     new af98972  Cleaning up previous hack
     new 0033c92  Adding missing dependency
     new 4d62adb  Removing last highcharts file standing
     new 4a9987a  Bugfix around using an Int in a groupby
     new c3f0597  Small improvments to tests
     new f3f807d  Forms
     new 74e5a3e  Mostly working
     new 5cf5019  Done fixing form continuity
     new 2243623  Temporary hack to see the query for NVD3 vizs
     new ca28d9c  Penguins under construction
     new c9e4239  Moving button to the right
     new 7172be9  Bugfix for nvd3 charts
     new b75c89b  Extract word cloud javascript to separate file.
     new 669a0a4  Extract bignumber javascript to separate file.
     new 83d7bf3  Extract nvd3 javascript to separate file.
     new ad2cc10  Fix unit tests for viz without json endpoint.
     new 96753cf  Merge pull request #36 from mistercrunch/px_javascript_css_files
     new fa08d35  Bug fixes
     new 601e30a  Changing 'since' default to 7 days
     new 04f914f  Viz type clarifications
     new f36ea7a  Aligingin stackedAreaChart with area
     new d3c420e  Adding hint to not consider a bakced up function for coverage accounting
     new c4ff8d1  Moving static jpg/pngs to static/img
     new f3e3415  Re-adding images, mistakenly did mv instead of git mv
     new ee6cc15  Removing chart_kind artefact
     new f3c6414  Merge pull request #37 from mistercrunch/viz_type
     new 367c256  Extract css rules into stylesheet file.
     new ad1ebaa  Extract scripts into javascript file.
     new 4a256b1  Reformat javascript code.
     new 8e790fa  Merge pull request #38 from mistercrunch/px_javascript_css_files_2
     new 33a4577  py3
     new 3f9c838  Removing leftover print statetments
     new bb535a3  Adding an option for line_interpolation in line chart
     new 774b1ef  removing console.log
     new e1900fc  Bugfix, distributino bar chart shows NaN on xAxis
     new e3e5798  Merge pull request #39 from mistercrunch/interpolation
     new bc8f9d2  Specifying the fields for DistributionBarViz as it was showing donut
     new 46ee9d2  Improved free form date parsing
     new 2eb8c1b  Introducing time comparison
     new f83d933  Updating TODO
     new 959418c  Making sure to alert only once
     new ede6768  Small improvements to dashboard controls
     new 8eb0c0a  Merge pull request #40 from mistercrunch/time_compare
     new c2049f8  Automate Panoramix role creation
     new 45b5950  Definining a Gamma role
     new e3cdf5b  Progress
     new 71cf515  Getting this thing to work
     new 459048a  Bugfix
     new b4c8d7a  Cosmetics
     new 6ea178e  Perms are kept from getting duped, created on save
     new a32cf0c  Merge pull request #35 from mistercrunch/roles
     new 5f62a1f  Adding css file for viz_nvd3
     new c9b7c5d  Adjusting width of dashboard view controls
     new 2bb2992  Cleaning up the static folder
     new cd55ea7  Merge pull request #41 from mistercrunch/cosmetico
     new d810a9d  Adding perm property to Datasource model
     new 096f697  Bugfix, missing WHERE CLAUSE field in form
     new a033282  Changing default for time_compare to empty
     new bd32170  Adding ability to style a dashboard with CSS
     new 1494b26  Merge pull request #42 from mistercrunch/dash_css
     new 0b87ea6  Bugfix around specific datasource access permissions
     new 36c7406  Upgrading nvd3 to dev version fixes a bug around classed series
     new 6db1b97  Supporting arbitrary expressions
     new cf53cfc  Merge pull request #43 from mistercrunch/expr
     new 4679635  Button Druidify\!->Slice\!
     new 694f82e  Boostrapping widgets from javascript initializer (RFC).
     new b034bf9  Merge pull request #45 from mistercrunch/px_render_refresh
     new b84ede1  Bugfix druid datasource onsave
     new cb92cac  Allowing to define multiple time columns for time series on Sqla
     new f0d84f6  Forcing pandas versino
     new 76d34af  Merge pull request #46 from mistercrunch/time_grain
     new 93b7672  Removing done items from TODO
     new e5aa49f  Descriptions for confusing columns
     new 7a4eaf4  Adding error handler that shows the stacktrace
     new 85f3857  Removing raise statement used for testing
     new 51d7225  v0.5.0
     new 7137d75  Adding missing installation step
     new 179622d  Bugfix around empty compare_lag
     new b25393b  Adding a note to run init script in installation process
     new 8cd27db  Stop attribution of datasource_access to gamma on init
     new 37629fb  v0.5.1
     new 7793e24  Note about python version support
     new 686069d  Allowing to specify the gunicorn timeout in CLI and config
     new 0a1eb64  Bumping timeout to 60
     new 4837968  Merge pull request #48 from mistercrunch/timeout
     new 9605962  +entry in TODO
     new 9d61ee2  Bugfix for time series bar chart
     new 8aa97f7  Better defaults for Druid endpoints and better error handling
     new 06e57bf  Adding timezone offset as a datasource param
     new a7fca30  Tweaks
     new ea18aad  Speed up travis builds with wheels
     new bdd5b08  Cleaning up reqs versions
     new cdb32a1  Merge pull request #52 from mistercrunch/travis_speedup
     new 8b67fa1  Merge pull request #51 from mistercrunch/offset
     new 2ddebc1  Pinning flask version
     new 1ffb9a0  Reverting to old deps notation as server is on 2.7.3
     new 5a96703  Adding python 3.5 to build matrix
     new e3e3d0b  py3 compat changes
     new fc76e87  Trying mode='rt'
     new a58d184  Removing references to basestring
     new 4d89663  Aiming at python 3.4 - test
     new ac79265  Merge pull request #53 from mistercrunch/py3
     new c3903ef  Adding forgotten template
     new 3051311  Using mysqlclient instead of pymysql
     new 0ec69a4  druid bugfix
     new c07770e  v0.5.2
     new 774f205  pinning sqla
     new ec805d3  pinning flask-sqlalchemy==2.0
     new 5057593  v0.5.3
     new 6ecea91  adding sort order of the slices on changed_on field
     new ed19b8e  Merge pull request #56 from mistercrunch/kp_enable_sort_order
     new 4e6aa4c  Improvments around date handling for nvd3 charts
     new 0889947  Clarifying time filters, small refactor
     new a18cf2d  Adding audit info to a few list views
     new d75c5c8  Setting min_periods to 1 for rolling windows
     new 774ca9f  Merge pull request #58 from mistercrunch/min_periods
     new 38a4157  Adding y-axis format option
     new 6b13d78  verbose explanation and link for d3 format"
     new 4233d34  handle y2axis for y axis format
     new 93c660f  make y axis format one col width only
     new 3c5867c  Merge pull request #59 from patrickleotardif/y_axis_format
     new 54e45ba  Fix Markup Widget bug
     new 9d65f8d  Merge pull request #60 from NiharikaRay/fix_markup_widget
     new 1842628  Fixing resize for nvd3 widgets
     new d8c79cd  bugfix for error msg not surfaced
     new f592aa1  Add BetterBooleanField
     new 4645c69  Merge pull request #61 from mistercrunch/better-boolean-field
     new 8522791  Encrypting the passwords out of connection strings
     new 2e83bf3  Merge pull request #63 from mistercrunch/hide_pass
     new de52449  Removing dups in color array
     new c8faeed  Preserving the ordering in selectmultiple
     new 3cc5db5  Adding custom HAVING clause
     new 4819be2  Adding groupby to select2Sortable
     new 16c8128  Merge pull request #64 from mistercrunch/sort_select2
     new 5968344  Merge pull request #65 from mistercrunch/custom_having
     new 8b0b13e  Adding a PivotTableViz
     new b0f7b3c  A little bit more explicit error handling
     new 139e594  Bugfix, wrong css reference
     new 7cd3696  Adding missing jquery-ui images
     new 852e3c6  Merge pull request #66 from mistercrunch/pivot_table
     new 2002f5e  Fix debug mode calls get_json twice
     new 525bd50  Merge pull request #67 from mistercrunch/fix_debug_dup_call
     new 03e13cb  Adding cumsum to rolling functions
     new 618e117  Merge pull request #68 from mistercrunch/cumsum
     new b9d7253  Save AS and Overwrite
     new 2743b24  Adding url slug support for dashboard model
     new 63b27bb  Add option to show minmax on x axis
     new 7ac0615  Merge pull request #69 from mistercrunch/save_as
     new 66089a8  Adding migration file
     new a0e967e  Merge pull request #71 from mistercrunch/showminmax
     new aed2f46  Merge pull request #70 from mistercrunch/dash_slug
     new f882ff1  Logging slice and dash views
     new 6dc21c1  Merge pull request #72 from mistercrunch/log
     new 04c0c05  Airflowlike theme
     new 1a62d5f  Bugfix pivot table with no groupby
     new 6f2c953  Merge pull request #73 from mistercrunch/theme
     new b666508  Introducing field sets
     new a32712d  Cleaning up
     new 021654c  Merge pull request #74 from mistercrunch/fieldsets
     new 2833bd3  bugfix - empty slug field
     new d526711  Changing default sort order for databases
     new f5b4a02  New viz: sunbursts
     new 9c0dd5b  Merge pull request #75 from mistercrunch/sunburst
     new d476dd2  Introducing form overrides for label and tooltips
     new 1685911  Merge pull request #76 from mistercrunch/form_overrides
     new c3f9607  Insuring column order
     new c64473c  [sunburst] limit -> row_limit
     new fc93f36  Better tooltips and more ways to integrate them easily
     new d3c0a86  Merge pull request #77 from mistercrunch/tooltips
     new a4065e4  v0.6.0
     new 59c1ee3  fix migrations
     new b628713  Adding a link section to readme
     new 1fe1549  Formatting change_on column in list views
     new 65c1c42  Align dashboard title
     new 18a2670  [bugfix] sqlite ALTER issue
     new 08fd4d1  0.6.1
     new f4e4c52  Cleanup around multiple select fields
     new 5701696  py3 compatibility
     new 06c12e7  Merge pull request #79 from mistercrunch/freeform_dropd
     new c97b0b6  Slightly better layout for explore page
     new 0d6720a  Checkboxes everywhere
     new 387bbb8  Merge pull request #80 from mistercrunch/checkboxes
     new d50a768  Fix td align
     new 5f6a742  Merge pull request #81 from mistercrunch/layout
     new 6b069c6  Cosmetics on dropdowns
     new eb13ce1  Cleaning up the html indentation on explore.html
     new c6d007c  Style
     new 65be15c  letting tooltips in the dashboard overflow
     new f8963e0  Merge pull request #82 from bradmbaker/letting_tool_tips_overflow
     new 51b273b  Big JS refactor
     new f1ceac9  Merge pull request #83 from mistercrunch/js
     new c563057  Adding directed force layout viz
     new d4588e0  Merge pull request #84 from mistercrunch/force
     new c2736b3  Making row_limit freeform
     new eb6890f  Namespacing sunburst CSS
     new 0b0a095  Adding sankey diagrams
     new c09ff2b  Getting the query to show
     new cf0734b  Merge pull request #85 from mistercrunch/sankey
     new e2220de  adjusting date formats
     new d6b6433  Better list view for druid datasurces
     new dcd3678  Merge pull request #86 from bradmbaker/brad_adding_new_and_improved_date_formats
     new e0f8f2c  fixing a few bugs with tool tip overflow
     new 30df7be  Adding a view for featured datasets
     new 6155ff8  Adding owner to sqlatables and changing some of the formatting using DataTables
     new 6bbcbe5  Fixing the button on the featured datasets page
     new 6f948f0  Changing DataTables to default to show all and sort by database
     new 48c1481  World Map with bubbles
     new b3edc07  Touchups
     new 047e142  Merge pull request #88 from mistercrunch/map
     new b04c422  Merge pull request #87 from bradmbaker/brad_adding_js_to_allow_overflow_to_actually_work
     new f24e58a  Fixes to the downgrade migration for user_id in sqlatables
     new e5256ef  Fixing alignment of a hanging indent for code quality
     new 4e3d284  Restoring error bubbling
     new 2a30908  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 79e7818  Changes to the layout of the featured datasets page
     new d2ae6ce  Merge pull request #89 from mistercrunch/featured_datasets
     new 880c739  A basic squeleton for the docs
     new 31dd5bf  Merge pull request #90 from mistercrunch/docs
     new 5f6236c  Export to csv or json
     new 1cd63c3  Adding a unit test
     new d933810  updating TODO
     new 1377c37  Merge pull request #91 from mistercrunch/exports
     new 55c4433  Allowing to not group by on table view
     new bd75a58  Re writting table viz
     new 19eb177  Changing resize action to do nothing
     new 47bb6b6  Merge pull request #92 from mistercrunch/nogroupby
     new 5435f53  Passing a controller object to widget
     new c108063  Passing a ctrl to the js
     new 1893e90  Merge pull request #93 from mistercrunch/controller
     new 973f1a6  removing table-info from featured datasets
     new 4b481e9  Getting in a working state
     new 48f5fcf  Some major refactoring
     new b1399b9  Progress
     new 458703d  Getting the dashboard filters to work
     new fffb0a7  Getting rid of the template heavy approach
     new 6a28ad3  Adding standalone mode
     new 4e21fb4  Adding support for quoted field names
     new e0586ec  Working state
     new 8682196  Getting filters to a reasonable place
     new afae892  Adding another example file
     new 0f892c6  Fixing sqlite error msg
     new a5c1358  Fixing py3 error
     new c3bec3e  refactoring the imports
     new b88f282  Improvements to bubble chart
     new 527bc14  TODO
     new e7ccbef  Achieving ASYNC explore
     new 9427cd6  Fixing date processing
     new dfee55d  Fixing save ops
     new 010fbc3  Fixed standalone view
     new 9d0de6c  Merge pull request #94 from mistercrunch/context
     new 0a9600d  Minor improvements on the bubble plot
     new e96494e  Working on docs
     new fa0d6c6  Merge pull request #95 from mistercrunch/docs2
     new 07df0f1  Adding a filter box widget
     new 5ad4f38  Fixing images in docs
     new ef14c21  Adding volume indicators on filter box
     new 6df3e67  Fixing the filters
     new 37cbf61  Adding markdown support for table descriptions
     new 3f292e6  Merge pull request #96 from mistercrunch/filter_box
     new 3a3e7c8  A much more clear
     new 4f12e78  Fixed left panel in explore view
     new 9959d26  Change Scaling to Operate on SVG instead of Div
     new ade9175  Adding basic resampling capabilities from pandas
     new 1b7725b  Merge pull request #98 from bradmbaker/patch-1
     new 3216fa2  Allowing line breaks in fieldsets
     new cd1258d  Merge pull request #99 from mistercrunch/resample
     new ee73b6f  Changing the time range selector default to False
     new 51e9cb3  Making all nvd3 timeseries have the full fieldset
     new 3fa3ce1  Fixing resampling options
     new 27ceb15  Fixing jumpy clock number
     new a04cf27  Update tooltips with new classes
     new 9bc2f08  Improving the Test Connection button
     new 05b391c  Add Gitter badge
     new 09b8ed5  Adding link to Gitter channel in README
     new eafd438  Merge pull request #100 from bradmbaker/patch-1
     new 98809cb  Fix for 2-axis charts where it shrinks them a little bit
     new 897d519  Merge pull request #101 from gitter-badger/gitter-badge
     new 7e827da  fixing indents
     new e36ebfe  Merge pull request #102 from bradmbaker/brad_baker_adding_two_x_axis_rescaling_to_nvd3_file
     new e4f45ac  simplifying tooltip code
     new 99aa6f7  adding stagger for all charts that have a date axis
     new baf759b  Merge pull request #105 from bradmbaker/brad_baker_adding_stagger_to_all_date_charts
     new c9d4217  Merge pull request #104 from bradmbaker/brad_baker_fixing_tooltips_v2
     new fc038a6  JS bugfixes
     new a4c7964  Minor cosmetic changes
     new 4c8b275  Minor tweaks
     new af55285  Made json csv and standalone button more dynamic
     new 7fb845f  pulling to the front on hover
     new ac8a78e  Merge pull request #108 from bradmbaker/brad_baker_final_fix_for_tooltip
     new f0cdf43  Getting browser history to work on the explore view
     new 2dbad2d  Merge pull request #109 from mistercrunch/hash_change
     new 3efaec8  Minor fix + TODO alterations
     new 6c92fa4  some error handling for WordCloud
     new 4aa70d0  Ordering columns in the Druid pandas df
     new ed96f9b  Fixing the word bad assumptions about field ordering
     new ceb0dc1  Touchups on field list
     new 2b69912  Minor bug fixes
     new 2b0c550  Improvments to load_examples
     new 552a309  Getting the markdown to do what it should
     new 299ad09  [bugfix] columns dupplicated in Druid df
     new 4941565  Making TableViz support a time_series
     new 0e0ae7b  Increasing page_size to 500 in crud
     new 2b01340  Allowing TableViz to show time granularity
     new ffe9a68  Adding a picture for who dataset
     new f434f3c  Raising earlier on no data
     new 089a8c6  [hotfix] no data
     new b6b8d04  Tunning timeseries settings
     new 4f7a5f3  Refactoring
     new 7982dee  Updating the
     new d726bd0  NVD3 form optinos for stacked/expanded/grouped ...
     new a38a8d4  Loading another example amazing dash
     new ef5511c  Getting stuff to load
     new a3727fc  Making sqlite work
     new f4ef1c0  Adding an URL shortner
     new df797c0  Prettier checkboxes
     new ba30dc4  Merge pull request #111 from mistercrunch/load_ex_dash
     new d97788b  Merge pull request #113 from mistercrunch/check
     new 67ea040  Merge pull request #112 from mistercrunch/url_shortner
     new 69a385b  [hotfix] date casting
     new 5910bf0  Providing options for Y axis number formating
     new 02e519a  Fixing the bug where filters don't apply on load
     new 976b777  Weeding some useless lines
     new d9e4c75  Parameterizing the number of gunicorn workers
     new 8596390  Merge pull request #115 from mistercrunch/y_format
     new 085430c  Doing some refactoring
     new f1127a1  Merge pull request #117 from mistercrunch/refact
     new b594b8a  BigNumber tweaks
     new ba1dfcb  Refactor + timeformating options
     new e40f5bc  Displaying markdown slice info on dash view
     new 8d40717  Adding description for new field in crud
     new 110be35  bugfix in explore view
     new ef612ed  Merge pull request #120 from mistercrunch/sliceinfo
     new 5f9f95b  Adding a basic ifram viz
     new 5f88068  Fixing a bug
     new 52e6e97  Merge pull request #121 from mistercrunch/iframe
     new 2885227  Autodocs
     new 73989f4  Adding Parallel coordinates viz
     new 2f6e971  Merge pull request #122 from mistercrunch/para
     new 2df3cfd  Adding a color factory
     new b472cad  Merge pull request #123 from mistercrunch/color_factory
     new 012a651  v0.7.0
     new 32e4b9f  A more cohesive color strategy
     new 9fb708a  Merge pull request #124 from mistercrunch/colors
     new 0ca59bc  Curating list of fields
     new e6920f8  CRUD views improvements
     new a3c2ee0  Consistent colors rendered client side
     new 1b661a1  Merge pull request #125 from mistercrunch/colors_perfect
     new b91460d  [bugfix] sunburst text shows behind arcs
     new a2f14b3  getting something to show
     new 0f58c60  Heatmap
     new 09c7724  Working without zoom
     new 40b28d0  Allowing different color schemes
     new 0714dc6  Added smoothening option
     new 44b43a3  Adding vid to
     new 4e6e20d  Allowing for normalizing across x or y
     new 5156d9f  Merge pull request #126 from mistercrunch/heatmap
     new 95aa6e0  [fix] can't back out with back button
     new 9838fbb  Fixing bad merge
     new dbbedc3  Allowing definition of css templates
     new cf5d290  Merge pull request #128 from mistercrunch/css_templates
     new d276be8  Moving CSS templates link to Sources
     new 354ef9b  Polishing the CSS template feature
     new e8ae49d  An airpal like interface
     new 50d7d0f  Making progress
     new 9c47415  Error handling and table links
     new 3b9b81f  Getting the back button to work
     new 72cf50a  Merge pull request #127 from mistercrunch/sql
     new b10487c  Fixing the overflow for tables
     new 98ba323  Polish
     new 61b3a85  improving the sql view
     new 460f6cb  Updated TODO and color bugfix
     new b18d117  Renaming Classes related to Druid
     new 32442aa  Adding Metric class as well
     new b1f88a5  Logging more
     new 5e9096f  Merge pull request #129 from mistercrunch/rename_druid_classes
     new 7b0c045  Merge pull request #130 from mistercrunch/log_more
     new e039547  More tests using doctests
     new e759dfa  Merge pull request #131 from mistercrunch/moretests
     new ec05668  Fixing legend toggle in nvd3 charts
     new c7ecb33  [nvd3] fixing the legend toggle bug
     new 07d52ed  Merge pull request #132 from mistercrunch/fix_legend
     new e39d6db  Hack to log dashboard_ids when slugs are used
     new e02702d  Pinning appbuilder to 1.6
     new 88b8f73  Not specifying flask-login version, letting flask-appbuilder do it
     new baac8c4  Desperatly changing view name to avoid proxy odd bug
     new 53a0f81  Fixing the roles auto maintenance
     new 4acf186  Merge pull request #134 from mistercrunch/fix_init
     new ba28fbb  Fixing link to cluster view
     new 2c43968  More verbose druid metadata refresh
     new 80651a5  More logging
     new 5686dc0  Bugfix Column -> DruidColumn
     new d970e89  bugfix - Cluster -> DruidCluster
     new 1f41ce3  CLI adding refresh_druid command
     new 6f4397c  Fixing druid metadata import
     new e42d1a1  Improved the bar char to allow for dimensional breakdowns
     new 7e60b14  Trying to fix a unicode bug with presto
     new 20bd4ca  Merge pull request #136 from mistercrunch/barbar
     new f40c024  Add npm package.json and setup webpack to transpile ES6/JSX and compile JS files for frontend refactor. See in assets/ for npm setup instructions and visit the panoramix home page for a React sandbox.
     new 0eb3dcd  Update
     new af34549  partial refactor of explore page, visualizations not managed with webpack yet.
     new 5c38fc7  use the latest segment to extract metadata
     new 523b6d8  Merge pull request #140 from dayzzz/segment_selection
     new 79e6fc9  huge npm refactor of all visualizations. table views are broken due to broken shimming for jquery/jquery-ui, dashboards are broken due to refactor of explore views.
     new f5e0ed7  A simple base template for npm
     new d582efe  Fixing 2 links
     new dbb9f66  Merge pull request #141 from mistercrunch/npm
     new 9552d09  A few cosmetic fixes (nvd3 tooltips, buttons, tables)
     new df8ea52  Adjustments based on comment
     new 71073d8  Merge pull request #142 from mistercrunch/npm
     new 3e83460  Remove base.entry.js, declare all JS dependencies in explore using npm. Pin older select2 version to enable select2Sortable.
     new 171301b  Moving files around
     new e70542d  NPMify sql.html
     new 71b1111  Merge pull request #145 from mistercrunch/npm
     new 7c96a2e  Fix typo
     new d2bb9aa  Merge pull request #148 from tay/patch-1
     new 8dcd5e0  Tackling Featured Datasets
     new d8409c1  Fixing table and pivot_table
     new e4e7b91  Fixing dashboard.html
     new 70e1aa3  Adding missing fonts
     new fd0e680  Cleaning up assets/vendors
     new c929b2a  npmify datamaps dependency
     new 4f4c67c  Moving html assets back to flask template folder
     new c304cc4  Moving content of assets/ to
     new 58c7b8c  Removing js_files and css_files entries from
     new bc41820  Rolling back to previous theme until we polish bootswarch.paper
     new d40664b  Merge pull request #147 from mistercrunch/npm
     new 63b4f56  Merge pull request #139 from mistercrunch/chris/npm-ify2
     new 8bf629c  [hotfix] fixing explore view
     new cb46a61  Linting
     new 0a84259  More linting
     new ca124f2  Improve README
     new 74b32ac  Merge pull request #153 from tay/patch-1
     new bb46887  Merge pull request #151 from mistercrunch/lint
     new 34709c8  Digging into leap year bug and improvming tests
     new 9f809e9  hotfix, readme pointing to the right landscape branch
     new bd06f99  Allowing to make certain widgets immune to filter
     new 22327e2  Transfering all the json in one point
     new 3a38c60  Fixing tooltips
     new 69cfcab  Making Dashboard look better
     new be4a7a4  Linting
     new 8b0f2af  Merge pull request #149 from mistercrunch/immune_to_filter
     new eccf9c2  [hotfix] saving as new bugfix
     new 32cd9f5  Updating
     new 88f9442  add button to auto-copy short URLs in /explore page
     new b36b1ef  Merge pull request #157 from mistercrunch/chris/copy-short-url
     new 8c525b7  Hotfix nvd3's secondary xaxis uses the wrong formating
     new 4fe89a3  Pinning parsedatetime to 2.0
     new 367ca33  Merge pull request #154 from mistercrunch/fix_dates
     new e434cbe  Better filtering
     new a68d742  Javascript refactor
     new b44d48c  Using vim-jsbeautify
     new 2872c62  Merge pull request #158 from mistercrunch/refactor
     new 51797ca  Fixing the standalone mode
     new 309a6dc  Merge pull request #159 from mistercrunch/standalone
     new b6a2521  hotfix - forgot to add standalone.js
     new e1e1746  Fixing the dashed line when using time compare
     new b61ddd0  semicolon
     new 673f741  Add linting to package.json, run 'npm run lint' to run (will try to add commit hook later). Do all of the linting...
     new 8703fa9  Merge pull request #160 from mistercrunch/fix_dashed
     new 68f8937  lint standalone.js
     new bd29672  Improving the docs
     new 486fb8b  [hotfix] fixing the examples
     new a7e75a2  [hotfix] cosmetic fitting for nvd3 line chart overflowing
     new 0a8ab6c  Shipping with a CSS template out of the box
     new 1782d8f  Merge pull request #161 from mistercrunch/chris/eslint
     new 5486e5c  barol -> tirol
     new 722c16a  Fixing window resize for explore and standalone
     new 9de19b1  setResizeOnWindowResize -> bindResizeToWindowResize
     new e39f7db  Merge pull request #165 from mistercrunch/window_resize
     new 570b9f0  Merge pull request #164 from mistercrunch/docs
     new d3f7bbd  remove pre-compiled bootstrap themes, use npm/wepack to compile from less variables instead. also fix a few css style bugs.
     new bfa6d13  Merge pull request #163 from mistercrunch/css
     new 9095cd3  update to explain updated LESS/CSS customization
     new 1e27f03  Merge pull request #166 from mistercrunch/chris/css
     new ee025b3  Fixing REST api and unsortable columns
     new 454bb10  Getting travis to build the npm related stuff
     new 78e01ab  Caching node_modules
     new b2d72fb  Tweaks
     new a53dbfc  Merge pull request #168 from mistercrunch/travis_npm
     new 9855a60  Fixing the look of select2 components
     new c0e4aca  Using dash - instead of _ on filename, making input form-control white
     new d6db3a9  semicolon
     new 55d4ac4  Merge pull request #169 from mistercrunch/select2-style
     new 8292714  Fixing bug in filter_box
     new 91833ce  Merge pull request #171 from mistercrunch/fix_filter
     new e53a1cc  Adding a TODO entry for viz selector
     new 370c5af  [hotfix] fix utils.markdown function chokes on None
     new e2cd14d  Fixing the python and js packaging
     new 9e4b38b  Adjusting css for display not to flicker on dashboard load
     new fb6a997  Merge pull request #172 from mistercrunch/packaging
     new 49590e2  refactor dashboard chart html, make several css improvements.
     new b0fa4bc  remove unused css
     new 95b7b97  Allowing all extra fields in AuditMixin to be nullable
     new e1eb236  Merge pull request #175 from mistercrunch/chris/css-fixes
     new 1ab8963  Adding caching to TODO
     new 1a58b6d  fix overflow scroll bars on all dashboard charts. make dashboard chart control toggle interaction nicer. make sure user-stylesheets are applied last. remove ace css editor error/warning parsing. make filters look nicer in dashboards. fix some linting.
     new 7c5e660  Merge pull request #178 from mistercrunch/fix_audit
     new 417b5a5  Adding linting note to
     new 2aa0e0d  Merge pull request #182 from mistercrunch/chris/modal-and-dashboard-css-fixes
     new 27fb810  Dynamic time granularity on any datetime column
     new 0c045a9  trim '0' groups from sunburst paths to show null groups. add ability to map color to sunburst groupby groups. add fancier breadcrumbs to sunburst.
     new 61ab06d  Removing unicode from country data
     new 0608094  fix misc sunburst bugs from refactor.
     new ae1e66f  Merge pull request #181 from mistercrunch/time_grain
     new 73daf2f  [hotfix] casting dates for presto grain functions
     new 7cdb23f  [hotfix] grouping by grain, filtering on raw expression
     new 3461538  [hotfix] appbuilder modal z-index fix
     new ebf55bf  Adding docstrings !
     new 1c9c154  More docstrings
     new f0b2f98  Merge pull request #186 from mistercrunch/docstrings
     new 3197c4b  add utility function for wrapping svg text, apply to sunburst breadcrumbs, and make colors more readable for sunburst.
     new 3dc9996  hide breadcrumbs on mouseout
     new f453932  [hotfix] druid granularity missing
     new 987a1af  [hotfix] granularity fix
     new 2b1dcf0  [hotfix] granularity fix
     new 8f4f5b1  Merge pull request #184 from mistercrunch/chris/sunburst-fixes
     new be6b2fe  [panoramix] -> [dashed]
     new f79aca1  rename - 2nd phase
     new 10c48f0  [renaming]
     new 28e5a87  pypi badges
     new b5f4d3b  Adding reqs badge
     new f01b418  Adding reqs badge
     new 9450c12  note about the previous name in README
     new e17d78e  Cranking up version numbers
     new f09f3d7  Merge pull request #190 from airbnb/vnum
     new a9ba47f  Add week ending and week start to grain
     new 48c8a90  Fix multi-line statement
     new bad3128  Update grain label name
     new 0890d22  Merge pull request #191 from airbnb/week-grain
     new 2d3edf3  js lint breaks the build
     new d8192ec  Introducing a caching layer
     new fded04a  Hack to get the force refresh in the explore view
     new 417749f  Explore mode should only expose cache on first load
     new b0f10a9  Merge pull request #188 from airbnb/caching
     new 9d3bf77  Fixing build issues with preventive rm /Users/maxime_beauchemin/.npm/*.lock
     new a244f3a  Fixing build issues with preventive rm /Users/maxime_beauchemin/.npm/*.lock
     new d5487c6  0.8.3
     new 89da51f  Pointing landscape badge to the right branch
     new 14f298b  dashboard bug fixes and better page titles
     new 5b10b19  Fixing the docs
     new 7ede732  Adding favorites for Slices and Dashboards
     new 2362b5a  Tunning tooltips
     new 3118d1b  Merge pull request #193 from airbnb/favstar
     new 21d1c0a  0.8.4
     new 10a1edd  Improving the docs build script
     new 0f637bd  Fixing issues around fk nullable=False on audit fields
     new fee6b3f  Adding a DRUID_IS_ACTIVE flag and changing nav bar
     new 7a7eb33  Disable Datasource sql polymorphism & Fix refresh Druid metadata.
     new 23b6bca  Fix style warning
     new 2378fdf  Disable polymorphism in DruidMetric as well
     new c920355  a welcome page
     new 8c0870e  Linting to perfection
     new e7bed92  [hotfix] can't back out of history after entering explore
     new 0ccc19f  Merge pull request #196 from airbnb/fix_audit
     new 12e20ca  Merge pull request #197 from NiharikaRay/master
     new 1c19f7f  Merge pull request #198 from airbnb/welcome
     new fdce2aa  Merge pull request #192 from airbnb/kim/misc_hack
     new 4974715  [hotfix] merging 2 migration scripts
     new a898c27  Minor CSS for navbar brand to not decorate the link
     new 5be7b03  [hotfix] Fix tooltip overflow to be visible outside widget
     new 5804991  Fix a few minor bugs
     new 48210d5  Add a sankey example
     new 4d2492d  Merge pull request #200 from airbnb/sankey
     new 0a8a1ed  Merge pull request #199 from airbnb/touchups
     new 2397645  Fix intermitent bug with npm locks
     new 2102e04  Adding tests for ping and health enpoint
     new 6dce6df  JS Lint breaks the build
     new 301dce2  Using nosetests to run tests
     new 4a0ea5f  Merge pull request #202 from airbnb/better_tests
     new 26c7251  Fixing mysql install
     new 09021aa  Adding LONG to list of numeric types, updating TODO
     new 74c72b3  Merge pull request #203 from airbnb/fixes
     new 1aee5b7  fix sunburst error. add less to package.json because less-loader complains if it's not there.
     new 5561a49  Merge pull request #205 from airbnb/chris/sunburst-fix
     new d48796f  Caravel - renaming files
     new 619d358  [dashed->caravel] Replace in files
     new 1b4e750  Merge pull request #206 from airbnb/caravel
     new 60bce9e  Fixing the order and coverage report for the unit tests
     new 8e27099  Fixing the tests for py3
     new cda1bd5  Fresh screenshots
     new 10f3991  Merge pull request #209 from airbnb/screenshots
     new 1c44f34  Merge pull request #204 from airbnb/fixes
     new 0296b83  Changing repo token for coveralls
     new 6e1413d  Adding dev-reqs.txt to build
     new 54fe234  Dummy commit to trigger travis
     new d885dd3  Getting coveralls to work
     new c6b7720  Adding build status badge and image to README
     new 3a3d5cd  Changing image size
     new 00226cc  Changing image size, second try
     new b164244  Renaming forgotten doc file
     new e1b8719  Adding docs link badge
     new fd40742  A few replacements related to the rename
     new f67c6b5  Fix a bug when loading DruidDatasource.
     new 4a77b70  A better fix.
     new e5553ab  Fix lint warning.
     new 5b7fe2b  Merge pull request #213 from airbnb/kim/fix_druid_datasource_bug
     new f659caa  Fix an installation bug.
     new 6f63b30  Dedupping info in README by pointing to docs
     new bd9051a  Fixing README link
     new 2b71b72  Redirecting URL from previous names to caravel
     new 58ab4e2  remove duplicate section in
     new 9595dcf  Fixed typo in README
     new a4b61e9  Merge pull request #222 from brchristian/patch-1
     new a3f92f6  Merge pull request #223 from thebucknerlife/master
     new eeba80c  Merge branch 'master' into redirects
     new 167fb64  Merge pull request #218 from airbnb/redirects
     new 0b3e2e0  Add 'Percent of previous' to sunburst vis. Appease npm warnings for data tables and d3-sankey.
     new b87d8a0  change 'of previous' to 'of parent'
     new 807f4dd  Fixing minor typos in the readme
     new 0e2c0ce  remove power units from sankey diagram
     new ebc16bb  Merge pull request #214 from airbnb/kim/fix_druid_datasource_bug
     new ee4e3c1  Merge pull request #224 from cyrusstoller/typo_fix
     new ffa29b3  Merge pull request #219 from airbnb/chris/sunburst-conditional-percent
     new 12cc064  Merge pull request #225 from airbnb/chris/remove-random-power-units
     new 23319ee  Remove "requirements.txt" mention from README
     new 22d2b7f  Merge pull request #229 from jmcomets/patch-1
     new ab92e7a  Pin pandas, remove numpy
     new 7b111b7  Adding an OS dependencies section to the install docs
     new 481d821  Tweaking docs
     new 9a5a27a  Merge pull request #234 from airbnb/pinpandas
     new 38062f1  Adding an INTHEWILD file
     new 718de6c  v0.8.5
     new 2d0fdf7  Adding a
     new dafdb51  Adding Caravel Docker link to README
     new 93405dc  Clarify SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI in the docs
     new d2f5190  Adding a tutorial
     new c60032a  Pillow with a capital P
     new d245fb9  travis tweaks
     new 87fb40a  Bumping version of npm up
     new 10ab678  Finishing up the tutorial
     new ef45c20  Hash cache keys to avoid too keys being too long. Resolves #240
     new aec3c0b  Fixing bug when datasource has been deleted
     new c3789d5  Removing duplicate get_table in fetch_metadata
     new 0b93fd3  [hotfix] hashing unicode in py3
     new 6f96252  A logo on the navbar
     new ca44432  Prettyfying the Caravel on README
     new 034fd07  Doc formating fix
     new 2b31ab4  [hotfix] fixing json endpoint
     new 9c1af66  Fix ignored SQL where clauses
     new 92f73b6  Move window.alert() calls to bootstrap modals. Also log errors to console.
     new f1830c3  A better welcome page
     new 8898444  Adding extra options to deeper configure sqlalchemy
     new e3e8202  clear element before redrawing sankey
     new 380c3f0  Using boostrap panels for form fieldsets in explore view
     new 4d640b5  [fix] panel overflowing on welcome page
     new c349b0a  Fixed link url in docs
     new bf2e804  Removed trailing coma in Database.extra default
     new f9d04e8  Fixed refresh_datasource redirect
     new c728288  Fixing the pagination display on welcome
     new 0d1f27d  add postgres grains
     new 81de51b  Minor tweaks
     new 3175882  + button on Slice list view redirects to Table view with alert
     new c2baa53  bugfix datatables move to new package
     new 3457276  Adding y_axis_format to DistributionBarViz
     new 65e72d0  Csv download improvements
     new 062f2b8  Datasource dropdown in Explore view
     new c2bb49f  Fix migration script to work with Postgres
     new d10eaec  Adding a Gallery to the docs
     new 92d5886  Improving the Installation docs
     new 7867267  SqlAlchemy -> SQLAlchemy in
     new 1756c27  Adding upgrade instructions to docs
     new d122b37  Add python-pip to the install docs
     new 8556b09  Enable Time Grain Option for Redshift
     new 6b0b03e  Fix localhost link in installation docs
     new bf38c71  Adding missing images
     new a37e431  Adding _images to .gitignore
     new 90a3b9f  Update
     new bcca840  Adding from __future__ imports (#288)
     new 59169bf  Merge pull request #212 from airbnb/big_number_total
     new d933a21  Prettyfying an image in the docs
     new c5dead4  v0.8.6
     new 2972122  Adding link to Strata slides
     new ee42aa7  Updating CHANGELOG
     new eff0beb  Optimizing import statements for better readability and to avoid unused, excessive and duplicating imports in the project. (#294)
     new 0afa5d2  Added FAQ and db dependencies to docs
     new ef64884  [heatmap] fix bug to display this view properly in dashboards. fix bug to display their d3-tip tooltips in dashboards. don't show empty tooltips on heatmap. update logic for margins so they fit dynamically based on label size. (#301)
     new b2de935  Add OS dependencies link in development env docs (#300)
     new 9a02c88  Adding link to docs on navbar, re-indent
     new fdcedd0  Adding edit link to datasource in explore view (#303)
     new ef992b6  Fix week and month Time grain in MySQL (#297)
     new b47ca78  Preserve order of breakdowns in bar_dist (#302)
     new 25831f0  Making prod web server run by default
     new a3dcb0f  closes #292 (#304)
     new 866e00d  Detecting loops in Sankeys (#271)
     new 542b66e  Giving credit where credit is due (#307)
     new bfd1c87  Forcing widget overflow to be visible
     new f8e5d30  Revert previous css commit
     new da421bb  Updating TODO
     new dab31eb  Bugfix, link pointing to json
     new fe045ad  New viz: box plot (#312)
     new a9af6b1  Fix for undefined inner_time_filter on missing granularity in models.SqlaTable (#309)
     new c6da811  Adding missing dep to dev-reqs.txt
     new 5b82249  Linting to 99% (#317)
     new 807d686  Showing thumbsnails when switching viz (#313)
     new f32ebee  Fixing the way tables overflow in dashboard view (#310)
     new 9ac979a  Tweaks for the doc's gallery
     new 6d0b576  Include connection parameters in call to Test Connection for a new database (#326)
     new 74975a1  Getting error messages to show up on the interactive debugger
     new 54fb76e  Getting the SQL view back in a working state (#327)
     new 1dd4165  Json dumps iso date for Table view (#328)
     new 3d1fc99  Adding not in docs about connecting to dbs over SSL
     new af417b6  Adding expression column description in the CRUD
     new 3c72751  [bugfix] druid granularity form field should be select2Sortable
     new 77828b6  [bugfix] druid granularity form field should be select2_freeform
     new 1e08b3e  add tooltips to sankey (#341)
     new 8fe5790  Don't die on malformed json in the extras field. Give feedback to user (#338)
     new a76ccf4  [welcome page] shows the most recently updated items first (#343)
     new 21b3a5f  [big_number*] fixing a few bugs (#342)
     new 0a94b36  Adding version subcommand to CLI (#329)
     new 5cadd67  Allowing to specify schema for tables (#330)
     new 52ebdc5  add treemap (#344)
     new 91a3594  Fixing the thumbs and the galery (#346)
     new eb5a417  Change the size of the column datasource_name in datasource creation … (#345)
     new e5fabf3  Adjusting positioning in the examples
     new ffdae19  v0.8.7
     new 4b48e9f  Updating CHANGELOG
     new e6e8ec9  [bugfix] missing redirect when datasource is missing (#352)
     new 63e5e93  Hide password from database 'show' view (#355)
     new 1a6757f  Better type detection for inference of column matrix (#353)
     new 2d420ee  v0.8.8
     new 01c2c7b  Fixing unique constraint in SqlaTable model (#360)
     new 04d769f  Some more error handling when rendering the explore view (#361)
     new f316851  New url default for iframe viz
     new 899fe19  [WiP] Attempting to support Druid's granularity origin as a hidden url param (#194)
     new 04f1b17  Fixes issue #364
     new badcd8b  Storing version number in only one place (#362)
     new 3f0171b  Configure Visualizations (#365)
     new 5597eb4  Fix db upgrade script b4456560d4f3 (#370)
     new afcdcf0  Fixing overwrite and save slice permissions for a give role (#298)
     new d96b634  split sunburst breadcrumb names on '_' to apply ' '-dependent wrapping more freqently (#376)
     new 01a8c96  Specifying python versions supported in (#382)
     new 17e711f  Druid unit tests using Mock (#384)
     new efc6bf4  Redirect application log to stderr, which is picked up by gunicorn. (#335)
     new 9a33557  Removing forgotten print statement
     new d8a2b62  Periodically update the slices in the dashboard (#374)
     new f4177bf  More examples / tests (#385)
     new a5f33fe  Adding login call for Druid test
     new b01d378  Fix the label of the periodic-refresh button (#386)
     new f1e10d8  One more Druid test (#387)
     new 7d90f26  Fixing #388 (#391)
     new 37be01b  [hotfix] adding cache_key in payload
     new 7b10759  [hotfix] periodic refresh dashboard feature had broken caching
     new 42ac46c  [bugfix] fix context confusion in Slice
     new c0fb9ee  [bugfix] big_number doesn't fadeout on hover
     new a2f2ad8  add navigation, zoom to treemap (#396)
     new ab64a26  fix img loading overlay in explore view (#403)
     new b634d03  Show only Slices and Dashboards users have access to (#404)
     new 89d1a77  [hotfix] filter_immune_slices fix
     new 54860a8  Adding reference to another docker image in READMEM
     new 337c9d5  v0.8.9
     new bd47a29  CHANGELOG update
     new 2198fd4  Adding badge for python versions
     new 77e4d4b  Fixgin README link
     new b78ec54  Merge pull request #414 from airbnb/chris/fix-sunburst-level-trunc
     new 7b5b602  Use batch_alter_table to drop column in the migration script (#406)
     new d7ea473  enable timerotateloghandler (configurable) (#311)
     new 0ca3f5e  Improving SQLA query generation (#421)
     new 26d2736  Allowing for druid post aggregations (#418)
     new ec7dbed  Blank theme (#419)
     new 88c9516  Getting started on translations (#423)
     new 9a08c45  add additional postgres and redshift time grains (#429)
     new a8d0ae1  Fix name of test script in contributing guide (#428)
     new a3a9ec9  [hotfix] piechart goes black on refresh (#424)
     new 1d0863a  Rename the dummy variable _ to avoid conflict with lazy_gettext (#427)
     new 0bedaed  Make sure anonymous user with proper permissions can access data (#415)
     new a3f549b  Some chinese translations as a Proof of Concept (#435)
     new 6941f1d  add unicode data to tests (#432)
     new bc71707  Recursively get the dependency fields of post aggregators (#437)
     new 82fa501  Update Chinese translation (#438)
     new d304ee0  Bugfix in line chart where the series name is an empty string (#434)
     new 2f64c42  blacklist druid datasources to be refreshed because it takes forever to load all druid datasources metadata which is not even required (given the use cases user should be able to blacklist data sources which are not required to be refreshed). (#441)
     new c5fcbc0  Support hyperUniqueCardinality type in post aggregation (#451)
     new a75d6bc  add timestamp toggle in chart options (Table Viz) (#439)
     new 77e9e6a  Fixing issue #444 color function chokes on non-string param (#447)
     new c4e3020  Conververting datetime based on database dialects (#446)
     new d79089c  Improving the parallel coordinate viz (#452)
     new 673cce9  Attempting to fix #412 (#430)
     new 6c333d5  Fixing the missing searchbox bug (#431)
     new aa6e6bd  Allowing for templated urls in iFrame (#460)
     new 52bbb38  Don't limit parallel coordinates table size (#455)
     new f28c2b2  Cosmetric tweaks in the CRUD list view (#458)
     new a0099ad  v0.9.0
     new d846cb3  Updating changelog
     new 5a870fe  Mysql key length (#459)
     new 83e0e58  [hotfix] Druid explore/table dropdown doesn't change anything
     new d305679  [fixing the build] a new version of eslint is more picky
     new 607e1f9  Fixing the build 2 out of 2
     new 5c0e30e  Added Calendar Heatmap (#475)
     new 2620aec  Fixing the heatmap calendar color ranges in the Welcome page (#474)
     new 8a406b1  Add PUBLIC_ROLE_LIKE_GAMMA config flag (#473)
     new 1766f6e  [hotfix] making druid_time_origin stick
     new d1f0276  Introducing Horizon charts (#472)
     new 4738b01  [hotfix] setting default value for druid_time_origin
     new f5180d8  [hotfix] fix name change on test dashboard triggers error
     new 3ee102b  Made '__' prefix into suffix. (#496)
     new 3cfc58e  Add italian translation (#491)
     new 7630d73  fix typo (#484)
     new e1a3854  utils: add special serializer for numpy.int64 (#492)
     new 58d78be  [bugfix] 'Y Axis Zero' would force 1 in Y axis (#497)
     new f0c6a98  Gunicorn tweaks, unlimited limit-request-line & limit-request-field_size (#500)
     new e77d50b  Adding a doc page for Druid
     new c53874c  [hotfix] treemap was broken
     new 0fcab30  More translation instrumentation and some french to test (#502)
     new 29f5ace  complete Chinese translation (#503)
     new 57990bf  Implementing druid's regex filters (#501)
     new eb3bfb5  Cranking FAB to 1.6.2 (#505)
     new dee4c34  [hotfix] adapting to pydruid 0.2.3
     new 7d27692  [hotfix] forcing newer pydruid version
     new 409233d  Update (#541)
     new ae7fb01  Added support for Vertica Grains (#515)
     new b193539  i18n: Fix typo in Druid cluster broker port label (#512)
     new 087c47a  Fix #529 1 "This Session's transaction has been rolled back" (#530)
     new 849063c  fix world_map appending to old world map when updating (#549)
     new cb384d0  Fix for Not Grouped By on Table View (#544)
     new fe6628b  Fix #529 2 - "This Session's transaction has been rolled back" (#531)
     new c78d368  Reactify dashboard grid (#523)
     new 5f005d6  Add CORS support (#478)
     new b5614a4  Fixing 2 bugs that happen when fields are removed from table (#551)
     new 2917051  Adapting default CSS templates to the new grid layout
     new 3ee9a68  Only owners can update their objects (#507)
     new fe40246  caravel: catch only ImportError when loading config (#559)
     new 5bc5021  utils: generalize utility to find find_constraint_name (#557)
     new b5fe9db  Adding a security section to the docs (#561)
     new 52c2b23  allow for multiple columns in NOT GROUP BY (#560)
     new 89f9efd  Fixing the dashboard's look after resizing the window (#556)
     new dc33506  Removing deprecated refs to flask.ext.* (#566)
     new 0d800fa  Fixing bugs where params aren't reflected on nvd3* (#564)
     new 24a68f5  Two hotfixes (#574)
     new ad5507c  views: translate labels and not names (#567)
     new cdb573e  caravel: add missing test requirements in (#582)
     new 8a579e2  Mark more strings for translations (#581)
     new eb208b9  config: there's no such thing as WEBSERVER_THREADS (#587)
     new f4c92da  Make sure the APP_ICON config is used in the template (#590)
     new e3da785  caravel: reduce usage of choicify in forms (#591)
     new dd662ea  caravel: mark more strings for translations in viz (#586)
     new 60ed3e4  TOX / Travis build matrix (#593)
     new c35e0e8  [hotfix] csv and json link are off (#592)
     new 2644dd1  Adding a test for welcome page
     new 2f60801  [hotfix] fixing the build
     new 55baab4  [hotfix] fixing the build (#594)
     new 4c6026f  Add access control over metrics (#584)
     new a8136bb  Update translations files (#595)
     new 4661b02  Popover to generate iframe html tag when standalone button is clicked (#575)
     new 1631137  fix missing multiple values for the same parameter name (#565)
     new 327fcee  [hotfix] fixes issue around multidict
     new c490138  Fixing json issues (#602)
     new fa13b77  Adding postgres to the build matrix (#604)
     new c58fd63  [hotfix] caching indicator was missing on dashboard view
     new 1a4c7af  Fixing a potential FK error when doing bulk updates (#606)
     new 9ed8c32  Cranking up FAB to latest (1.7.1) version (#609)
     new 267c019  Make sure cache.set never fails hard (#611)
     new bc58c5d  [hotfix] delete cache key when set fails
     new 347c39b  Better support for Druid cardinality estimation mertics (#613)
     new 77d8ccb  Compress before caching, store more in each memcache key (#614)
     new bacbd90  [hotfix] parallel coordinates grey background on hover
     new e29d71d  [hotfix] passing payload to Slice.done everywhere
     new a117498  Adding some CRUD field descriptions to clarify things
     new d90a2c8  Pinning all dependencies to specific versions (#627)
     new 91e2725  v0.9.1
     new aa2b8b4  Updating CHANGELOG
     new ee2d333  Prevent the cannot-overwrite error message from being removed before it can be seen (#626)
     new b38590a  Added Hour time grain for MySQL (#615)
     new ea8a7ec  Redirect to druid datasource page when the user wants to add slice. Also, provide a link to the table page (#625)
     new 5de8740  minor correction on the right npm path (#618)
     new 77c5c94  Update sql.js to fix a invalid error msg (#621)
     new 65d9feb  Check ownership before a slice is deleted (#624)
     new db30f20  Only initiate permissions of valid metrics (#630)
     new 04388a7  [docs] telling people to use gunicorn server
     new 3105c9f  Improvments to NVD3 charts (axis labels & min bar width) (#629)
     new 4400c70  Make time grains translatable (#622)
     new 4c8523e  Prevent potential db upgrading problem (#628)
     new 78eb1e6  [hotfix] fixing bug around looking up security access
     new 55c549d  Adding option for reduceXTicks (#640)
     new deb197a  Adding contribution to total option to Bar chart (#641)
     new 668ede1  expose /slice/<slice_id>/ endpoint to redirect to a slice's url (#633)
     new 5618df7  Added documentation of the health check endpoint (#644)
     new fb07507  [hotfix] missing semicolon breaking build
     new 54e4be1  [hotfix] lint error should fail travis build
     new d71a67c  Bumping FAB and cryptography to current version (#647)
     new ff44e46  Add `impyla` to recommended packages for Impala (#649)
     new 7e8053a  Adding list of table names to show Dashboard view (#648)
     new 40e1787  Improve the error message in the slices (#555)
     new 13095eb  Show right messages as soon as possible (#632)
     new 485234b  Add having filters (#553)
     new 30da408  Druid Intervals Issues prevents metadata pull (#526)
     new 7c2d485  [quickfix] removing year detail in smart_date
     new a9fd227  [hotfix] caching and list ordering related bugs
     new 73601e4  docs: correct name of local config module in comments (#653)
     new 3ef79bb  [quickfix] removing controls in Area chart to leave more room for the legend
     new f25e375  [quickfix] showControls on area chart
     new 8ebe074  [bugfix] filter widgets to apply on applicable Slices (#658)
     new ab71ee4  Make the headers of tables and pivot tables fixed (#651)
     new f949b88  A cleaner right side of the navbar with a Github link (#666)
     new 4a8e62b  Fixing the examples's dashboard positioning (#667)
     new e230d9d  Don't force formatting when using "Period Ratio" (#668)
     new 141dc12  Adding quarter time grain for Presto
     new 51024b5  Reintroducing showControls as an option (#672)
     new 1313727  Adding orderby to Table 'not grouped by' and fixing metrics ordering (#669)
     new 967b2ff  Only creating perms for restricted metrics (#655)
     new 914f234  Make text in sunburst path more readable (#675)
     new 57ebb2b  Map visualization (#650)
     new d5b8414  Showing only dashboards on welcome page (#676)
     new 4191b75  Adding padding to markup widget
     new 6a34b72  Adapting Babel to new FAB version, regenerating translations (#684)
     new 3e742c7  [hotfix] many tooltips were not quoted properly
     new 7a7f61a  datetime format and database expression on column level (#652)
     new bd68378  Saving slices and adding them to dashboards directly from explore view (#680)
     new 759c8d5  [hotfix] fixing minor control issues
     new a016d18  [hotfix] mistakes slipped in
     new 57bffe0  v0.10.0
     new 1ac2fcc  fix small issue of dttm PR (#688)
     new dbb9356  Changelog updates for 0.10.0
     new fa65888  Screenshot makeover in README
     new f407bd4  [quickfix] fix broken CRUD column header links
     new 8b95d17  [quickfix] embeded view missing some dependencies
     new d4641e4  [docs] FAQ how do I create my own viz?
     new 2e0e6e3  [quickfix] support isNaN aggregates in Table viz
     new ee00aa6  some Chinese simplified translation work (#710)
     new 1a952a4  Dashboards can only be deleted by their owners (#701)
     new 917bc98  Make DruidDatasource.version_higher support funky version strings (#706)
     new d5b22dd  Filter empty strings or nulls, and add more operators (#704)
     new 1998314  Binding key Q to the running the query in explore view (#685)
     new 8135c24  Revert "Binding key Q to the running the query in explore view" (#713)
     new 8020464  [explore] convert query and save btns to react (#690)
     new afff788  remove console.log (#729)
     new 04f3e3b  "Add Slices" modal on dashboard page (#678)
     new 979782d  Fix path for windows platfrom (#742)
     new 00970d6  Fix erroneous options for default slices (#730)
     new 3c92ba9  Fix bugs in the world map and deal with edge cases (#722)
     new 9d7c05a  [hotfix] fix py3 compatibility broken by basestring
     new 18b8e6f  make show columns explicit, don't show password column (#748)
     new 082645d  [bugfix] html points to dashboard.entry.js instead of jsx (#749)
     new 212284c  viz: make sunburst work again (#728)
     new 09c95fb  Fix the mapbox for Druid (#725)
     new 65efe53  Adding in Second and Minute time grains for MySQL (#696)
     new 8cfe9e9  Preselect filters (#752)
     new b295436  [bugfix] refresh button on dashboard widget dones't work
     new 8a69235  fix development env  req (#761)
     new 3522bf9  Fixes #721 - [mktime out of range] (#756)
     new 8312f1c  Adding an option to make separators in dashboard (#699)
     new f034f27  Allowing to define a default format string per-metric (#750)
     new 1fed498  [webpack] revert change to output extension (#760)
     new 24e85f5  get npm test working (#762)
     new 2b237f4  update-webpack-config to match babelrc (#776)
     new 7306b9c  Fix small typo in message strings (#778)
     new 83d5ad2  update with js testing details (#781)
     new 7bba9f7  [bugfix] fix dual alert messages where the second one is empty
     new fa0497d  [eslint] changing to always-multiline on comma-dangle (#794)
     new a704d4d  remove z-index from slice div and .nvtooltip (#793)
     new e813726  Giving hingts that we support SparkSQL (#803)
     new 9cdd289  Set BoxPlotViz to is_timeseries=False (#802)
     new 19f5371  In subquery use alias to do 'order by' (#795)
     new 187149c  Update documentation url (#805)
     new 8b694dd  Fix caching in python3 (#806)
     new cf785b4  fix datasources foreign key size (#791)
     new 6731a28  Filter add/remove fix (#779)
     new d11dd83  [docs] faq entry about server timeouts
     new 2425b8f  [presto] Smaller granularity units; fallback support for H:m:s (#731)
     new 7dd5b67  Fixing serializing the lazy string (#818)
     new 2aea194  Add Maieutical Labs / to Caravel users (#816)
     new f43e5f1  Support showing the values on top of the bars (#777)
     new 1101de5  [js linting] use airbnb eslint settings (#796)
     new 29e3dd4  Let the user decide the label type of pie charts (#819)
     new 8872677  Add an option to allow users to choose to what IP address the web server must bind to. Default to (all IP addresses). (#826)
     new f9427b9  Fix mapbox radius calculations being off when changing latitude (#824)
     new 299e31f  Added order_by_cols to as_list. Fix to issue #821 (#823)
     new ee9141a  New endpoint that receives SQL and returns data as JSON (#842)
     new 55afda3  viz: use sort_values(inplace=True) instead of sort (#870)
     new e36bc24  Use flask_babel in CONTRIBUTING (#869)
     new cbca740  use css transforms for dashboard grid cells (#848)
     new 862042b  add redis cache hint to docs (#861)
     new e7ce38b  Smarter redirect on slice creation (#691)
     new aaef338  Altering theme for more subtle alerts / labels / buttons (#798)
     new 82a8e63  [bugfix] refresh dashboard widget button doesn't work (#878)
     new 7c810db  Miscellaneous style fixes spotted by landscape (#874)
     new cb23362  handle UUID type field (some database like postgres support UUID type field) (#889)
     new b0a1f07  ui update (#879)
     new 572c6ee  Update linting instructions. (#896)
     new b48101c  docs: recommend python3 and virtualenv (#901)
     new d6bb8c6  Add per database permissions for the SQL Lab. (#885)
     new 5a937f1  docs: simplify cryptography installation on Windows (#909)
     new baf22c3  docs: make it clear that some config keys really need to be changed (#912)
     new 08d6825  [webpack] set up proper dev/prod environment (#916)
     new d15c557  [bugfix] missing spinner in explore view (#914)
     new 15ee6d8  Histogram (#888)
     new efdfa81  [bugfix] controls info bubble don't show up (#904)
     new 9a2c774  [bugfix] nvd3's API changed and broke the range filter (#903)
     new 4247cab  [david-dm] Adding badge for tracking js deps versions
     new bcbe08b  Fixing some aspects of the theme (#907)
     new 3f21a89  Fixing some aspects of the theme (#923)
     new 9b3b1f6  Fixes explore view when no slice is defined (#924)
     new 71bdabe  dashboard: don't enable buttons that would fail (#881)
     new 2bfb9cc  pass the `standalone` request arg in the /caravel/slices/<slice_id>/ endpoint redirect (#876)
     new 198226a  Fix date serialization (#873)
     new e243a14  Refactor around how visualizations/*.js are required (#913)
     new 1b9458d  Adding config element for alert message in navbar (#938)
     new aa01283  [hotfix] adding react-select to package.json
     new d7d10d2  rectify GitHub's name (#942)
     new 10011d5  Adding Code Climate conf file
     new a8131dd  Attempting coverage integration with code climate
     new d79220f  .codeclimate.yml on the right spot
     new c60476e  Attempting to setup coverage
     new 7d1bec1  Setting up python to allow 90
     new 4e1af9a  Adding codeclimate-test-reporter to  dev-reqs.txt
     new 6b5d6b4  [typo] in
     new 5646aa0  fixing the build
     new c474581  Fixing the rendering of the separator widget (#936)
     new 3e551e4  Update (#960)
     new 348c096  add amino to inthewild (#964)
     new 66c2b84  Add time grains for mssql. (#956)
     new 88f4260  Change default location for db and logs to ~/.caravel Fix #915 (#947)
     new 061d4f1  Refine gamma experience (#883)
     new cc058e5  viz: cache in query_obj (#955)
     new 8097495  vera_liu-deleted_dashboard_title_column_in_welcome_page (#951)
     new ac512ef  [hotfix] SQL endpoint JQUERY error
     new a029eaa  docs: add a faq about mapbox api key (#968)
     new 379cf6c  [ui] tweaks and improvements (#965)
     new 84213ab  [line] growth vs factor option for 'Period Ratio' (#970)
     new 23a5463  Hack around the "last migration doesn't stamp" Alembic bug (#967)
     new 30ef8eb  [ui] hack bootswatch/cosmo theme to get better tabs for sql-lab (and other things) (#975)
     new c7467f5  Documenting making your own build (#990)
     new a871529  [bugfix] dashboard list doesn't populate in explore->saveas (#979)
     new 7f2805a  [bugfix] fixing && linting the histogram viz (#987)
     new a8fd23d  Linting JSX files (#941)
     new 95eb928  [bugfix] markup image is missing in examples
     new 9445549  [tweak] allowing markup widget to overflow
     new 2bc1674  [bugfix] slice description makes charts overflow (#993)
     new ef118de  move staging alert out of nav (#995)
     new f800ff1  Making default labels visible (#999)
     new de39923  [ui] design review changes  - default/primary btn colors (#1008)
     new d1f43e3  [ui] a few unmerged rules  (#1014)
     new e85978a  add if enableAddSlice is truthy (#1015)
     new 30071ee  Reduced number of ticks provided as hint to d3.ticks (#1012)
     new 36a6714  slice/explore header (#996)
     new b93f9ec  [line chart] adding option for circle markers (#1006)
     new 7eceb14  [bugfix] slice description makes charts overflow (#993) (#1010)
     new f17cfcb  [filter box] making filter order matches the dropdown (#1007)
     new 38b8db8  SQL Lab - A multi-tab SQL editor (#514)
     new fc1e637  Adding
     new 561828c  [SQL Lab] moving the db/schema/table select to the left (#1038)
     new 9f8eef4  [theme] a little bit less blue (#1024)
     new 508feb2  [hotfix] getting presto on track
     new 3f88949  Fixing the build [that I broke]
     new 85d03f5  Set up istanbul with codeclimate and travis. (#1046)
     new f300ee1  Small codeclimate fixes. (#1033)
     new 4f125ee  Add codeclimate labels. (#1050)
     new bae2119  Chris/remove redirect from slice id endpoint (#1044)
     new 1667d15  Reactivating
     new 4b77710  [SQL Lab] Adding DB options for SQL LAb (#1054)
     new 7dd01cf  [bugfix] btn timer contianer was left behind
     new badac73  [touchup] using input-sm on text fields in explore view
     new 9914901  Change the font on axis (#1028)
     new 544b3f3  Add codeclimate cli instructions. (#1043)
     new 62c7111  Adding a ShrinkSql component (#1058)
     new 49e4f70  Disable complexity check. (#1064)
     new e783219  Add cache warmup endpoint (#1063)
     new 9ae231a  adjust bottom margin according to label sizes on x-axis (#1029)
     new d454fb4  Add refresh druid datasources endpoint. (#1065)
     new 0e0eaa0  [sql-lab] ui polish (#1079)
     new 8eb4cbf  only show the reset state button if location param (#1075)
     new 6aadc6e  Simplifying the flow to add a table (#1068)
     new c20ee0c  Filter Druid Datasources by user permissions. (#1090)
     new 1971bf6  Numerous improvements to SQL Lab (#1088)
     new 9bf5620  [sqllab] hide SqlEditor textarea to prevent flicker
     new 1f761c6  Single quote filter values with comma (#1084)
     new df533d3  [sql lab] specify schema name when generating vanila query (#1096)
     new 2e6b4b1  Time grain support for unix-timestamp columns (#1093)
     new a871ee7  Clean up the druid sync api. (#1101)
     new 17a3175  [bugfix] filter_immune_slices doesn't work (#1110)
     new c87f342  Animated GIFs on README (#1109)
     new e895807  [bugfix] namespacing the mapbox css
     new 2132f67  When the label size is too short, the constant for calculating (#1120)
     new 2432c31  Associate version to entry files (#1060)
     new 2adc8a0  [explore] clarifying force-refresh message
     new edcc2a1  Fixing druid culster perms to mirror sqla databases (#1123)
     new 9389f89  [welcome] removing calendar heatmap from welcome page (#1119)
     new 3602d94  [hotfix] lint
     new ffe6fb8  Apply stretchMargin only to distribution bar (#1124)
     new e8f1bab  [explore] giving more room to Slice title (#1118)
     new b62d7e3  [security] prevent XSS on FAB list views (#1125)
     new 69d37d8  Fix double escaping of dttm expressions (#744) (#1103)
     new afa1f09  Make sql test connection work with saved Database instance (#694)
     new ca66ba4  Fix initialization of Database sqlalchemy_uri and password (#1137)
     new 1c544c9  Enable list with checkboxes only on Table->Columns view (#1138)
     new 8c619e8  models: fix slice creation (#1130)
     new 8081080  log: be more robust against malformed input (#1127)
     new e8088d5  More improvements to SQL Lab (#1104)
     new 1ce8acc  Adding license to package.json
     new d15a212  Add support for Werkzeug ProxyFix middleware (#1150)
     new 32980a6  [big_number] fix subheader is missing (#1146)
     new 0e7af8d  [explore] refactor slice action button group (#1074)
     new d41463b  changing the tox build matrix ordering
     new a1338ed  changing the travis build matrix for faster builds
     new ed2feaf  fix build with utf-8 connection string option to mysql (#1159)
     new 5a0e06e  Generalize switch between different datasources (#1078)
     new f1e80a8  Adding indexes to table metadata (#1160)
     new b587576  [security] allowing to set static headers as configuration (#1126)
     new 2f2ed22  [redux] move some redux utils to shared file (#1164)
     new bc7d0ff  Fix TEST CONNECTION on a newly added database. (#1168)
     new b855e2f  Add dashboard creator as owner of the dashboard (#1166)
     new cbc70d3  Implement permission request/approve flow.  (#1095)
     new 49cefc8  Improve the Test Connection error message (#1175)
     new 1fa1892  when adding a new database use Database.set_sqlalchemy_uri so that the password is stored encrypted. (#1177)
     new 8cb0bea  [sqllab] db migration - setting Database.allow_run_sync=True (#1174)
     new 7115c54  [FilterBox] dashboard date range filtering (#1165)
     new aed473d  [filtering] define combo of slice/fields unafected by filtering (#1179)
     new fc921d6  Simplifying source_registry (#1180)
     new df89bec  Infer types. Smart defaults for the visualize window. Basic implementation. (#1134)
     new 6e5a93a  [hotfix] result set always updates
     new d397c0b  [hotfix] FilterBox has issues with react-select version in prod
     new 199342a  Improving the docs around managing roles (#1183)
     new 7f3c205  [hotfix] reactable bump to 0.14.0
     new 9890259  [hotfix] issues around empty params
     new d5c5c0d  Query Search Page (#1122)
     new 551c971  Revert "Query Search Page" (#1186)
     new 5f6ef84  Vliu query search (#1187)
     new 44be42c  Remove duplicate code for property name of SqlaTable (#1190)
     new b6f4062  Update (#1194)
     new 1536675  [hotfix] slice page is broken
     new b67906c  [hotfix] dashboard doesn't have filter_immune_slices pre-save
     new 1a29163  A few bugfixes
     new 96844c5  Share query (#1154)
     new f0289ce  [minor] fixing the icons in the navbar
     new 9c83b90  Bring DB in sync with the (#1172)
     new aa5bbe6  Fixed error of inserializable json for druid test (#1213)
     new d066f8b  Added alert to install redux devtool (#1228)
     new 472679b  [security] allow for requesting access when denied on a dashboard view (#1192)
     new e11ef99  [SQLLab] user server for the query limit check. (#1230)
     new 9795e4a  [SQLLab] Fix updating the database state. (#1225)
     new d8638db  revert devtool alert (#1238)
     new e6e902e  [explore-v2] setup, basic layout, control panels, v2 url (#1233)
     new ae54ac9  [sql-lab] fix react warnings in dev (#1232)
     new 19ab3e2  Adding a 'Misc Charts' dashboard as part of the examples (#1208)
     new 055fb61  bump version to 0.10.0.dev0
     new a92190c  Fix npm linting error with version string (#1249)
     new 8ab5e50  Added access check + Druid in endpoint (#1224)
     new 58dfa43  Do not shadow _ function. (#1254)
     new 7a01d9d  v0.11.0
     new 715cdd9  Changelog for 0.11.0
     new 5bf86d9  [docs] suggest to upgrade pip and setuptools
     new 140a055  [docs] add line in installation instructions
     new 421a86a  Some polish on query search (#1222)
     new 231804e  CHANGELOG: Add proper credit to tan31989 for #744 (#1259)
     new e50b59e  docs: document that gunicorn does not work on windows (#1258)
     new a8a1690  docs: add libsasl as system requirement on linux (#1257)
     new 659bf6d  Moved time column and grains to (#1255)
     new 66b498d  Added controls for Table Viz (#1253)
     new f837733  [explorev2] chart and controls (#1251)
     new 5c5b393  Change userId, dbId to username and dbname (#1274)
     new 8a5f050  [explore v2] fix explorev2 chart errors (#1277)
     new 94578cb  reduce chunk size for countries table (#1279)
     new 609ae22  less number of default workers. (#1206)
     new ecfe1a2  Updated eslinter for object rest spread (#1289)
     new 0a3121c  [doc] installation, load examples before init
     new 382b8e8  [explore v2] add scrollbar to control panel container (#1284)
     new 3384e75  Fixing explore actions & slice controller interactions (#1292)
     new b7d1f78  Put formData in store (#1281)
     new f70d301  Refactor the explore view (#1252)
     new 9012b11  add ImmutableMultiDict back to (#1298)
     new 1967743  Add cascade delete to the 1 to composite relationships. (#1295)
     new f8e2ce6  Change status color in tab to match with success (#1247)
     new fe66557  [explore-v2] hook up ExploreViewContainer to state and add specs (#1300)
     new 1e6e144  Fixed viewing dashboards as anonymous (#1320)
     new 79460ab  [SQLLab] Fix the usage of Redux DevTools Enhancer (#1278)
     new bf1f5ea  [sqllab] use encodeURIComponent for copy query URL (#1317)
     new cd2ab42  do not overwrite the stored password with the masked password (#1209)
     new 73cd2ea  Import / export of the dashboards.  (#1197)
     new 5cb3cc2  polyfill es2015 in older browsers and for phantomjs (#1323)
     new 8626c80  Stop duplicating datasources (#1321)
     new ef2670c  Using inheritance scheme to organize db specific code (#1294)
     new 4cf4e38  Bugfix when there's only date filter in FilterBox (no groupby) (#1326)
     new 451860a  remove #app styling (#1312)
     new b785d27  Taking out object spread operator (#1311)
     new 4e9392d  [hotfix] explore errors are not raise properly
     new 89cb726  [hotfix] explore errors are not raise properly 2
     new 5bea398  [hotfix] handling json errors in explore view
     new 11a8e35  Some dashboard import/export fixes. (#1340)
     new 40e7057  Override the role with perms for give datasources. (#1335)
     new f0f8478  Revert "Override the role with perms for give datasources." (#1345)
     new 82bcadf  Moving 'CSS TEmplates' to the Manage menu category (#1336)
     new 65c744f  Fix utc time calculation if provided datetime has tz info (#1287)
     new 9db4cc8  add node/npm versions to (#1344)
     new b669a14  [explore-v2] make chart container work with existing visualization files (#1333)
     new 7a3bcc2  [bugfix] NaN issue in Big Number viz (#1346)
     new 7449aa8  [hotfix] use  instead of prod for Travis build
     new 3cb737f  [hotfix] use  instead of prod for Travis build, take2
     new 4fc8a17  [hotfix] use  instead of prod for Travis build, take 3
     new 2095095  Fixed big number issue (#1355)
     new 0dff6a9  Add quarter time grain to postgresql (#1362)
     new ecb951b  Specify the metric to order by for Series Limit (#1351)
     new 8f29944  [bugfix] text as subquery fails with 'Series Limit' (#1347)
     new 2edce5b  Enable "Run Query in New Tab" in SQL Lab (#1343)
     new c255e89  [sqllab] show partition metadata for Presto (#1342)
     new b2f7081  bumping versions of JS packages to latest (#1352)
     new 458651f  Add parens for custom where and having (#1337)
     new ece69fb  Fix migration for make creator owners (#1262)
     new c198535  Change slice ids in the position json during dashboard import. (#1380)
     new 5c3966a  Override the role with perms for given datasources. (#1399)
     new 7dfe891  [hotfix] timeseries_limit_metric: Not a valid choice
     new 6fb3b30  [sqllab] add support for results backends (#1377)
     new 3dea6e0  [sqllab] adding more descriptive labels to left panel (#1407)
     new 93f8e7d  Fix the js build running out of heap space (#1408)
     new e9d4749  [hotfix] sqllab presto
     new 62e0e19  [docfix] d3.format docs have moved
     new 4f886d6  Fix None view_menues in permissions. (#1409)
     new 63161b1  [sqllab] proper, quoted, select * on the server side (#1404)
     new 19fab6e  Get table viz work in explore v2: Added d3 format to mock slice (#1353)
     new 9f81e23  Fixed css class not being used by slice container (#1359)
     new 6f1e7c3  Added url shortner for sharing query link (#1314)
     new 174a199  [hotfix] Query search is unreachable
     new 89df2fc  Adjusted top margin of heatmap plot to get it working in V2 (#1361)
     new 7c59337  Filter immune slices array stores strings. (#1402)
     new 940659b  [sqllab] some frontend tests (#1400)
     new bb23685  Added average metric AVG() to default metrics (#1413)
     new 8c5e495  Add github issue template (#1436)
     new 5944643  [sqllab] add support for Jinja templating (#1426)
     new 64d1964  Added dashboard standalone page (#1429)
     new b242063  [sqllab] optimizing React (#1438)
     new c7ba143  Fix typo in sqllab docs
     new 7307dda  Highlight affected slices for filter change in dashboard view (#1439)
     new c492261  [sqllab] add column sort feature to TableElement (#1467)
     new 22784b7  run_specific_test: take the test as parameter (#1469)
     new 3e1cd2b  v0.12.0
     new 6ab769f  CHANGELOG for 0.12.0
     new d2826ab  Added checkbox in dist_bar viz to enable sorting of bars based on x axis labels (#1379)
     new 07a7736  NullPool for the celery worker. (#1465)
     new 45efcb3  Added time filter to query search page (#1329)
     new 4bf5252  [sqllab] add autocomplete to AceEditor for table and column names (#1475)
     new ab083b8  [sqllab] slide animations when adding/removing/toggling TableElement (#1472)
     new 5561e6b  Fix celery module import in comments. (#1474)
     new 248e6a7  fix name for postgresql (#1482)
     new 49828d3  add step to pypi build/push
     new 518fbf5  Minor Fixes (#1484)
     new 4dc959a  Revert "NullPool for the celery worker." (#1488)
     new 4f49cb5  Celery uses separate db engine with NullPool. (#1492)
     new 4023f32  [sqllab] run only the part of the query that is selected (#1479)
     new 76499af  [pep8] allowing 90 chars per line
     new 61509bb  [sqllab] surfacing more table metadata (indices, pk, fks) (#1485)
     new 2fd2526  Add support for jinja templates in WHERE/HAVING clauses (#1442)
     new 5238053  Moved ajax call for fetching table metadata from SqlEditorLeftBar to actions (#1494)
     new 769fb08  Strip sql and remove ; for csv download. (#1508)
     new 26318f9  Moved queriesArray from render() to local state (#1505)
     new a13bed2  Moved sqllab tests from core_tests to sqllab_tests (#1502)
     new cdf4dd0  Add yearly and quarterly granularities to mysql engine backend (#1518)
     new 1b124bf  [druid] optimize Druid queries where possible (#1517)
     new 38d3075  [explore V2] render all control panels and fields dynamically for each vis type (#1493)
     new 0bab15b  Update (#1526)
     new 1700a80  [sqllab] templating refactor (#1504)
     new ae46561  Support week_ending_saturday for Druid. (#1491)
     new 4156ad5  [explore-v2] control panel fixes (#1529)
     new d9b49ca  [exploreV2] remove /exploreV2 endpoint, add v2 bootstrap data to /explore endpoint (#1536)
     new 88b1f95  [explore-v2] handle field overrides (#1535)
     new 77b6e2c  Get pivot table working in explore v2 (#1432)
     new 5882c7e  Added jquery methods to ChartContainer to get world_map viz working in exploreV2 (#1443)
     new 3b9f7cb  [hotfix] groupby may be a set
     new 6298707  Read the user origin specification. (#1541)
     new ea18979  [hotfix] druid dist_bar viz issues with non-str x values
     new 98afc3e  Added setFilter(), containerID and getFilter() to (#1360)
     new 1d7d546  [hotfix] remove failing Druid test
     new 757e7de  add oracle time_grains (#1544)
     new 69f0a4e  Put data preview in south pane (#1486)
     new 593ac08  Added scroll bar and option to collapse for Sql Editor tool bar (#1532)
     new 97ded32  Update linting instructions. (#1478)
     new 4014a48  Added cache prop to ResultSet (#1552)
     new e4bd188  [druid] adding support for dimensionspecs (#1545)
     new bb6ab11  Vliu link form data explore v2 (#1540)
     new 1bf83c3  [explore-v2] render columns based on length of fieldSets array (#1559)
     new 4530047  Added action buttons to Chart Container of explore V2 (#1562)
     new 51c0470  [explore v2] populate dynamic select field options (#1543)
     new bad7676  Bump cryptography dependency to 1.5.3 (#1569)
     new a475551  [sqllab] bind alt+enter shortcut in AceEditor to run a query (#1554)
     new 0c221a2  add slice_name and table_name for title (#1567)
     new 55668ca  Link to database-urls in databaseadd view (#1480)
     new ad1cd55  Pass values from global store to fields in exploreV2 (#1561)
     new 6a15679  [hotfix] encode csv to utf-8
     new 9789e3f  Bind data preview tabs to sql editor (#1573)
     new 946e4b7  Reactifying the dashboard (#1572)
     new d70a744  Make Sqllab a one-page app -- body not scrollable (#1551)
     new 973537f  [hotfix] resizing widgets
     new 15b67b2  [WiP] rename project from Caravel to Superset (#1576)
     new 3c920c9  [hotfix] datatables import issues
     new 6e4f066  [hotfix] lint
     new e9bfbfc  Removing boat pic from README
     new 8539c42  v0.13.1
     new 90f00c5  Minor documentation touchups
     new 7325a4f  [hotfix] table view not group by without orderby fails
     new d6bc354  [hotfix] fix support for presto DATE and TIMESTAMP type
     new 96d32dd  Improve Druid metadata fetching resilience (#1584)
     new d33874b  [hotfix] postgres issue when slice_id is missing
     new c064d6d  Correct part_fields variable name (#1586)
     new fdbb2bb  fixing the build
     new ed48255  Fixed a bug with new dashboard (#1585)
     new 4155a9d  Removing broken link to old docker image (#1591)
     new 2133056  Added different Select Fields (#1583)
     new bcc1428  Updating CODECLIMATE_REPO_TOKEN to new location
     new 84b98c2  Adding Greenplum to supported dbs
     new 99b0d4c  Fix MySql time grain issue (#1590)
     new 9124a17  Removing ascii_art.p from code coverage analysis
     new af04a56  Moved check to the correct place. (#1606)
     new 895fe23  v0.13.2
     new ed3d44d  Changelog entries for 0.13.2
     new 83d08b8  Get query button working in explorev2 (#1581)
     new 51cb485  Add standalone to reactified dashboard page (#1596)
     new 811ee8c  Deleted unused components in exploreV2 (#1613)
     new 7531bb8  Fixed dashboard controls for standalone bug (#1617)
     new ab5da5b  [table viz] allow sorting on any column (#1601)
     new 4f7f437  Vliu put datasource in store (#1610)
     new c362f28  More Dashboard UX unit tests (#1603)
     new 267fd5b  [table viz] adding support for pagination (#1616)
     new 506b781  [explore-v2] add fave star and edit button to chart header (#1623)
     new aad9744  add new screenshots (#1589)
     new bce02e3  [security] improving the security scheme (#1587)
     new d5ef937  Fixed bugs with viz in exploreV2 (#1609)
     new ab5a410  [dashboard] give user feedback when there are unsaved changes (#1633)
     new e546746  Make nvd3 refresh smoother. (#1618)
     new 8269321  Update faq.rst (#1637)
     new b961c95  dim visualization during refresh (#1636)
     new 2c068a1  increase space between fieldsset rows (#1629)
     new 0acf26b  Fixed a bug with switching viz_type in exploreV2 (#1631)
     new a8480f5  Added Alert for ControlPanel and ChartContainer (#1626)
     new f64a205  Use Alert for visualization error (#1639)
     new dc25bc6  Fix alpha permission checks. (#1641)
     new 38e94b9  Save modal component for explore v2 (#1612)
     new 9b18128  include jQuery and bootstrap (#1642)
     new 7a98f84  Admin / Alpha permission cleanup and fixes. (#1645)
     new 1624e7d  Add all_tables endpoint to allow airpal / superset perm sync. (#1614)
     new 5ae98bc  Improving jinja2 security by using SandboxedEnvironment (#1632)
     new 7e1852e  User profile pages (favorites, created content, recent activity, security & access) (#1615)
     new 868e5c4  Redirect URL requests with "caravel" to "superset" (#1651)
     new c90dd49  Programatically sync the role with user list. (#1619)
     new bd6a439  [QuerySearch] Add loading status to QuerySearch page (#1657)
     new 6825e75  Fixed bug with querylink passing sql object instead of string (#1659)
     new 10982de  Make QueryTable scrollable in Query Search page (#1656)
     new db1ed2a  Calculate height dynamically using jquery for scrollable sqllab  (#1611)
     new face524  Make explore container resize with browser window (#1608)
     new bdae570  Temperary fix of a slice bug (#1648)
     new 6b80f5b  Get sections to render when switching datasource (#1660)
     new b370ef0  Rerender chart without clicking query button for fields (#1658)
     new cef4a82  [sqllab] adding a sql preprocessor for Presto (#1670)
     new 39ce4aa  Added filter in ControlPanelsContainer for explore V2 (#1647)
     new 205928e  docs: fix python-redis link markup (#1683)
     new 16aba51  Use smaller size for node max_old_space_size (#1679)
     new e3a9b39  Missing merge_perm function. Fixes 1691. (#1692)
     new 84e8f74  Add 'Save As' feature for dashboards (#1669)
     new b7019ad  [sqllab] bugfix SouthPane doesn't update as expected (#1699)
     new 1c429b2  Fixing issue #1689 (#1696)
     new c07f0ab  Config programmatic roles in the (#1664)
     new c43fc38  [druid] fix having clause (#1694)
     new 18c43aa  make chart title larger, fix explore actions btn spacing (#1680)
     new 56b917a  [explore-v2] fix errors on table view (#1675)
     new 3496a80  make stack trace more readable (#1672)
     new 7919428  Vliu explorev2 bugs (#1701)
     new fcb8707  Add per schema permissions. (#1698)
     new dc98c67  Implement table name extraction. (#1598)
     new 03b21dc  [explorev2] Bug fixes in Save Modal (#1707)
     new 7327c97  v0.14.0
     new 0be02e6  Updating CHANGELOG 0.14.0
     new 65e9232  Druid hotfix. (#1710)
     new 94dde07  v0.14.1
     new 32fc0ff  [Bugfix] autocomplete in sqleditor doesnot use newly loaded table columns (#1712)
     new e822d5a  Make edit / add / delete perms available to all users. (#1722)
     new 25acb78  Pass schema to the select star query. (#1714)
     new 7f4f250  Redirects to login page if user not logged in at welcome page (#1723)
     new 1a16491  Display full table name (schema + name) if possible. (#1728)
     new 2d0ebea  [explorev2] Make chart container more responsive (#1724)
     new 50da4f8  Support running superset via pex (#1713)
     new 7eef46e  Adding links pointing to the new user profile page (#1704)
     new 168a252  State that npm should be between 3.9 and 4
     new 0a40d8c  Rremove unused symlinks (#1736)
     new 324205f  [sqllab] bugfix where a query has the same alias twice as output (#1734)
     new 723f907  Fixing the sourcemap in dev mode (#1744)
     new 95580a0  [explorev2] cosmetic, smaller size for input text (#1746)
     new 9d4c3d8  Update role based on usernames not emails. (#1749)
     new 09d597f  Prevent duplicated view_menu perms (#1751)
     new b045075  Sankey Tooltip fix (#1748) (#1750)
     new a3106bc  [bugfix] bignumber comparison wrong with neg values (#1743)
     new c4e943a  [sqllab] making 'click to retrieve results' a button (#1737)
     new abd0974  Fix superset cli for python3 (#1760)
     new 76aa9f7  [explorev2] fix textfield and druid bug (#1732)
     new 89fc9d7  Make entire menuitem clickable for copy query (#1747)
     new d8864bc  Enable overwrite sql in QueryHistory (#1731)
     new eb0655c  [sqllab] Fixed js error when results are not available (#1715)
     new 69702e3  Create users if not found. (#1753)
     new 43f2a37  Make cell-click filter in table viz optional (#1762)
     new 3597fdb  Filter table list based on the user permissions. (#1769)
     new c155857  [explorev2] Breaking down large files, fixing JS warnings (#1773)
     new 74edb93  [WIP] Add http to copied url and move function to componentWillReceiveProps (#1780)
     new 401d9af  [ui] update logo, favicon, and new primary color (#1781)
     new 34d0dd9  adjust header nav links so they are all aligned on the base line (#1786)
     new a95cd71  Add viz thumbnails to viz_type select (#1794)
     new aeda5bd  [sqllab] config item for SQLLAB_DEFAULT_DBID (#1793)
     new 68c2eab  [hotfix] handling 0% change in big number with trendline (#1801)
     new 866cfe5  Add schema name to output column in query history (#1790)
     new 8ef730b  Added timer to explore v2 and share it with sqllab (#1802)
     new afb3c24  Showing more fields in DatabaseView
     new 2993ff1  Add NVD3's bullet chart (#1775)
     new 699602d  Add tooltips to RunAsync and CTAS button (#1792)
     new 9f7486f  remove extra call to get_viz in explorev2 (#1812)
     new 2254a4d  v0.15.0
     new 34e107e  [explore-v2] add config option for explore v2 beta users, and send through v2 path (#1671)
     new e099088  [hotfix] fixing the build
     new 7a9604a  Workaround for slices "Not Found" issue in IE <= 11 (#1821)
     new 2fb94a8  Add ADDITIONAL_MIDDLEWARE option to config (#1832)
     new e1e20b8  Sort searched queries by recency (#1735)
     new fa9c066  Add email-to option in action buttons for dashboard and slice (#1705)
     new 552d464  [explorev2] no bootstrap data, just metadata in exploreV2 (#1827)
     new 84a3b55  [explorev2] remove unused file SqlClause.jsx (#1839)
     new 638f27c  [sqllab] Fix sql expression bug with count distinct metrics (#1805)
     new 6aaa49f  Change default gunicorn address (#1838)
     new 733ab80  [explorev2] using a loader to load the explorev2 specific css (#1843)
     new 92aa1a6  Permissions refactoring, optimizations and unit testing. (#1798)
     new bf67d64  [explorev2] making Datasource an Viz controls not clearable (#1845)
     new d929bbf  [explorev2] making QueryAndSaveBtns disabled while running queries (#1841)
     new b6cba13  [explorev2] enabling redux dev tools (#1842)
     new e06a0cd  Add force_ctas_schema to query model when enabled (#1825)
     new 7a5bb94  Stop ChartContainer from rendering twice on chartStatus change (#1828)
     new 007ee88  [explorev2] improving the scrolling/scrollbars placement (#1840)
     new bb04e6f  Use APP_ICON in template (#1855)
     new 6732f01  Enable freeform-select with fetched column values for filter values (#1697)
     new 36fad80  sqllab: don't hold database deletion because of query reference (#1863)
     new 0712894  Improving database logging by adding duration, referrer and post data (#1830)
     new 1673105  [sqllab] async queries - better error handling (#1853)
     new 3e6f90c  Upgrading pydruid version and adopt 'merge' flag during refresh_druid operation (#1879)
     new ea8e663  read anon user role from config, remove reference to public role (#1878)
     new 092432f  v0.15.1
     new d52b299  Updating CHANGELOG
     new a0d103d  Fix small typo (#1888)
     new 8924bb7  [explorev2] moving the "Time"  section up to 2nd section (#1885)
     new 242869d  [sql lab] only show single run query button (#1858)
     new a1e3fc1  [explorev2] giving more room for long textboxes (#1881)
     new 9bc7ad9  Do not use persistState for explorev2 (#1894)
     new 861a3bd  docs: 8088 is the default port, no need to specify it (#1861)
     new 7aab8b0  Simplifying the Fields (Controls) interface (#1868)
     new c2d29fb  Change ordering of fields when adding a table (#1899)
     new e3b296c  utils: teach our json serializer to handle more types (#1907)
     new c14c7ed  [explore] show the broken query when failing (#1871)
     new 119b0c5  [explore] fix height in embed mode (#1898)
     new c3edc6e  [WIP] Add dual-axis line chart to viz (#1782)
     new 9a62d94  [sqllab] bugfix visualizing a query with a semi-colon (#1869)
     new 2226716  [exploreV2] mapStateToProps for fields (#1882)
     new 783ad70  [hotfix] delete ipdb breakpoint (#1917)
     new cec4cf0  #views users for created dashboards on profile page (#1667)
     new af872fa  Druid dashboard import/export.  (#1811)
     new 49e6fd5  Revert "Druid dashboard import/export. " (#1923)
     new 14ed10b  Fixing docs generation
     new 2ab6a41  Druid dashboard import/export.  (#1930)
     new 2a12a3c  [hotfix] logging is down
     new a2c41bb  viz: hotfix for saving in cache (#1922)
     new cbf3562  Fix double scrollbar in pivot table (UI bug) (#1931)
     new 98e8325  Added extra details around setting up admin user (#1937)
     new 761462e  Revert "#views users for created dashboards on profile page" (#1943)
     new eca6dfe  switch order of period compare and rolling periods (#1946)
     new 7323f4c  Make up the user link string (#1947)
     new 5d94d70  [explore-v2] add edit link below datasource select (#1919)
     new 2d866e3  [hotfix] fix the logging fix that broke the build (#1940)
     new 94d2016  Change fields for dual_line to match with new SelectField structure (#1932)
     new f0917c6  Add a Async Select that fetches options from given endpoint (#1909)
     new a385ee9  Use POST in sqllab_viz instead of url params to avoid error with long queries (#1933)
     new 49b6b38  Pass query instead of slice to Action buttons to prevent lagging query (#1948)
     new 9c6a579  Fix none view_menues. (#1950)
     new fc74fbe  [explore-v2] make control panel sections and fields more dense (#1954)
     new 470a6e9  [explorev2] adding support for client side validators on controls (#1920)
     new 0ce7fc1  Adding a way to see the git SHA from the website (#1956)
     new ff4020e  [explorev2] using label in 'Visualization Type' Select instead of key (#1927)
     new 1dbfb99  Leave metrics empty if not specified (#1965)
     new 87eacf8  fix timestamp error in table view (#1960)
     new bf31783  v0.15.2
     new 9750e49  Add the missing argument (#1969)
     new 24728b8  Permissions cleanup: remove none and duplicates. (#1967)
     new 99b84d2  Reverting CLI changes in #1713 (#1964)
     new a96024d  [explorev2] Fields can validate input and handle errors (#1980)
     new 495f646  Add email functionality (#1914)
     new 52c5d23  Add analysisTypes to refresh druid (#1983)
     new a15dbd9  Adding to INTHEWILD
     new 7d380dc  Adding and Yahoo to INTHEWILD
     new b070ef5  added Digit to inthewild (#1997)
     new 83fbdcc  Add Qunar to INTHEWILD (#2001)
     new 4a98881  Update (#2000)
     new 0807a8d  [hotfix] load selectors in render
     new 404a94c  [hotfix] fixing the hotfix
     new 37fb56c  Week beginning Monday time grain for MySQL (#2014)
     new 9cbd667  [explore-v2] Fix edit datasource link for druid datasources (#1982)
     new 7413dd9  v0.15.3
     new e84c639  Correcting docs to `run npm build` instead of prod
     new a3a0708  Use dist instead of src in mapbox (#2027)
     new 1b8c3f4  avoid  py3 error in (#2030)
     new 2f27353  v0.15.4
     new 2b7673a  Fixing
     new 1c338ba  [WIP] [explorev2] Refactor filter into FieldSet (#1981)
     new e46ba2b  Simplifying the viz interface (#2005)
     new cdbd2f8  Guess the filter value type (#1978)
     new 27ed0b3  Cleanup fulfilled requests after approve (#1953)
     new 1f2126f  Fix Druid granularity timeZone (#2037)
     new 5715f52  [hotfix] delete DAR when datasource requested does not exist anymore (#2040)
     new bfa2891  models: add real to numeric types (#2044)
     new 3fff631  Expanded on documentation section, running through an example of committing a change to the docs end-to-end and describing the process for adding static assets (#2047)
     new 45c72d2  New administrator tutorial (#2046)
     new 7441cf7  Fix inner query labels for Vertica (#2041)
     new c5c7302  Check datasource level perms for downloading csv and fetching results (#2032)
     new b1bba96  Fix csv download. (#2036)
     new 31af01c  Splitting dev-reqs.txt into requirements for development and docs (dev-reqs-for-docs.txt). Updating accordingly (#2049)
     new a8c29c4  Change validator of timeshift to allow for strings (#2051)
     new 1ac2273  Reimplement has_access. (#2028)
     new 8580662  Use a key-value store model for sharing long queries (#1951)
     new 4a8cd04  Display no data when async result has zero rows (#2055)
     new 63bef2f  [bugfix] only pop slice_id when it exists in url (#2065)
     new f6ac95e  Convert objects to json (#2050)
     new 544211f  Revert "Display no data alert when async result has zero rows" (#2069)
     new 87869a2  Customize tooltip with axis format (#2068)
     new 2d419e4  Return alert instead of fetch button when async results has no data (#2072)
     new 3a5a927  check if tempTable exists for ctas queries (#2073)
     new e169c67  [vis] fix axis labels display (#2066)
     new 0c59fe9  Only call topn when having_filters don't exist (#2075)
     new 8da371e  Make show query button work for v1 (#2080)
     new 27aeac6  Remove fetch results button for async queries (#2084)
     new ea8e4ad  Display all columns if none are specified. (#2077)
     new 898d80b  Viz the compiled query rather than user input. (#2086)
     new 6b2eb04  Put back a default count * metric (#2091)
     new 6c256a3  Bump version to (#2094)
     new 07e067c  Revert "Bump version to" (#2095)
     new 543c22b  [dashboard] fix nvd3 tooltips (#2096)
     new a6e0f1b  Add an option to configure celery workers size. (#2085)
     new 0f7189b  Do not fail is the filter cannot be parsed. (#2105)
     new 1e94498  Add initial implementation of S3Cache
     new 1546b1a  Add tests for S3Cache
     new 00b6b0a  Misc. style tweaks to S3Cache changes and tests
     new f85481d  Fix long lines in superset/
     new 6a0a1af  Fix misc. style issues
     new 0ee1abf  Misc. fixes in response to code review feedback
     new 167ed33  Fix name of test in results_backends_tests module
     new ce50e6e  Fix python3 cPickle import errors
     new b927ff6  Fix indentation errors in results_backends module
     new 68592ae  Fix StringIO import in results_backends module
     new 7164061  Clean up imports of cPickle and StringIO
     new 461e41c  Use BytesIO instead of StringIO for python2/3 compatibility
     new de4f9e8  Merge pull request #2113 from airbnb/byolken/s3_cache_implementation
     new edb0111  Increase query limit to 1M, add separate display limit. (#2111)
     new 9cd38fa  little code refactor in (#2124)
     new f2bf316  Add NUMERIC num_type (#2127)
     new 1f58e18  Some code refactoring (#2139)
     new 1edc2b9  Fix ExtDeprecationWarning (#2137) (#2138)
     new 80cfb08  only call drawGraph once (#2132)
     new 2ace73e  [sql-lab] make datasource name in visualize flow more descriptive (#2103)
     new fcdd5c6  [slices axis] fix axis spacing on dashboard and explore slices (#2145)
     new cea310e  Using the time zone with specific name for querying Druid (#2143)
     new daa1420  adding tests for #1131 (#1902)
     new 2d910e3  [vis] render line breaks in TableViz (#2118)
     new b16930f  Keep order of axis data when storing df (#2092)
     new c564881  Implement caching and dynamic data fetching. (#1466)
     new 83ef8a2  Add parsing for nested json objects in resultset (#2163)
     new 2f05efa  Set default time range of query search to the past month (#2162)
     new a5a931a  Fix werkzeug instance was created twice in Debug Mode (#2135) (#2136)
     new 527a8af  Return original state for query if query was stopped (#2164)
     new acfe62e  Add command to refresh datasources (#2180)
     new dbee6ac  use pre-wrap for long lines (#2181)
     new b4409ac  Adding branding assets in the repo
     new 615d8f1  Moving branding assets to folder
     new 3b023e5  add css to the data object to be saved (#2188)
     new 0cc8eff  [WiP] Deprecate Explore v1 (#2064)
     new 172b6ce  v0.16.0
     new 579e582  Bumping up some of the python lib deps
     new 5bb8713  [hotfix] Trends example slice is broken
     new fe377e8  [hotfix] dashboard won't load, error in fields.js
     new f5e3d0c  [hotfix] incompatible diamond flask-sqlalchemy version
     new fc85034  Better error handling for presto (#2161)
     new b9e7f29  Cleaning up CLI stdout on startup
     new 7cad365  Bumping react-select to 1.0.0-rc.3
     new 85e6e65  Fixing the build
     new 8b4d72c  Reverting react-select to rc2
     new ec84aa7  Fixing typo
     new ce1e18b  Merge pull request #2202 from mistercrunch/clean_cli
     new d5ba88b  Fixing the CACHING (#2203)
     new 1e47d6f  Renaming field to control (#2210)
     new 3e0d358  v0.16.0rc1
     new 3a91667  Update cache for the command line command. (#2213)
     new aff524d    **Allow user to put dbname in url (#2209)
     new 459f716  Fixing filtering issues (#2223)
     new dac0d1d  0.16.0rc2
     new dc05be3  Check if the query is in state first. (#2226)
     new 2fbadea  Fixing exploring a table (#2233)
     new b2a4692  0.16.0rc3
     new 0296158  [docs] more specific about python versions
     new cad392e  Fetch schemas separately. (#2227)
     new ede4dff  Add trailing slash (#2236)
     new 3018356  Support more druid postaggregations. (#2235)
     new 557b557  [bugfix] avoid caching errors (#2244)
     new acc880c  [v0.16.1] bump version for prod release (#2250)
     new 34f6807  Default action to overwrite for users with overwrite permissions (#2257)
     new c85c998  fix index error for bar charts (#2258)
     new 1ea7178  v0.16.1rc1 (#2260)
     new 3a75890  [hotfix] separator renders markdown
     new 4d900c9  Do not add slice_name when slice doesn't exist (#2265)
     new ec1f022  Parse filter values for possible integers and floats (#2263)
     new 3de2698  Introducing support for pre-depercate_v1 URL scheme (#2267)
     new 8758296  [Hotfix] access slice_id when slice exists (#2268)
     new 6e1901e  d is not defined, fix (#2270)
     new f9852bc  v0.16.1rc2 (#2272)
     new 7339392  [hotfix] Table view doesn't allow SELECT (no group by) (#2274)
     new 55e462d  0.16.1rc3
     new 10ea635  [hotfix] not grouped by -2
     new 2df6ab3  Add Udemy to INTHEWILD (#2275)
     new ea72c6b  [bugfix] css editor dooesn't pop up (#2243)
     new ed2935e  Fixing multi value parsing on old URL (#2277)
     new 4f644cd  0.16.1rc5
     new d4b59b3  Fixed a bug when querying with schema path to Redshift/Postgresql (#1789)
     new f10e453  Fixing bar charts x_axis labels (#2280)
     new bc29035  0.16.1rc6
     new e91bc9d  added gcc-c++ for RHEL OS dependencies (#2286)
     new 227c66c  [hotfix] add regex for druid filters (#2288)
     new fa9bc92  [hotfix] filters broken on multi-datasource dashboards
     new efffa92  rc7
     new 9dd7778  [table viz] allow showing time granularity in table (#2284)
     new 47be3ef  Fixing bugs in Sankey diagrams (#2290)
     new 09f1083  [table viz] allow showing time granularity in table (#2284) (#2291)
     new 675b819  Revert "[hotfix] Fix druid filters" (#2292)
     new 4d349c7  [hotfix] Fix filter for sqlalchemy and druid (#2293)
     new c894c54  [table] Allowing to show the time grain in table view (#2294)
     new dd9f431  v0.17.0
     new fc64a75  v0.17.0 (#2298)
     new efff1ac  Temp hack to make druid filters work in dashboard (#2300)
     new 4e848c8  Updating CHANGELOG
     new 266c049  Fix bug with breakdown (#2312)
     new 5cc2fc1  v0.17.1 (#2333)
     new b62f7e2  [version] use rc for production only releases (#2334)
     new 492df94  [sqllab] reserved words should be upper case (#2316)
     new af8e252  fix version (#2336)
     new e35016f  remove unneeded tooltip/description text (#2303)
     new f6ffc00  Allow running Flask Blueprints alongside Superset (#2337)
     new 9d8d421  [hotfix] fix world map
     new b4a96bd  Fix for RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration (#2320)
     new af3415b  [filter_box] option to delay filtering with apply button (#2338)
     new bd480e0  Fix duplicate property DruidDatasource.database (#2348)
     new ad4a950  Fixes filters emitted from table viz (#2335)
     new 9114d86  Add hive to superset + monkey patch the pyhive (#2134)
     new 705d09d  Remove duplicate (#2351)
     new 2b0cb2b  Fix partition query (#2353)
     new 422d1fe  0.17.1rc2
     new e817382  Add more tests to Filter spec (#2315)
     new 9a8c3a0  [table] metric ordering is wrong in some cases (#2373)
     new 2969cc9  Refactoring Druid & SQLa into a proper "Connector" interface (#2362)
     new 740624b  Fix monthly time grain in sqllite (#2380)
     new 0779da6  Keep column order in .csv (#2377)
     new 6160a3f  Implement stop query functionality. (#2387)
     new 562b4f0  Do not silence error message for query. (#2396)
     new dcd5bde  fix unicode issues (#2308 #2282) (#2401)
     new c02a7fe  Add more tests to Save Modal specs (#2313)
     new 0b8522b  [filter_box] fix time filter and inverted instantFilter (#2402)
     new 08bdcd5  Fix bad d3.format metric setting and/or value === Infinity (#2399)
     new 5e43d07  [explore ] templating can now reference query elements (#2388)
     new 357773c  Preprocess the where clauses. (#2405)
     new 5b19528  Display full name. (#2378)
     new 3107152  Revert "Preprocess the where clauses." (#2411)
     new 0674ed8  Use list instead of numpy array (#2412)
     new 4ded37e  [hotfix] handle missing or empty column type
     new 20aec3c  Use connector registry to fetch the table column class. (#2419)
     new 696678c  Replace query once query response returned (#2415)
     new 1b330a8  Use connector registry for metrics (#2420)
     new 5ca55a5  [hotfix on dist_bar] bringing back overwritten handling of ints and tuples
     new 05ee8c0  v0.17.1
     new 36deb8d  Allow users to alter column types (#2424)
     new 3d77a12  Display the first partition. (#2425)
     new c3be58d  Add verbose name to db and druid cluster (#2429)
     new e71596d  make dualline thumbnail have consistent size as other thumbnails (#2434)
     new e2b572d  Prevent alarming users with stacktrace when using sqlite
     new 82bc907  fix a bug in pie chart (#2423)
     new 8042ac8  [explore] improved filters (#2330)
     new 7b28bce  Fix documentation for adding a Redshift database (#2447)
     new a4abbfe  Fix formatting in (#2441)
     new edf5c0e  [dist_bar] fix x scroll when overflowing (#2440)
     new 65c89f5  [hotfix] merging db migration scripts (#2448)
     new 652e572  [sql-lab] make results table scroll in static container (#2426)
     new 69152e0  [explore] remove 'SQL Clauses' section when using Druid (#2449)
     new c9b59fa  Update (#2455)
     new 22522fc  [sql-lab] improve table select performance (#2457)
     new 1590b8c  Speeding up polling by not checking access (#2466)
     new 7bf19b1  [WiP] making doubling '%' not required (#2459)
     new 1f8e48b  [sqllab] assign types for visualize flow (#2458)
     new 59d5fcf  [hotfix] fixing checkboxes in Tables->Columns
     new 398036d  [hotfix] 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'upper'
     new 121b1d0  Refactoring more in the connector base classes (#2431)
     new 26662ee  Fixed CSS syntax for background linear-gradient (#2482)
     new 75e7f2d  [hotfix] bumping QUERY_UPDATE_FREQ from 1000 to 2000ms
     new 43dd948  [sql-lab] performance updates - make ui more responsive (#2469)
     new 7eafbab  [sql-lab] revert react-virtualized-select (#2489)
     new 93551a6  only fetch tables if we have a schema, otherwise reset options. (#2490)
     new dd7b4b8  Revert "[sql-lab] revert react-virtualized-select (#2489)" (#2491)
     new c5859c7  [hotfix] druid queries 'There was no query executed' issue
     new 7d25d17  [release] update to 0.17.2rc1 (#2492)
     new 62e3fe2  [hotfix] SqlaTable has no attribute column_cls
     new 2662bf1  v0.17.2rc2
     new 7cc2c93  [docs] adding notes on the Public role (#2486)
     new c301558  Stabilizing master (#2478)
     new 5574cfe  Fixing out-of-sync security (#2493)
     new b35f6b0  0.17.2rc3
     new f3cdb3b  Add ibm_db_sa TimeStamp and Datatime Grain Spec. (#2500)
     new 56f2885  Fixing filter_box css padding (#2498)
     new e14b74f  [explore] fixing bugs in controls (#2496)
     new 5f3484a  Handle errors when the MQ is down (#2494)
     new a58194b  0.17.2rc4
     new d3b50cb  [explore] remove grey background in standalone mode (#2503)
     new f374345  Adding a .pylintrc file and a bit of linting (#2507)
     new 9116766  Track both query start time and button push time to track delay (#2502)
     new ce6e7c1  [hotfix] missing logging import in db_engined_specs
     new 25fdcac  v0.17.2
     new 37783d6  Updating CHANGELOG
     new 5399020  forgotten query_datasources_by_name function (#2497)
     new be023ab  0.17.3rc1
     new 5c441f4  [hotfix]  queries trigger polling (#2517)
     new 4f59abf  v0.17.3rc2
     new 6f68ddb  Adding  to polling states
     new 0a1d8db  v0.17.3rc3
     new 6b52384  [hotfix] fix pending queries race condition
     new 6e899ac  added tobii (#2526)
     new 66cc546  [hotfix] fixing the (one js lint err in the) build
     new b81968d  Redirect to explore view when saving a table (#2479)
     new abe79d1  Deprecate is_featured as a datasource attribute (#2485)
     new 513a090  [sql lab] address lingering spinner in schema select (#2512)
     new 4b01e92  [dashboard] allow bar charts to scroll on x axis (#2513)
     new c870bd4  0.17.3
     new 9ba5b49  WIP: Initial commit to support the athena DB (#2531)
     new 243eead  installation instructions for AWS Athena (#2538)
     new 0c0666c  druid: use six.string_types instead of basestring (#2541)
     new dcc6f2a  serve roboto font locally (#2519)
     new c31210b  Some column description clarifications (#2536)
     new db6b2f3  pylint errors will now break the build (#2543)
     new 6566377  [sql lab] fix table dropdown with large schema make UI unresponsive (#2547)
     new 02c5cac  [hotfix] adding filterable to DruidColumnInlineView.edit_columns
     new d93b1fc  [sql-lab] make query history scrollable (#2499)
     new c1d9918  [vis] bug num improvements (#2523)
     new 122891c  [sql lab] allow users to save their queries (#2528)
     new d40ce52  v0.17.4rc1
     new 3d2c791  [bug num vis] fix sizing for single digits (#2548)
     new fe68bc3  Revert "measure x axis labels too and use the longest to determine margins" (#2550)
     new 62959ca  Db2 Grain Correct Data Format (#2545)
     new 081bdca  [hotfix] [sql lab] fix sqlite errors when schema is selected
     new b97a827  Clarify docs on Redis package required for caching (#2557)
     new 10773f9  URL Params macro (#2537)
     new b7f46eb  [hotfix] dashboard fails when a slice is missing its datasource
     new 337454b  [hotfix] slice with missing datasource related
     new 2c04d3c  [bugfix] save dash fails with CSRF related error (#2552)
     new 23a8ea5  v0.17.4rc2
     new f24ddfd  [big num] make sure scatterplot dots align properly (#2559)
     new 7a08cdc  0.17.4rc3
     new 9c99be5  [hotfix] iframe viz is broken
     new f19d195  INTHEWILD: added Endress+Hauser (#2562)
     new c581ea8  Alternative PR for: Some bytes/str issues in py3 w/ zlib and json (#2558)
     new 1fb21b8  [revert] reverting big num changes (#2567)
     new ca08e70  0.17.4rc5
     new 3ed45ab  [bugfix] saved query restore wouldn't pick the db (#2568)
     new ddeabdd  Fixing CSRF issues (#2569)
     new 9691234  [hotfix] casting db_id to int
     new 66bff01  Changelog for 0.17.4
     new 50a9e13  [hotfix] add csrf_token api endpoint
     new 40b3d3b  [hotfix] add csrf_token api endpoint
     new ac84fc2  Fixing confusion when selecting schema across engines (#2572)
     new d289783  Adding Vertica to installation docs (#2581)
     new 5e4fca4  Bumping a set of Python libraries to the latest release (#2575)
     new 493ba18  Adding macros current_user_id & current_username (#2582)
     new 75a358c  [explore] force control validation before runQuery (#2544)
     new a803705  [bugfix] clarifying how to create a slice (#2565)
     new a0ddbb9  Make form_data dict a macro (#2585)
     new 412634c  Add missing flask-wtf dependency (#2586)
     new ab0bc5a  handle percentage case for tooltips (#2570)
     new f548946  Use correct dialect for escaping functions. (#2593)
     new 38e90fe  Fix backend-sync
     new 4446c74  Fix backend-sync 2
     new 93c6597  Adding docs/ to .eslintignore
     new 31283f1  Fix metric formating in Dashboard view + some refactoring (#2598)
     new c93411b  Fix for merge string as array (#2597)
     new 0479118  0.17.5.dev0
     new 09f407f  add tooltips to big number vis (#2599)
     new b448394  0.17.5-alpha.0
     new 116dca3  validationErrors is undedfined
     new bae1067  0.17.5-alpha.1
     new 8bceda8  [hotfix] fix iframe viz
     new a2b30f3  0.17.5-alpha.2
     new 366ecef  Bumping the JS libs to fix the build (#2616)
     new 959a09c  [dashboard] fix css padding for markup viz (#2602)
     new fc7bd63  [sql lab] fixes issues specific to Sqlite (#2606)
     new 2df6baa  [sql lab] sorting database names in dropdowns (#2611)
     new db02b33  [explore] fix query text modal while loading (#2596)
     new 6c68a21  [sql lab] fix alt-enter runs out-of-date SQL (#2603)
     new c43a9fd  [hotfix] fixing the build
     new 612b8ca  [hotfix] legacy url not handled properly
     new c4ee098  0.17.5-alpha.3
     new baff0cb  Fix separator widget CSS (#2623)
     new 15654a3  fix filters on dashboard (#2619)
     new f5216f6  Adding owner(s) to dashboard makes them own underlying slices (#2610)
     new 6b1bf3b  [hotfix] missing explore's main.css
     new 70c6cad  Add UNIX socket option to runserver (#2627)
     new 23aeee5  Slice level cache_timeout isn't taken into consideration (#2631)
     new 787daf6  A nice CacheLabel React component (#2628)
     new d6689ee  0.17.5-alpha.4
     new 63785f0  [hotfix] using UTC for caching timestamps
     new 8757a24  0.17.5-alpha.5
     new efaef8f  [hotfix] fix  endpoint
     new d3f55a0  0.17.5-alpha.6
     new 76042be  [hotfix/sqllab] setting up the connection in the try: block
     new 91fe02c  Setting adjust_database_uri for HiveEngineSpec (#2636)
     new ac51a30  Remove metrics control non-null validator in Table context (#2635)
     new cb3384b  Improving Presto error message in explore/dashboard (#2633)
     new 67a85b9  Fix dashboard edit button is disabled (#2634)
     new f40499e  [dashboard] improve error handling on dashboard (#2624)
     new db6cd21  [sqllab] table refactor (#2587)
     new 2bd60c0  [vis] fix line chart when slice is really narrow (#2620)
     new 0089762  0.17.5-alpha.7
     new 46486f8  Moving the warning message to the navbar (#2640)
     new e6063f2  0.17.5-alpha.8
     new 899caf9  [sql-lab] fix scrolling in left hand panel for table meta data (#2641)
     new 5b26667  0.17.5-alpha.9
     new 1cadfec  update label and zh po file (#2642)
     new dc364da  [query-search] fix scrolling on query search and pagination styling (#2646)
     new 938e13a  [hotfix] Presto's latest_sub_partion rendering fail
     new 84fa0d1  don't default sort by to first column (#2653)
     new af4bd40  fix scrolling on markup vis (#2644)
     new 9ba6d48  v0.17.5-alpha.10 (#2654)
     new 4be6bfa  0.17.5
     new 54137ad  Updating CHANGELOG
     new 83abfef  superset: fix argument swap for SqliteEngineSpec.get_table_names (#2664)
     new eb762c8  add the missing right bracket (#2662)
     new cdfc4a3  Optimizing the standalone view (#2663)
     new f10ee13  [druid] fix FilterBox viz gets timestamps as values if granularity <> all (#2647)
     new 2978082  [druid] fixing the having clause in the explore view (#2648)
     new e055e6d  Fixing PropTypes warning messages (#2670)
     new 03c42b5  Showing slices on datasource edit form (#2645)
     new e9ed416  fix csrf error on import_dashboards (#2672)
     new 1df37e6  add option for pulling favourited dashboards by username (#2661)
     new 0bdc301  [vis] fix pivot table scrolling when using more than 1 groupy col (#2674)
     new 1922225  Alternate fix for #2665 (#2671)
     new 70887d7  0.17.6-alpha.1
     new 6880298  Pinning cryptography lib to 1.7.2
     new b3e0b5b  Specifying cryptography version in install docs
     new edf4e4f  Update (#2676)
     new 58309f2  Mark a few more string for translation (#2651)
     new c589616  [sql lab] Update event handler name (#2680)
     new ce70505  fix a bug in 'getMaxLabelSize' and x axis label not shown problem (#2694)
     new 903612a  fix (#2692)
     new dee3649  Fix js warnings (#2693)
     new 50fcdd3  Adding to inthewild (#2685)
     new 09be02f  fix x axis label (#2691)
     new 7d88f80  hack to dynamically adjust y axis left margin (#2689)
     new a58adc8  Fix orm query in HiveEngineSpec.handle_cursor (#2699)
     new 3cd16cf  Fix test's warnings (#2697)
     new 3e7b5df  [explore] fix empty chart when changing viz type (#2698)
     new 0fdb57a  fix (#2696)
     new ac3aba7  [sql lab] visualization flow: fixing the groupby parameter (#2681)
     new ef0c4be  Fix for referring specific svg (#2612)
     new 5fd0e7d  [vis] bar values should match y axis format (#2701)
     new 2d5beb1  improve csrf expiration error handling (#2695)
     new 33758bf  0.17.6-alpha.2
     new 1887b5e  0.17.6
     new 59a6f44  Fix missing curUserId from SliderAdder.jsx (#2705)
     new 9ff3515  Basic integration with ClickHouse (#1844)
     new 5d5060e  Remove unecessary handling of %% (#2714)
     new d65054e  [sql lab] fix csv export where `%` in query (#2711)
     new cb14640  Removing uneeded (#2717)
     new fffb7b5  [sql lab]Add autoSelect (#2713)
     new 5929ab7  [dashboard] fix missing datasource issue (#2718)
     new 46d7a92  chore: remove unused methods with invalid models.Query usage (#2721)
     new a6e1e18  [sql lab] fix CREATE TABLE AS (#2719)
     new 55d3b01  refactor: recentActions ajax call is redundant (#2722)
     new aeebd88  [table] fixing CSS glitches on table view (#2725)
     new 9e1272e  0.18.0-alpha.1
     new 5d0a01d  Decimal is a valid numeric type (#2720)
     new a471afe  [sql lab] improvements to the left panel (#2709)
     new 04748b4  [SQL Lab] fix gamma metadata access (#2702)
     new baebba1  0.18.0-alpha.2
     new 22d8075  Making the stop button instantaneous (#2738)
     new 874c12a  0.18.0-alpha.3
     new 3208a01  fix dual line chart margin (#2737)
     new d5e9d5d  fix auto select override pre-selected value bug (#2745)
     new e558444  Speed up all CRUD list views (#2747)
     new 5dbfdef  [sql lab] fix partitionned table has no partitions (#2740)
     new f55df3b  [sql lab] fix responsivity of grid (#2742)
     new 75abd1f  0.18.0-alpha.4
     new 818251f  make margin consistent (#2753)
     new d79a45f  add number format to pivot table (#2703)
     new 91d951a  Change hardcoded references to 'User' security model to allow custom class override (#2728)
     new 38375be  Fix issues around % signs and Presto (#2755)
     new d9bd3d6  fix percentage change viz (#2757)
     new 8846108  0.18.0
     new 9b34600  Remove duplicate text (#2761)
     new e794645  fixed 500 error when export dashboard (#2760)
     new ecc00bd  [explore] a bit less margin in left panel (#2758)
     new 28ac350  0.18.1-alpha.1
     new 960b26c  Show clear and actionable query timeout error message (#2763)
     new 2395fbb  Adding `end_result_backend_time` to Query model (#2766)
     new fe3f5f6  [hotfix] 'No numeric types to aggregate'
     new 5fcd25d  0.18.1-alpha.2
     new cbfe3cb  0.18.2
     new dbc7fef  [sql lab] fix user timestamp is off (#2774)
     new 841e18a  [sql lab] make database ordering alphabetical in left panel (#2769)
     new 7c5f61d  Adding some STATSD logging (#2715)
     new a2d2f8b  Enable filter value autocomplete in examples (#2781)
     new 8252ada  [docs] more details on how filters are applied (#2778)
     new 922cc03  0.18.3-alpha.1
     new ce506bd  Logging a few more actions (#2783)
     new b0e2904  Updating permission when refreshing druid datasource (#2655)
     new bfa40bd  [hotfix] 'filter box from and to date filter #2649' (#2785)
     new b308a3e  Added Country Map : New Visualization tools (#2708)
     new 69685b9  Fixing country maps (#2801)
     new d0a04cd  apply redux for VisualizeModal (#2795)
     new a4a2bf7  filter_box: allow creatable entries (#2804)
     new 0c9f9b6  [clarity/consistency] rename /explorev2/ -> /explore/ (#2802)
     new 4d12251  [explore] include ControlHeader as part of Control interface (#2809)
     new 77864e6  reduce clientside timeout limit (#2820)
     new dfbba84  0.18.3-alpha.2
     new 4ffc1f6  Fix filter values populating for views (#2816)
     new 3a4cd3a  Applying specified limit in bubble plot (#2815)
     new 66403f1  [explore] viz type selector as modal (#2787)
     new 74086da  [bars] fix sort numeric bar on x axis (#2812)
     new 3c89c8c  0.18.3-alpha.3
     new 1e7773e  Improve visualize modal test coverage (#2811)
     new 90e4d64  [js-testing] more tests for SelectControl (#2877)
     new c5f2eaf  [explore] 'Save as' -> 'Save' as it can be used to overwrite (#2875)
     new e300273  [explore] adding y_axis_bounds to force Y axis bounds (#2878)
     new db052b1  Add visualize advise for long query (#2879)
     new 04b662e  Fix a type error in rst' sub list. (#2881)
     new 52b0716  [bugfix] allow database macro to work when CSRF is diabled (#2884)
     new 677c427  delete DataPreviewModal, it doesn't get used anywhere (#2882)
     new 62bd4eb  Converting filter argument to number if column is number (#2891)
     new d90044c  0.18.3
     new 155fec0  Updating to 0.18.3
     new 04fb0e2  fix js error on explore view (#2894)
     new 0d3f57a  fix a linting error (#2895)
     new 72291d6  0.18.4
     new f7ce100  travis: no need to install python3.5 (#2904)
     new ed8153f  update contributing a bit re contributing code (#2903)
     new d78da8a  [docs faq] how do I add new columns to an existing table (#2888)
     new bea7022  update for the italian translation (#2902)
     new 737db25  fix visualize modal checkbox alignment (#2897)
     new e0dd5d9  Removed __time column from druid metadata refresh, added long and double schema support (#2911)
     new 65f25a1  [explore] fix IN filter on numeric field (#2908)
     new c9e5fbb  [dashboard]Add timeout message on Dashboard view (#2910)
     new 9aba77d  0.18.5-alpha.1
     new a882f7a  Ignore pyenv files in .gitignore. (#2906)
     new 7c28e4e  updating react-alert dependency to v2.0.1 (#2923)
     new 5bf40e2  [slices] add simple new slice form (#2800)
     new 205eed8  add more tests for Timer (#2889)
     new d3ace6d  [js-testing] type checking for dates.js (#2893)
     new 85fb4a9  [hotfix] only apply SQLAlchemy limit where needed
     new fb85f00  v 0.18.5-alpha.2
     new 0e6f754  Fix #2814 - json serialization edge case (#2924)
     new 24a2f5b  [big number] various improvements (#2912)
     new 24292db  add new slice form improvements (#2928)
     new 34f381b  v 0.18.5-alpha.3
     new 16141ec  [explore] improve metric(s) and groupby(s) controls (#2921)
     new 17bd751  remove reference for CSRF_ENABLED, and use WTF_CSRF_ENABLED instead (#2946)
     new 1eff48f  Bumping some dependencies (#2945)
     new 0d2c2b0  [table viz] get metrics to right-align (#2943)
     new 274d217  Fix handling of Chunked requests (#1742)
     new 987cb99  [hotfix] bumping pandas version to 0.20.2
     new 24e3c7f  [dashboard] notify instead of modal onSave (#2941)
     new e5151cb  [js] version js file names using webpack chunkhash (#2951)
     new e1751c0  add new slice test (#2939)
     new 7aeca39  [js] remove unused npm dependencies (#2952)
     new da0a87a  add test for ControlPanelSection (#2961)
     new 8329ea2  Edit Dashboard title and Slice title in place (#2940)
     new 00b34d7  [js-testing] add tests for explore actions (#2976)
     new fb6ef26  add test coverage for ResultSet component (#2972)
     new f0a8ea6  test props on alert wrapper (#2977)
     new 1dcf2c4  fix local state 'columns' (#2896)
     new 6ddccaa  tests for saveQuery, fetchQueryResults, runQuery, postStopQuery (#2979)
     new 7122974  [CLI] adding 'superset flower' command (flower is a UI for Celery) (#2963)
     new 89cd10b  [bufix] superset views not getting from_dttm-to_dttm in template context (#2978)
     new 1ce3b81  Imporving the README
     new c083aec  [FilterBox] use column verbose names (#2970)
     new fc5db47  fix is_owner check (#2985)
     new 591e512  add test coverage for SqlEditorLeftBar (#2984)
     new 3e51c61  [explore] improve bubble viz (#2927)
     new b9915e7  [pivot viz] fix formatting and verbose names (#2957)
     new 7e5e229  Improving TextAreaControl to support code and modal (#2988)
     new ba93e6a  Fix importing config from env var (#2983)
     new 9051e1f  translations extracted by pybabel (#2990)
     new de88764  Misc. tweaks to improve webpack performance (#2994)
     new 06fcaa3  Stabilizing Celery / SQL Lab (#2981)
     new 4d72afb  Adding missing dependency and linting webpack.js (#3008)
     new 80515d2  Revert change in npm run build command (#3012)
     new f64e2ba  Bumping FAB to 1.9.1
     new 53dead9  Revert "Bumping FAB to 1.9.1"
     new 593861e  [bugfix] fix metrics/metric control default (#3009)
     new e21745a  CONTRIBUTING: ask to quote python stacktraces (#3017)
     new 0b09a74  Downgrading celery to 3.1.25
     new 5344a80  Bumping flask-appbuilder to 1.9.1
     new 99e1de5  A set of minor fixes (#3014)
     new de346a3  CONTRIBUTING: add python unittes setup (#3021)
     new abbf138  Bumping SQLLAB_ASYNC_TIME_LIMIT_SEC default config to 6 hours
     new bd706eb  Fixing image sizes for horizon and country_map
     new 6eba6ca  [hotfix] xAxis broken on time series viz
     new a48e246  add test coverage for sql lab components (#3022)
     new cc3e63f  [docs] adding info on how to create new viz
     new fdbb569  0.18.5
     new 8dfe2b7  Bug fix: Datasource -> Slice relationship (#3011)
     new a55f963  [bugfix] issue creating separators & markup slices (#3041)
     new 7045018  New chart type : Chord Diagrams (#3013)
     new ff3057d  fix default checkbox alignment (#3042)
     new 3d136aa  Update docs links on README
     new 163a6a2  clarify Superset different timeout config (#3044)
     new 76dda68  Using yarn instead of npm install (#3120)
     new a626f99  [CLI] Improve the missing perm creation logic (#3118)
     new 256a521  [Celery] fix the celery worker concurrency settings (#3126)
     new e834154  Fixes #3134 by correct response content-type of /testconn (#3135)
     new 7b015fa  [heatmap] basic non empty validation (#3119)
     new 7abe2d5  [#3137] Use state.datasource.type instead of state.datasource_type when rendering ControlPanelsContainer (#3138)
     new bb6b2da  Prevent SQLA warning related to SQLALCHEMY_TRACK_MODIFICATION (#3133)
     new 091e93c  [minor] change tooltip on 'Edit slice properties' (#3116)
     new 27fab0d  allow user press Enter key to end editing title (#3112)
     new d7e4191  [bugfix]  fails on None view_menu (#3155)
     new 51f1aa3  [docs] use yarn in (#3150)
     new 56bcbb0  add douban to the orgs. (#3157)
     new c34df3e  [bugfix] SQLA instance has been deleted (#3159)
     new d01e67a  More logging to csv endpoint (#3164)
     new a141695  Prevent people from deleting datasources that have associate slices (#3163)
     new 40d9e15  Add event-flow visualization (#3102)
     new 49ab091  Fixing the damn build (#3179)
     new 95509f2  [bugfix] only filterable columns should show up in FilterBox list (#3105)
     new b301ba1  Datasource cannot be empty (#3035)
     new 7654eef  add title description to model view (#3045)
     new 4268513  Add 'show/hide totals' option to pivot table vis (#3101)
     new 0ec9cd4  [bugfix] numeric value for date fields in table viz (#3036)
     new 6045063  fix hive.fetch_logs (#2968)
     new 4f7fd65  add Zalando to the list of organizations (#3171)
     new 747bf80  docs: fixup installation examples code indentation (#3169)
     new fca982c  [bugfix] fix bar order (#3180)
     new cf1d0f3  [bugfix] visualize flow error: 'Metric x is not valid' (#3181)
     new aa95e03  Fix the segment interval for pulling metadata (#3174)
     new fb866a9  Bump cryptography to 1.9 (#3065)
     new 25c599d  Escaping the user's SQL in the explore view (#3186)
     new b888802  [sqllab] improve Hive support (#3187)
     new e584a96  Add BigQuery engine specifications (#3193)
     new e4fba0f  [bugfix] fix merge conflict that broke Hive support (#3196)
     new ad5a438  Adding 'apache' to docs (#3194)
     new 1e325d9  [druid] Allow custom druid postaggregators (#3146)
     new b58cfbc  add combine config for metrics in pivot table (#3086)
     new 58a704b  Autofocus search input in VizTypeControl modal onEnter (#2929)
     new 219f33f  Speed up JS build time (#3203)
     new 299e9ce  fix issue 3204 (#3205)
     new 774ad45  [bugfix] capture Hive job_id pre-url transformation (#3213)
     new 9c1ca07  [docs] update url in (#3212)
     new 4876084  [sqllab/cosmetics] add margin-top for labels in query history (#3222)
     new 3b12925  [explore] nvd3 sort values in rich tooltip (#3197)
     new 48821b5  [sqllab] fix UI shows 'The query returned no results' momentarily (#3214)
     new 62fcdf2  [explore] DatasourceControl to pick datasource in modal (#3210)
     new 90592d3  sql_lab: re-raise exception in get_sql_results (#3111)
     new 163f4e3  Allow 'refresh_immune_slices' (#2974)
     new 91bd38a  0.19.0 (#3227)
     new 4ea7700  Allowing to integrate time as a groupby value (#3229)
     new 5278b53  [pivot] add support for  in Pivot on Druid (#3230)
     new 4c3313b  Handle Time at query_obj generation time (#3236)
     new 0191fa5  SUPERSET_HOME enviroment variable (#3238)
     new 2ef9bfe  [bug fix] Fix to #3137 and #3239 (#3240)
     new 7190cf8  Treemap vis verbose metric name (#3237)
     new 166c576  Add basic Impala engine spec (#3225)
     new ae06550  explore: redraw chart on width change too (#3067)
     new ef7e9dd  docs: use yarn in making your own build (#3235)
     new dcf8303  Fix typo (#3246)
     new f68189b  Fix Yahoo's website link (#3249)
     new 0429e84  [bugfix] wrong 'Cant have overlap between Series and Breakdowns' (#3254)
     new 2385cd4  [explore] make edit datasource a basic link (#3244)
     new 2091545  import logging (#3264)
     new be01851  Relying on FAB for font-awesome.min.css (#3261)
     new 6da68ab  Explicitly add Flask as dependancy (#3252)
     new cc36428  Modernize SQLA pessimistic handling (#3256)
     new 033ba2c  Improve the chart type of Visualize in sqllab (#3241)
     new 327c052  [webpack] break CSS and JS files while webpackin' (#3262)
     new 0cf0860  Set default ports Druid (#3266)
     new 57421d1  [bugfix] preserve order in groupby (#3268)
     new 08b7e89  Use sane Celery defaults to prevent tasks from being delayed (#3267)
     new b3107bb  [explore] Split large reducer logic in ExploreViewContainer (#3088)
     new 3b24d7d  [explore] fixed padding bug on filter section (#3279)
     new b68084b  Explore view save modal spec (#3110)
     new a5320a0  [add] Save filters to dashboard (#3183)
     new dfea8df  Fix celery worker (#3278)
     new 2898f9d  Added Konfio to 'Who uses Superset' list. (#3277)
     new 08e40e2  add placeholder to Select components (#3274)
     new f399fcd  display the verbose_name of columns in list view, just like in the metrics list (#3275)
     new bd4a4c2  add `_()` to Exception messages (#3034)
     new 0c5db55  [security] prevent XSS markup viz (#3211)
     new 0d4137d  Add translatable columns in label_columns of the view (#3032)
     new c17ffc1  Fix returned time parse_human_datetime (#2033)
     new 144f516  [markup] fix CSS, remove scrollbar (#3281)
     new c9c6bca  Improve superset list view content layout (#3031)
     new 9a4e4d0  [dashboard] fix standalone mode that hides the navbar (#3284)
     new 025ef5a  Fix Chart Error Message Display (#3287)
     new 8181730  [sql lab] fix sluggish backspace in editor (#3286)
     new 6841697  FAQ entry for backend support (#3282)
     new 9c6248f  [dashboard] add link to export CSV from dashboard (#3280)
     new 232a5c3  [docs] document how to compile/publish docs (#3296)
     new d1d1c49  Fix raise error when query datasource (#3298)
     new ccf505a  [mapbox] fix viewport alterations (#3293)
     new 9fcd5d6  [sql lab] add pending to the list of searchable statuses (#3292)
     new 84e59a1  [bugfix] Presto KeyError 'errorLocation' (#3291)
     new c4e0569  [sql lab] run button shortcut tooltip (#3310)
     new fbd0d46  Fix styles in Separator widget (#3309)
     new 0aa3d2a  [hive] improve error messages (#3305)
     new 3c8577b  French translation (#3313)
     new b9a2fa4  Allow for multiple color schemes (#3295)
     new 59268e9  Use react-alert for backend message flashing (#3315)
     new 9f3aeb2  docs: add references to Flask-Appbuilder Security documentation (#3322)
     new afedcdf  [hotfix] dashboard widget resize is broken (#3330)
     new 0454ef3  disable immediately re-render for color scheme change (#3328)
     new 813ed60  Unnecessary to specify order_columns for DatasourceModelView (#3331)
     new e31ad22  [hotfix] hotfixing the hotfix (#3333)
     new a7ba6e4  [nvd3] fix bubble axis (#3332)
     new 527572c  [dashboard] re-enabling cascading filters (#3335)
     new 2923a12  Syncing the timeout param from backend (#3329)
     new 6fc837d  [sql lab] improve error messages (#3308)
     new 75e69f0  [sql lab] Make sql editor resizable (#3242)
     new e79adbb  [hotfix] self-immune filter_box fix (#3338)
     new 2546457  Better looking checkboxes (#3345)
     new f8e596b  fix multi-value react select style (#3352)
     new 1fda6f0  [css] react-select only in theme (#3351)
     new 64c91ec  [bugfix] `Y bounds` in line chart (#3353)
     new 670ba5d  Collapsible Control sections (#3354)
     new d3824bb  [hotfix] react-select dropdown autocomplete are invisible (#3358)
     new 2b1bb35  delete unused csv file (#3356)
     new 0c36827  [dist_bar] break down control groups (#3357)
     new 46d6088  Revert "[sql lab] Make sql editor resizable (#3242)" (#3360)
     new c5b1eb7  Bump fab to 1.9.4 (#3364)
     new 8d877e8  [explore] Fix and test slice id  logging  issue (#3339)
     new 90ba6ee  bugfix for addTotalValues with negative values (#3366)
     new 0c8b243  [webpack] add a 'npm run dev-fast' command that is much faster (#3362)
     new c944c61  Apply advanced analytics processing to comparison time series (#3373)
     new 2d237fe  v1.9.1 (#3376)
     new aff7a82  [sql lab] using react-split-pane (#3363)
     new a47a512  [explore] Improved time filters controls (#3371)
     new 48b88e5  [dashboard] load list of slices at modal enter time (#3379)
     new a782d62  Build optimizations (#3378)
     new c3ab796  fix date picker Select alignment (#3392)
     new 42dd64e  Fix datatable scroll height when using filter or pagination (#3377)
     new 9676f02  Add Capital Service to organizations list (#3395)
     new 1fd08a5  [hotfix] backward compatibility on date expressions (#3396)
     new 497a6f1  [hive] fix date casting in explore view (#3394)
     new ac5da46  [line chart] add 'min_periods' control related to rolling windows (#3397)
     new 3b4cd81  Fix copypasta control label error 'Until' -> 'Since' (#3399)
     new e53f303  [dashboard] adding an option to duplicate slices when "Saving AS" (#3391)
     new 66f646a  [hotfix] fix slices where since/until = None (#3401)
     new 255a36c  [hotfix] user dashboard says '150 weeks' (#3403)
     new 3dfdde1  setup: Bump sqlalchemy-utils to 0.32.16 (#3405)
     new 147c12d  Fixing the build (#3445)
     new 1f135e4  Ignore intellij files (#3446)
     new fe77534  [explore] checkbox control won't uncheck (#3454)
     new 90e46cb  Fix off-by-one error with linear color scales (#3452)
     new f3de758  [heatmap] fix default sorting (#3450)
     new 3e9f797  [explore] show validation error on control panel header (#3453)
     new 7c1b56f  [postgres] adding support to serialized timedelta (#3444)
     new 490c707  Handling pandas ExtensionDtypes (#2937)
     new 3c0e85e  Adding order_desc flag to explore endpoint (#3439)
     new 2d6b942  fix (#3440)
     new 8223729  fix (#3431)
     new 49f24d1  [heatmap] numerous improvements (#3456)
     new 816c517  Allow specifying sort criteria on Table viz (#3460)
     new fdee06b  Adding hook for external password store for databases (#3436)
     new 745784f  Fixed dashboard filters carrying over to explore slice (#3461)
     new 31b7b9a  Sqllab  dont send empty queries to db (#3459)
     new ad604ae  fix encoding error in sql lab logging (#3424)
     new dd72048  Fixed filter removal bug (#3458)
     new c81026d  Add shopee to user list. (#3425)
     new b90d8e3  config: allow changing default options for writting csv (#3441)
     new e399a8c  Simple grammar and update to link (#3415)
     new 32bd827  bugfix/3321 Ensure text appears on buttons inside tables (#3409)
     new e22aecb  Adding hook for CSRF exempting flask views. (#3435)
     new b0d25a1  Miscvizcleanups (#3476)
     new 6962c76  docs: athena can be installed from pypi (#3477)
     new cb4d934  viz: fix reversed stats_logger label (#3475)
     new e66f68d  Better installation docs (#3469)
     new a26e65f  Create CsvResponse to manage csv exports encoding (#3484)
     new c988080  Feature: "Impersonate user" setting on Datasource (#3404)
     new 6fe93e1  Getting datatype with its dialect (#3486)
     new c3c9ceb  Feature/Fix: Get a full times_series for your filter instead of Topn for each point in time (#3434)
     new ede1432  Improve code quality (#3480)
     new c5252d0  [heatmap] account for bounds = 0 (#3474)
     new ccd5fd4  Removing dependency on pythrifthiveapi (#3494)
     new ed9f564  Adding missing future imports (#3493)
     new ae7f163  Removing super() call from refactor (#3500)
     new aebd089  update (#3495)
     new d7fc364  Fix idna requirement (#3497)
     new 1cf634a  Remove repeated line (#3491)
     new 9af34ba  js translation -- performance improvment (#3390)
     new 255ea69  Add metric warning (#3499)
     new f3146ef  Add Table performance improvements (#3509)
     new 5718d6b  allow user update slice name in dashboard view (#3467)
     new 3949d39  Allow user update slice title in visualize flow (#3466)
     new cf0b670  Druid refresh metadata performance improvements (#3527)
     new 8efcaeb  Feature: Display the verbose name for metrics within Charts and legend. (#3504)
     new 7d934e7  Feature: query string API endpoint (#3513)
     new c629282  Feature: Paired t-test table visualization (#3473)
     new f0636b8  Break word on InfoTooltip (#3532)
     new 06e52e6  [style] no bold on dashboard widget headers (#3531)
     new f829b48  docs: QUERY_TIMEOUT_THRESHOLD is gone (#3537)
     new f438ccb  Add support for column specific fillna to viz (#3066)
     new 8773e32  setup: bump pandas to 0.20.3 (#3506)
     new b50489e  v0.20.0 (#3544)
     new 3d72eb4  [explore] fix cached tooltip (#3526)
     new d1a7a7b  Time Series Annotation Layers (#3521)
     new ef59b6b  try to fix problem that chrome window not opening after ajax requrest (#3528)
     new 17c7ca2  Fixing missing messages.json file (#3547)
     new 82b85d1  Explore  update button labels (#3534)
     new 03e2af8  CHANGELOG for 0.20.0 (#3545)
     new 0bd2ac5  Minor documentation fix (#3553)
     new bc3ad64  Add Pronto Tools to user list (#3558)
     new b39d165  [nvd3] fix single metric showing up in legend (#3563)
     new 9baca67  Removing yarn warnings during install (#3567)
     new f8cc05b  Added label+percent and label+value display options to pie chart (#3565)
     new 064363d  After saving slice fixing redirect (#3572)
     new 18e459e  v0.20.1 (#3576)
     new fdbc936  Bumping React to 15.6.2 (MIT license) (#3569)
     new 076f9cd  Added custom pasteSelect to handle paste events (#3562)
     new efc6366  Fixed creating new filter options in FilterBox (#3584)
     new a85968e  [Bugfix]: Explore view does not respect custom timeout. (#3582)
     new 40fbf1c  Allow users to see query string when query returns no data (#3585)
     new 7e64f2e  [Feature] Copy-to-clipboard button in View Query (#3571)
     new 04ea3ad  update immutable.js to v3.8.2 (MIT license) (#3591)
     new 15ecdeb  Fxing bug in label generation for multiple groupbys (#3594)
     new 645de38  [sql lab] fix numeric sort in data table (#3587)
     new bb0f69d  New "Time Series - Table" visualization (#3543)
     new e95132d  [Bugfix/Feature] Fixed slice render staggering on dashboard first load (#3478)
     new e9804ae  [translations] generating missing strings (#3577)
     new ff268a7  updating react-alert dependency to v2.3.0 (#3596)
     new 7c936e7  [Feature/Bugfix] Datepicker and time granularity options to dashboard filters (#3508)
     new 1528288  [time table] fix reversed ratio (#3597)
     new ed21244  [hofix] work around circular deps (#3598)
     new 1fb8716  [hotfix] fixing issues around new time_table viz (#3599)
     new f75dc02  Removing git artifact (#3601)
     new 6f1351f  [bugfix] #3593 'Chart Options' panel is missing (#3606)
     new 912c6f6  fixing date/time filter keys (#3611)
     new 64ef8b1  remove unused imports (#3621)
     new ca67a7a  [bugfix] empty From date filter NoneType error (#3633)
     new 5ad4167  add annotation option and a linear color map for heatmap viz. (#3634)
     new f3b403d  [minor] proper tooltip on ControlHeader's instant re-render trigger (#3625)
     new 8994bda  fix long title text wrapping in editable-title component (#3638)
     new b866b33  [bugfix] Template rendering failed: '_AppCtxGlobals' object has no attribute 'user' (#3637)
     new bd45e3b  add explicit message display for 'Fetching Annotation Layer' error (#3631)
     new 80eb9c2  Set tooltip to show extent of sparkData (#3626)
     new d7f8a7f  [time_table] adding support for URLs / links (#3600)
     new 6cc6637  Pin moment.js library since 2.19.0 creates problem (#3641)
     new 76f8d33  [sql lab] fix impersonation + template issue (#3644)
     new 4a3c091  [Translations] Restored lost French translations (#3645)
     new 3df3e0d  Fixing some warnings during tests (#3648)
     new 3ebadbc  Fix #3612 - reverse sign in difference calculation (#3646)
     new 93660c6  added aihello as superset user. (#3647)
     new 7f07fbe  Adding sort time table (#3651)
     new 52a9f27  Make columns that return an exception on click unsortable. (#3417)
     new f871634  Making the sort order for metrics pull from fd for time table viz (#3661)
     new 48e28ef  Add description for running specific test (#3665)
     new bad6938  [New Viz] Partition Diagram (#3642)
     new d0b5b44  Add a ColorPickerControl (#3653)
     new d4d4a9b  Sqllab  error troubleshooting (#3680)
     new ce5fa37  Avoid dividing by zero for sparkline in time table viz (#3679)
     new 2a89c90  unit tests for OptionDescription component (#3678)
     new 08f09b4  [minor] fix padding in Time Table (#3664)
     new adef519  DI-1113. Authentication: Enable user impersonation for Superset to HiveServer2 using hive.server2.proxy.user (a.fernandez) (#3652)
     new e121a85  [Feature] Percentage columns in Table Viz (#3586)
     new fa07b8d  defaultSort should be false when no sort is necessary (#3693)
     new b4bdc45  Add support for IE 11 for markup slices (#3702)
     new 58ea736  [cleanup] removing print() artefacts (#3683)
     new 18e9640  fixing the datasource inconsistence but in visualize flow (#3698)
     new 9893847  [form-data] Quoting form data (#3701)
     new 4967342  fix the slice permission issue after user click-edit new slice title (#3711)
     new f8b8f6a  [minor] fix label showing description in time_table's URL (#3663)
     new 8d7e97a   [translation] added japanese support (#3713)
     new ffdfdb9  changed metric heading from h1 to h3 (#3696)
     new 1d06495  add VIPKID to the orgs. (#3703)
     new efae145  fixes for bugs in #3689 (#3692)
     new e97dc9d  Set logging level to debug for DummyStatsLogger (#3662)
     new 547a3bf  Fix the ISO code description of region/province/department (#3685)
     new f412b4c   Missing the data of one province and two regions of China (#3686)
     new 9432ea8  Update messages.po (#3715)
     new c4b6324  Fix box_plot NaN issue (#3722)
     new a9b6d11  Validate JSON in slice's params on save (#3720)
     new 1582fa1  Add CRUD action to refresh table metadata (#3721)
     new cbd0107  bump react-bootstrap version (#3723)
     new 200b66d  Using indexOf instead of includes for isXAxisString (#3733)
     new 1e18bfd  Fix 3657 (#3739)
     new 814b70f  Escape columns names for time grains - postgres (#3736)
     new 5bc734b  Fix has_table method (#3741)
     new abfa034  Bumping react-select to rc10 (#3726)
     new 87b6d76  Consolidate all translation config (#3750)
     new 5c03167  fix (#3751)
     new cccc473  Add dummy file to fix symlink (#3759)
     new 326d90a  add stackoverflow tag (#3764)
     new f3c7052  docs: reword the FAQ regarding table changes (#3763)
     new 7fd9c82  Update to reflect new version of cryptography (#3748)
     new 7f3edad  [time table] add tooltip to sparkline (#3767)
     new aed7c74  Fix dashboard export download (#3773)
     new 8e3217a  [sql-lab] Fixing Run Query tooltip (#3774)
     new 13c17e1  [flake8] Enabling flake8 linting (#3776)
     new b059506  DI-1113. ADDENDUM. Authentication: Enable user impersonation for Superset to HiveServer2 using hive.server2.proxy.user (a.fernandez) (#3697)
     new 9a49b1c  [Performance] VirtualizedSelect for SelectControl and FilterBox (#3654)
     new 81dd622  [explore] using verbose_name in 'Time Column' control (#3529)
     new 63a4998  [falke8] Resolving F6?? errors (#3783)
     new ccb87d3  Rename files to allow RPM build (#3785)
     new 02cbad5  [flake8] Resolving F8?? errors (#3778)
     new b10aca2  Removing iso from data (#3788)
     new e6129eb  Adding back iso and correctly filtering iso from contrib total (#3793)
     new 7483e2c  [time table] use sparkData values in tooltip (#3794)
     new 7987cb7  Add Lyft and Twitter to list of companies (#3789)
     new e2bca47  [flake8] Resolve I??? errors (#3797)
     new e822fb5  [flake8] Resolving W??? errors (#3784)
     new 7453131  Update messages.json (#3716)
     new 17623f7  [flake8] Resolving C??? errors (#3787)
     new dee4786  Fixed single extraction dimension error (#3796)
     new 0280bc5  Allowing Leading and Trailing spaces in connection (#3433)
     new 39e502f  Stamping version to 0.21.0dev (#3801)
     new 4fa1f0a  Dashboard refactory (#3581)
     new 70c7315  Making time table viz scrollable (#3808)
     new ec21d5a  [flake8] Resolving E2?? errors (#3812)
     new d03b74f  [flake8] Resolving F4?? errors (#3811)
     new cbcc00c  Make overflow important to allow scrolling on dashboard (#3810)
     new 330926c  fix error message format when long query timeout (#3823)
     new be3da63  Fix misleading SQL Lab timeout error message (#3825)
     new 9500f0a  Fix typo in installation.rst (#3818)
     new ae8b249  Added /healthcheck endpoint for integrations with envoy (#3819)
     new c4153c0  [flake8] Resolving E4?? errors (#3817)
     new 1ea4521  [flake8] Resolving E7?? errors (#3816)
     new d663bea  Basic German Translation (#3740)
     new 6c52f2f  First time fetching chart should not force refresh. (#3822)
     new 35810ce  [docstring] Refining warm_up_cache comment (#3815)
     new 690de86  [flake8] Resolve E1?? errors (#3805)
     new 591e5ec  Bump celery to 4.1.0 (#3831)
     new ba96984  [flake8] Resolving E3?? errors (#3814)
     new 83e6807  [docs] add StatsD setup instructions (#3813)
     new 4d48d5d  [Explore] Altered Slice Tag (#3668)
     new a3a4687  [viz] Fix payload force logic (#3839)
     new d908e48  [slice] Removing deprecated argument (#3838)
     new f7bf172 call coveralls only on CI (#3836)
     new 8459347  [Dashboard bug] should reset chartAlert when start new query (#3837)
     new b4c9402  [Dashboard bug] Fix Cache status and dttm information display for each slice (#3833)
     new 7fce8ea  Update (#3510)
     new 1a3a8da  [Dashboard bug] should reset chartAlert when start new query (#3841)
     new 1b4f128  [flake8] Resolving F5?? errors (#3846)
     new 500455f  Add entries for 0.20.0 to 0.20.5 (#3842)
     new 068c343  [sqllab] fix wrong error msg (#3849)
     new 514f945  [sql lab] minor cosmetic touchups on Run / Save buttons (#3850)
     new 3f076b0  [Dashboard bug]Fix userId prop in Explore view Save_Modal (#3857)
     new eb5d220  [Dashboard bug] Slice doesn't show loading icon when loading (#3834)
     new 630604b  adding support for getting list of foreign tables for PostgreSQL (#3856)
     new ac57780  [flake8] Resolving Q??? errors (#3847)
     new de86997  Fix cachedDttm prop type (#3858)
     new 8643228  [Dashboard bug] Fix merged filter param name (#3866)
     new a6ba841  [flake8] Updaing (#3862)
     new aee8438  Fixing an issue with stripping filter values (#3869)
     new ba89b2d  [cache] Fixing cache key w/ merged extra filters (#3809)
     new 2e25fc4  [issue] Resolving issue 2530 (#3865)
     new ae2205a  Filter out unavailable databases (#3875)
     new b586cb0  Add mailing list and move screenshot at the end of README (#3872)
     new 120a5d0  [dashboard bug] Fix standalone slice (#3877)
     new 1c545d3  Further refactoring around dashboards (#3843)
     new 3a8af5d  DECKGL integration - Phase 1 (#3771)
     new 85b18ff  [table] show 'Time' column header instead of '__timestamp' (#3880)
     new d9161fb  Fix slug function (#3876)
     new fab7b10  A better looking favicon (#3851)
     new e65aba3  Fixing the build's linting errors (#3887)
     new fa35d7d  fix input height to match with react-select (#3852)
     new f0acc11  [druid] Fix datasource column enumeration (#3896)
     new a84bd52  Only refreshing non instant filters on apply (#3893)
     new a82bb58  Allow users to specify label->color mapping (#3879)
     new 831cd21  [dashboard bug]Instant control should take effect instantly (#3890)
     new 39ee33a  Add datasource to the SliceAddView modal (#3884) (#3900)
     new 4d204b3  [druid] Renaming refresh_async method (#3899)
     new 3a7ed8d  [druid] Catch IOError when fetching Druid datasource time boundary (#3897)
     new 4bfe08d  [druid] Fixing issue 3894  multi-processing w/ Gunicorn (#3895)
     new 3c72e1f  [3541] Augmenting datasources uniqueness constraints (#3583)
     new 4ae77ba  Workaround pandas bug in datetimes with time zones (#3910)
     new 1d702f2  Fixes default hanlding in Altered slice tag (#3903)
     new 32b38ee  [bugfix] allow limiting word cloud (#3902)
     new b82d15a  Bumping webpack related deps (#3904)
     new eb0f397  Add UK Metropolitan Districts and Isle of Man (#3911)
     new feb15a3  fix the schema-fetching problem for impala in sql_lab (#3906)
     new 12fb7c1  When checking if you should renderTriggered make sure key exists in controls (#3912)
     new ac43249  [cosmetic] remove border from table viz (#3916)
     new 3f4c306  Fix left padding in dashboard widgets (#3915)
     new 2d37dec  [bugfix] remove quotes from Postgres time grains (#3913)
     new 680e1cb  Revert "Filter out unavailable databases (#3875)" (#3918)
     new ed85032  Moved percent metrics to its own row (#3924)
     new 5466fab  Switched to span instead of textarea for copytoclipboard (#3923)
     new 2851979  [travis] Standardizing before_install (#3922)
     new 17635e1  Make Table Columns & Metrics Bulk-deletable (#3929)
     new f9202ba  minor filter select enhancements (#3933)
     new c5ddf57  Fix  call in Chart (#3945)
     new 268edcf  Import CSV (#3643)
     new 6cbe0e6  Fixed branching condition with dimension spec (#3920)
     new d9fda34  Add an "Edit Mode" to Dashboard view (#3940)
     new abdd1d5  config: bring back sqlite default database (#3955)
     new 34d6618  Allow underscores in slugs (#3951)
     new 1ce14df  fix 'superset db history' (#3948)
     new 16ab696  [country_map] use Albers USA projection (#3946)
     new 8f00e9e  [Bugfix] Druid `run_query` dimensions part 3 + Unit tests (#3949)
     new 9904593  Improving speed of dashboard import (#3958)
     new 76a2f95  [time series table] visual improvements (#3957)
     new 84a7730  [docs] making it clear sqlite shouldn't be used in a cluster (#3965)
     new 0284565  [Dashboard] fix a filter refresh bug and add Test (#3967)
     new b264756  Create (#3991)
     new f10395b  [doc] added setting X-Forwarded-Proto to https behind reverse proxy with ssl encryption; fixes #3655 (#3976)
     new eff5952  Alternate PR to #3970 (#3997)
     new 89f6ccc  Add Datasource Name filter under slice list view (#4000)
     new 1702b02  Rollback bulk-delete of table columns (#4009)
     new 72627b1  Adding YAML Import-Export for Datasources to CLI (#3978)
     new 823f306  Call props.onChange only when closing filter (#4003)
     new defe678  [sql lab] fix position of 'save query' Popover (#3999)
     new 4404751  Add has_access to import_dashboard (#4001)
     new e98a1c3  asciifying http header for csv download; fixes #3952 (#3975)
     new e02d35e  Add support of another DatabaseError format (#4019)
     new a26cf00  Add row_limit to heatmap controls (#3969)
     new 5ee70b2  Add type MONEY as numeric type (#3959)
     new 5bc581f  New time_pivot visualization (#3941)
     new cb7c5aa  Fixed finding postaggregations (#4017)
     new 81df708  Remove unused callbacks when setting state (#4015)
     new 0b40c8a  Add fastdom js dependency (#3947)
     new 0a3d2fc  [BUGFIX]: Fixing dttm_sql_literal to use python_date_format when specified. (#3891)
     new 61755f0  apply custom css for dashboard initially load (#4031)
     new 3ed8f5f  resolve python2 str() issue (#4030)
     new 3a2974f  [API] Deprecate /update_role/ API endpoint (#4041)
     new 7d37442  [Bugfix] _add_filters_from_pre_query doesn't handle dim specs (#3974)
     new c84211e  Change reference for slices to chart (#4049)
     new 23c834f  Fix the pypi build (#4047)
     new dfc28f3  Changelog for 0.21.0 (#4045)
     new 6188d60  Bump dev version on trunk (#4048)
     new cf1d9ce  Add db_engine_spec for Druid (#4063)
     new ec752b1  [geo] provide more flexible Spatial controls (#4032)
     new c21513f  Adding rowcount label to explore view header (#4059)
     new 6081f71  [health] Adding DB check to /health (#4062)
     new fc85756  [geo] turn off renderTrigger on viewport control (#4066)
     new e79d05f  #4058 Fix Oracle timestamps (Oracle "ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis" error) (#4065)
     new 500e625  Full Annotation Framework (#3518)
     new af7cdeb  [Feature] enhanced memoized on get_sqla_engine and other functions (#3530)
     new 1e79e9c  [Bugfix] Issues with table filtering (#4073)
     new 71e1eea  DB migration of annotation_layers on slice objects and slimming down annotation object. (#4072)
     new 7cd9b85  [bugfix] iframe and markup are broken (#4082)
     new 86f9087  Event annotation should have min width (#4083)
     new ff4f9b4  Bugfix: Druid having filters are broken (#4089)
     new 281ae45  Fix for SQL editor throwing can't deserialize with BigQuery (#4071)
     new d4e8d57  Using TextAreaControl for WHERE and HAVING clause section (#4090)
     new e4903e6  [geo] add support for's path layer (#4067)
     new 44e753d  [sql lab] deeper support for templating (#3996)
     new b4909f2  [Bugfix] Issues with merge_extra_filters (#4042) (#4091)
     new 69195f8  Introduce Javascript controls (#4076)
     new f905726  [geo] Added DeckGL GeoJson layer (#4097)
     new 6e1ec83  Update UserInfo.jsx and set additional properties for react-gravatar (#4118)
     new 82ed487  Fix rst grammar problems (#4116)
     new 45686a1  Multi layers DECK.GL visualization (#4096)
     new b227612  Added guard statement for spatial controls (#4124)
     new bf4d3a0  better thumbnail for deck_geojson (#4135)
     new 0a62082  [explore] add datasource metadata (#4104)
     new f7c5527  Remedy for dual axis annotation (#4130)
     new e498f2f  fix variable name (#4139)
     new 3720509  Fix USA's state geojson for 'Country Map' visualization (#4121)
     new ef06a9d  Create DATA_DIR after importing config (#4143)
     new 9e05392  Adding Apache Kylin datasource for documentation (#4148)
     new d997a45  Fix invaild gitter url (#4125)
     new 686023c  Druid support via SQLAlchemy (#4163)
     new c9e47f0  Check for non-None database before using. (#4162)
     new e7f8143  [Bug] Closing change datasource modal throws JS error (#4157)
     new b9af019  Fix chart rendering error in time series table (#4156)
     new c49fb0a  Make Welcome page into a simple React app (#4147)
     new 9364fb5  Allow alpha role import csv (#4164)
     new d570120  [FAB] configuring updating of permissions (#4172)
     new b159e51  Don't use fully qualified column names in metric definitions (#4101)
     new 22bdd9e  [security] Adding all derived FAB UserModelView views to admin only (#4180)
     new 23c9829  Moving the custom_password_store out of Database class (#4182)
     new e182f7f  fix since or until is empty value #4170 (#4176)
     new 0cb7c5e  [annotations] Fixing migration for annotation layers (#4187)
     new 9176a40  Enable SQL syntax highlighting in View Query (#4184)
     new 4b0f252  Sort out dependencies in travis/tox (#4186)
     new 5916291  [explore] fix json highlighting for Druid queries (#4201)
     new ee63ebc  [datasource editor] click checkbox creates metrics instantly (#4183)
     new 87c3e83   Using user-defined Javascript to customize geospatial visualization (#4173)
     new 7e36488  Superset was using undefined metrics for specifying limits (#4114)
     new aecaa85  Hanization (#4126)
     new bca27b4  [Geo] Added DeckGL Arc Layer and Refactor on BaseDeckGL class (#4134)
     new 269f55c  [bugfix] dealing with DBAPIs that return unserilizable types (#4200)
     new 8069d62  [druid] fix 2 phases queries that specify 'Sort By' on 'Series limit' (#4203)
     new a7a6678  [cache] Using the query as the basis of the cache key (#4016)
     new 04680e5  [line chart] fix time shift color (#4202)
     new 2607e4b  Adding limit to time_table viz to get druid query to work (#4207)
     new 1ca1395  templates: open code and documentation on a new tab (#4217)
     new 0367dce  Fix tutorial doesn't match the current interface #4138 (#4215)
     new 5897d85  [bugfix] markup and iframe viz raise 'Empty query' (#4225)
     new a9610e2  [bugfix] time_pivot entry got missing in merge conflict (#4221)
     new 01043c9  Improve GeoJSON visualization (#4220)
     new a942f81  add Ona as a user (#4234)
     new 85d137b  Don't cache if there's no cache key (#4229)
     new cab8e7d  remove setting spatial in DeckPathViz class (#4235)
     new 5079b2a  Added DeckGL.Polygon Layer w/ JS controls  (#4227)
     new 36caca3  Fix 'argument to reversed() must be a sequence' (#4237)
     new 1c56319  [Sql Lab] Fix Autorefresh component pulling not stopped. (#4244)
     new 7b76356  [Sql Lab] Fix query results display at the bottom of screen (#4246)
     new 8175e19  [cache] Fixing json.dumps for timestamp (#4240)
     new 718230c  Bump flower==0.9.2 (#4263)
     new 29ef8c4  Fix heatmap tooltip disappears under the slice's header (#4268)
     new 04ae004  Set 'Range Filter' default to false (#4264)
     new 4b11f45  Using a NullPool for external connections by default (#4251)
     new 2c72a7a  Use json for imports and exports, not pickle (#4243)
     new 4bc5fe5  [BUGFIX]: Check datatype of results before converting to DataFrame (#4108)
     new 77d1e5d  Always use fluid container for navbar. (#4279)
     new b90c410  [explore] fix empty query message in 'View Query' (#4273)
     new 9cf16a4  Fix click on now in DateFilterControl (#4265)
     new ff2f85f  [geo] JS function to receive the whole data array instead of individual object (#4262)
     new 914480a  Fix SUPERSET_WEBSERVER_TIMEOUT in VisualizeModal (#4277)
     new b72d5b0  Prevent FilterBox extra query (#4276)
     new a0621e1  Handle 'pd.Timestamp' when jsonifying (#4275)
     new 94d9337  deck_multi to pass down filters to layers (#4270)
     new 2b66ead  Set point size control's default for deck_scatter viz (#4261)
     new 2384ad4  [geo] Add JS controls to remaining layers (#4272)
     new b9299d6  Fixing json decode error on druiddatasourcemodelview/api/read (#4291)
     new f8dcbf7  Reverts apache/incubator-superset#4244 (#4303)
     new 1b06140  Bump sqlalchemy to 1.2.2 (#4299)
     new e4a95f9  Use the query_obj as the basis for the cache key (#4260)
     new 073d56c  Added Path, Polygon, and Arcs to deckGL example dashboard (#4242)
     new 724c3f4  add frontend logging utility function (#4226)
     new c77bab8  Refactoring deckgl (#4293)
     new 1a7ef47  [Explore] Fix Stop Query Button behavior (#4301)
     new 133f98a  [Bug] Resize should trigger chart re-render (#4322)
     new 75a2b4f  Update installation.rst for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (#4321)
     new 1f8fccc  [explore] fix missing CacheLabel (#4326)
     new d41418e  Bump pyrdruid to 0.4.0 (#4325)
     new a9e1e68  [BugFix]: Creating a PostgresBaseEngineSpec so changes to the Postgre… (#4224)
     new a616bf4  [cli] permission cleanup on 'superset init' (#4241)
     new fdd42ef  [New Viz] Nightingale Rose Chart (#3676)
     new 6d37d97  Refactor import csv (#4298)
     new ad21227  Fix the bug of charts/slices cannot be filtered by datasource name. (#4338)
     new e965f95  1. fix check filters change logic (#4339)
     new 2789385  read query params for json in dashboard endpoint (#4337)
     new 2d8a0cc  fix uri form data' (#4345)
     new 19a0827  Adding dashboard add view (#4344)
     new a4ecff4  New options for european time format in in D3_TIME_FORMAT_OPTIONS (#4364)
     new d5ab6c8  Remove useless empty npm-debug.log (#4367)
     new 3b35ddf  convert postgresql date_trunc() to UTC to prevent pandas error (#4319)
     new 2753838  Add ipdb to dev dependencies. (#4368)
     new 31a0b6e  [druid] fix bug around handling NULLs (#4358)
     new f14c1bb  Add hour grain to Sqlite (#4333)
     new 8037384  Bump python dependencies (#4341)
     new 90d9616  Remove dangerouslySetInnerHTML in StackTraceMessage component (#4373)
     new c4eba9e  [line] improve  feature (#4363)
     new 8fe1f8f  Set default row_limit to 50k (#4372)
     new 2e172d7  Fix caching issues (#4316)
     new 6f1150f  [revert] Reverting PR #4062 (#4359)
     new 0480fa0  Bump pydruid to 0.4.1 (#4377)
     new 387bf76  Superset issue #4323 (#4353)
     new 5ab4915  Remove permission check for frontend logging API (#4388)
     new 54d3875  Add permission checks to save_or_overwrite_slice (#4346)
     new 1769804  Minor fixes to sunburst (#4349)
     new 4ff17ff  Fix 4 security vulnerabilities (#4390)
     new f9106f8  Add PeopleDoc in organizations list who use superset (#4178)
     new ae7a9dc  Fix markup broken since cache related changes (#4396)
     new 5305bdb  Typo fix: dashbaord -> dashboard. (#4383)
     new d85cd5a  [error handling] 'Time Comparison' query returns no data (#4380)
     new 4a6adb2  Check class name string instead of checking the instance (#4404)
     new db24cef  [SqlLab] Fix a few UI issues (#4401)
     new e0bbb0c  [geo] introduce "Auto Zoom" control (#4389)
     new 5badec3  use full path in case of there are query params (#4411)
     new d2d9731  Unset 'series limit' default from 50 to null (#4410)
     new 342180b  [Explore view] Use POST method for charting requests (#3993)
     new 22d555b  Bump dependencies with security issues (#4427)
     new fa0aa33  Disable user access request (#4405)
     new 21e495c  Add .1s option to D3 Format dropdown (#4431)
     new e943c25  Updated Italian Translation (#4418)
     new 1e99f9e  Added check cache key util (#4432)
     new 680bfc1  [dashboard] more granular grid layout (#4416)
     new d6f1024  Make chart title backgrounds transparent to prevent buttonface color in IE (#4438)
     new 0c87e23  Fix separator visualization by propagating header height (#4437)
     new 7922ccf  Pass in cache timeout for async queries (#4436)
     new 6e1d169  Change current thumbnails to smaller ones. (#4430)
     new 4ee0833  Play scrubber (#4336)
     new 9478291  Added Example snippet for setting up Redis cache (#4434)
     new 7e08296  Add link on how to get permission to permission error (#4408)
     new dc48673  Removed double call to ConnectorRegistry.sources (#4448)
     new 88e91e6  Improve default placeholder text on SelectControl (#4442)
     new 15aa0c5  remove html tag in timeout error message (#4447)
     new f46bb53  fix typo. "グルプ分け可能" => "グループ分け可能" (#4450)
     new d6c197f  Remove comments from queries in SQL Lab that break Explore view (#4413)
     new 5768a1f  for 48 columns layout, adjust default size and layout for newly added slices (#4446)
     new 177d7c0  [bugfix] address issue 4206 (#4452)
     new c336fe5  fixing spacing issue on internationalization dropdown (#4455)
     new 5c35a2d  A collection of bug fixes (#4444)
     new b60965b  [gitignore] Adding venv to .gitignore (#4456)
     new d4a2f4e  Make npm run dev-fast the default (#4454)
     new c317657  Make instant controls store state in URL (#4449)
     new a373db2  Allowing config flag to turn off javascript controls (#4400)
     new 0eecec1  [explore] allow URL shortner even if no slice exist (#4457)
     new 5830846  [hotfix] resolve utf-8 encoding issue in db migration (#4461)
     new cacf53c  Pass param of limit for recent activity (#4475)
     new 8aac63e  [flake8] Fixing additional flake8 issue w/ the presence of ignore (#4474)
     new e112e44  [flake8] Adding future-import check (#4476)
     new 094eb71  [FilterBox] Make filterbox localizable (#4466)
     new ff685db  add organization (#4478)
     new d57a37e  [flake8] Adding flake8-coding (#4477)
     new 2932585  [geo] add controls for minRadiusPixels and maxRadiusPixels in deck_scatter (#4467)
     new 56f6515  [Explore] highlighting run query when chart is stale on explore view (#4459)
     new 11ea83e  New Landing Page v1.0 (#4463)
     new bcca171  [dashboard] Fix JS error when position_json data is empty (#4485)
     new 83524f9  [WiP] Cleanup & fix URL scheme for the explore view (#4490)
     new c2b42c4  Change limit form 50k to 10k (#4496)
     new 8626793  check for access before requesting access (#4469)
     new 404e2d5  fixes to csv - hive upload (#4488)
     new 264822b  Introduce an onInit method for when a new viz_type is selected (#4491)
     new 849a2ce  Add https support for Druid (#4480)
     new 764a92c  [Explore] applying refresh chart overlay when chart is stale (#4486)
     new 7440d34  [payload] Fixing regression introducted in ##4396
     new 3a58dc7  Make margin width based on container width instead of slice width (#4487)
     new 79bb54a  chart style options get their own tab (#4482)
     new 2637d3d  [dashboard] (#4515)
     new 41defdc  Fix how the annotation layer interpretes the timestamp string without timezone info; use it as UTC (#4511)
     new 4135854  Superset issue #4512: fixing histogram (#4513)
     new 4f7258a  [coverage] Replacing coveralls with codecov
     new 007ad35  Pass datasource as form_data param (#4538)
     new b01a9bb  [setup] Fixing URLs
     new 48430a1  Merge pull request #4500 from john-bodley/john-bodley-fix-pr-4396
     new 6e0ece7  Merge pull request #4534 from john-bodley/john-bodley-setup-url
     new 2c5adb6  Add ScopeAI (#4541)
     new 06c5077  [dump.rdb] Removing rouge file (#4536)
     new 150768e  [presto] Removing patched presto (#4530)
     new 71d7196  Merge pull request #4533 from john-bodley/john-bodley-replace-coveralls-with-codecov
     new 2e780e4  Removing files from (#4542)
     new 01e0a2f  [landing] Making Dashboards the first/default tab (#4553)
     new ef4e5ec  [bugfix] Fixing regression from #4500 (#4549)
     new d817b8d  Setting up compression using flask-compress (#4543)
     new b63dc91  Expose hook to inject database connection logic on the fly (#4505)
     new 369f652  [bug] fix shortener url (#4560)
     new 1e8cd0e  [payload] Set status code on error rather than query status
     new 826d063  Merge pull request #4567 from john-bodley/john-bodley-payload-error-status-code
     new 0dfa3b9  [] Removing obsolete link (#4564)
     new d494c82  [] Deprecating .landscape.yml (#4563)
     new 31a9957  [bug] Fix CSV upload feature for DB with password (#4562)
     new 9ad50c9  Basic Portuguese Brazilian Translation (#4472)
     new 42ebcaa  Evelynturner/annotation timezone fix2 (#4550)
     new 9edbd64  [Explore] Save custom url parameters when user save slices (#4578)
     new 402c7dd  Removing [dashboard] and [slice] titles to show name
     new b512da8  Adding option to visualize negative values in Table view (#4570)
     new 3fbadd6  [code-climate] Deprecating Code Climate from JavaScript tests
     new c85eea3  Merge pull request #4582 from john-bodley/john-bodley-javascript-codecov
     new 4ffc56f  [Translate] Added Full Russian Translation (#4586)
     new 34a081b  [sql lab] comment injection hook (#4585)
     new d522292  [sql lab] option to disable cross schema search (#4551)
     new c6af488  [sqllab] Added share button to bottom menu (#4584)
     new 1647004  Return __time in Druid scan (#4504)
     new f988110  histograms: fixup left margin assigment (#4532)
     new e1af421  Removing escape_sql so we dont double escape
     new 1d27fb3  docs: fixup code blocks rendering (#4594)
     new ee073ee  Add Aktia Bank in organizations list who use Superset (#4591)
     new ff41f40  Add ignore git @eaDir Synology directory (#4599)
     new 2bc089e  Added new exception class and start of better exception/error handling (#4514)
     new 26257d9  [cache] Ensuring that the datasource UID is defined
     new 8951990  [BugFix] Resizing widgets problem #4596 (#4597)
     new 9604e1d  [druid] Adding cluster filter for refresh
     new 8829218  Changing the title for explore pages
     new 1d0ec9f  timeseries_limit should not be required for phase 2 (#4581)
     new 037c041  Merge pull request #4602 from john-bodley/john-bodley-druid-sync-fix-filter
     new de44098  Merge pull request #4573 from john-bodley/john-bodley-cache-fix-datasource-uid
     new 4e494b2  Merge pull request #4579 from michellethomas/removing_title_label
     new 4250e23  Merge pull request #4590 from michellethomas/fixing_double_escape_presto
     new 95a9b04  [slice_json] pass slice id to get_form_data() (#4607)
     new 3371c8b  overriding annotation and layers' control tab (#4609)
     new 86a03d1  Show "Range Filter" by default (#4604)
     new 7089344  Legend for scatterplot (#4572)
     new 36fa6cd  [contributing] Removing obsolete code climate reference (#4616)
     new 7c5bc8d  fix mapbox viz (#4621)
     new e2bd40c  [bug fixes] annotations <> x domains, zeros in text (#4194)
     new 1e0bcba  Allowing config flag to turn off flask-compress (#4617)
     new 7da164d  Remove group by from viz (#4622)
     new da842f1  Fix function name (#4620)
     new 93ec76f  [sql lab] reduce the number of metadata calls when loading a table (#4593)
     new b906fec  Move run_extra_queries outsize of BaseViz init
     new 6875868  Merge pull request #4627 from mistercrunch/fix_run_extra
     new 3f1dfb3  Adding column type label to dropdowns (#4566)
     new 97afcd5  Adding to list of generated-members to fix pylint errors (#4632)
     new e9b5b1a  part1 (#4641)
     new 83f8f98  [cosmetic] removing table border in ModelView list (#4638)
     new ba9379b  Only show overlay if container is set (#4601)
     new 5c98f56  Fix sqllab numpy array (#4629)
     new ed9867c  Use 'count' as the default metric when available (#4606)
     new 8942436  [examples] let's not use 'date' as a col name (#4555)
     new 1435840  Set filter_select_enabled default to True for Druid (#4608)
     new fc47729  [sql lab] search to use fist&last name instead of username (#4628)
     new 33aa976  Cache the query string (#4633)
     new ec06967  Better default for MAPBOX_API_KEY (#4660)
     new b996523  fix: epoch_s and epoch_ms to date time (#4664)
     new d427f6a  Update messages.po (#4670)
     new 73f7f81  [Bug fix] Fixed/Refactored annotation layer code so that non-timeseries annotations are applied based on the updated chart object after adding all data (#4630)
     new b24a6fd  Fix, comma makes download_url a tuple (#4676)
     new f11cde9  add yarn.lock (#4674)
     new 76394d3  forms: make csv import parse dates accepts a list of columns (#4639)
     new 00cab7e  add yarn lock info to (#4679)
     new 9abc5c7  Add lyftColor to the game 💯 (#4682)
     new 097a37a  Fix up the Lyft color scheme (#4684)
     new 4ec8258  Preprocess SQL Lab query prior to checking syntax (#4686)
     new 336a106  CRUD hints around SQL expressions (#4645)
     new 52b925f  Fix bug with sorting columns in group by using time shift (#4683)
     new f9d85bd  [druid] Updating refresh logic (#4655)
     new deb2111  Docs on how to package a release + CHANGELOG for 0.24.0 (#4697)
     new f510956  Hotkeys in SQL Lab (#4680)
     new 8dd052d  [security] Refactor security code into SupersetSecurityManager (#4565)
     new d8d860f  i18n(es_es) (#4687)
     new 485b0c2  Fixing label issue when columnType is null (#4700)
     new 7e1b6b7  Rename no_reload (#4703)
     new 68dec24  [Explore] Streamlined metric definitions for SQLA and Druid (#4663)
     new f952ec2  Remove trailing '/' from Mailing list link in README file (#4709)
     new 9ee78d1  Add missing perms to sql_lab role (#4714)
     new ed9a56b  [sql lab] ctrl-r hotkey should run latest SQL (#4719)
     new 2967868  Use 3 letters month prefix in default date format (#4693)
     new d49a0e7  [sqllab] Using app context for Celery task (#4669)
     new e25535c  Remove redundant has_access definition in superset (#4689)
     new b3442a7  [cli] Deprecating gunicorn/flower dependencies (#4451)
     new 069d61c  [sqllab] fix data grid's instant search function (#4717)
     new 221b35f  Add '.1%' to number format options (#4720)
     new 11c9e67  [explore] don't prompt to 'Run Query' on viewport change (#4729)
     new e0f541f  easier tab closing in sqllab (#4738)
     new 1ef856e  including auto generated avg metrics in druid (#4718)
     new ab7ba20  Expose metrics to JS (#4654)
     new 969ff0c  Fix deep equality logic (#4730)
     new 68bfcef  [flask-appbuilder] Bumping version to 1.10.0 (#4603)
     new 8be0bde  [BugFix] Allowing limit ordering by post-aggregation metrics (#4646)
     new aa4173d  Pass timezone to Druid Query granularity (#4648)
     new f6fe11f  [bugfix] convert metrics to numeric in dataframe (#4726)
     new 7a497e2  [sql_lab]Disabled run query button if sql query editor is empty (#4728)
     new 9a79d33  [BUGFIX]: JavaScripts max int is 2^53 - 1, longs are bigger (#4005)
     new 3b7e0a9  [sql lab] preserve schema through visualize flow (#4742)
     new adda30b  Set longer CSRF token duration (one week) (#4741)
     new 68999b1  [deck_multi] fixing issues with deck_multi (#4754)
     new df4ff05  [druid] Excluding refreshing verbose name (#4761)
     new 92230b8  Add context to templates / respect slice timeout (#4673)
     new 59cabe7  [explore] set control default for *showminmax = false (#4766)
     new 9136679  Add notes to contrib file about testing and code coverage (#4778)
     new 1a26485  Fix brush with annotations (#4773)
     new 426c34e  Pass granularity from backend to frontend as ISO duration (#4755)
     new 4f2c206  Improve controls layout for Table visualization (#4767)
     new bd2cb9a  [Bug fix] Resolving key conflicts in Timeseries Annotation Layer when key is a string (#4768)
     new 627bdb2  [dashboard] open in edit mode when adding a chart (#4772)
     new ee15fc8  [doc] module header for controls.jsx and visTypes.jsx (#4777)
     new 17e673e  [line] fix verbose names in time shift (#4765)
     new 41c158e  Rename UPDATING.MD to (#4781)
     new 47c085f  Add play slider to screengrid (#4647)
     new 9bbe50f  [explore] forcing .1% number format when using 'Period Ratio' (#4774)
     new 64459ef  Add Ascendica Development in organizations list who use Superset (#4792)
     new 1e7a294  Improve xAxis ticks, thinner bottom margin (#4756)
     new 14bf45d  [bugfix] when num_period_compare is not set (#4799)
     new 1627fd0  [travis/tox] Restructuring configuration (#4552)
     new 02a9e37  [homepage] Fix Favorites chart list (#4802)
     new 7f1d754  [logs] Dropping dt column (#4587)
     new adf9ec0  adding option for multiple metrics, group by, opacity, legends (#4525)
     new 3c29ca7  filter recently viewed to just have explore and dashboard types (#4808)
     new 20f46ee  call next() the right way (#4804)
     new e965907  BugFix(#3658) (#4133)
     new 725b8f9  Adding tests for the time table viz (#4659)
     new dadc057  [tests] cleaning up test configuration (#4806)
     new ae7e114  [explore] set working default for MetricsControl (#4803)
     new 07a5f47  [bugfix] dedup groupby columns in Deck visualizations (#4801)
     new 683fb6c  Make the bottom margin a bit taller (#4807)
     new 2a95d20  [migrations] Fixing issue #4810 (#4815)
     new b043590  Filtering out SQLLab views out of table list view by default (#4746)
     new 6fd4ff4  Improve the calendar heatmap (#4800)
     new 2f5cff7  [DeckGL] Added fixtures and Deck test (#4798)
     new fd84fd8  RFC: add logger that logs into browser console (#4702)
     new daf9a3b  docs: use proper dialect for redshift (#4823)
     new 4c268ec  [docs] many improvements to the documentation / cleanup (#4817)
     new 8669874  [Explore] Adding custom expressions to adhoc metrics (#4736)
     new 23a3365  Update README with fresher screenshots (#4825)
     new 3b18fbf  db_engine_specs: use correct sqlite week time grain (#4831)
     new 2900ca3  [travis] Fixing environments (#4828)
     new c0db6db  Moving some JS folders (#4820)
     new 44c2d5b  [setup] Dropping 3.4 and adding 3.6 (#4835)
     new eac97ce  [explore] proper filtering of NULLs and '' (#4651)
     new e47d8a5  help sqllab forget the past
     new a14dc26  ensure directory exists before saving csv file (#4829)
     new a98c3cf  Fix time granularity-related issues (#4821)
     new 860a4d9  [docs] minor file name and format fix for the setup document (#4844)
     new e88b0b6  Remove obsolete (#4850)
     new c92b56e  correct config language key to pt_BR (#4854)
     new 8934717  [sql] Using read_sql_query instead of read_sql (#4853)
     new 66fcf9b  [formats] add better defaults for time + number formatting (#4843)
     new 937a5bc  Add Astronomer to list of organizations using Apache Superset (#4867)
     new 370d8a2  Safely passing data to d3.html (#4842)
     new 590e346  Fix 'pip install .' (#4856)
     new 5927e7d  Refactoring on exploreReducer.js (#4836)
     new 2cd016f  [axis formatting] Override the valueformat to be percentage when contribution is selected (#4866)
     new 7193a47  remove DISTINCT ON statement (#4869)
     new 7139f1e  Remove spurious "has" from README (#4872)
     new 17ae9ec  Move a few JS files (#4841)
     new fa3da8c  Implement Snowflake engine with supported time grains (#4882)
     new 3f48c00  [bugfix] temporal columns with expression fail (#4890)
     new f3d7560  Allow limiting rows on Pivot Table (#4891)
     new 510ae84  remove hard code http scheme of short url #4656 (#4886)
     new 0a95371  [sql lab] allow stoping 'pending' queries (#4896)
     new caa7267  Fix 'Uncaught TypeError: pe.clamp is not a function' (#4901)
     new d533ce0  [pylint] prepping for enabling pylint for non-errors (#4884)
     new 31f4266  translations: rename pt_BR gettext files (#4907)
     new 709a71b  requirements: bump gunicorn to 19.8.0 (#4906)
     new 3c7feb7  Heatmap improvements (#4897)
     new e1d2150  Add note about 0.25.0 upgrade in (#4883)
     new 8c94e1f  Fix country_map visualization URL (#4913)
     new 9c53323  Replace NaN/Infinity with null (#4908)
     new 13da5a8  Fix for week_start_sunday and week_ending_saturday (#4911)
     new 5f6a1ce  Fix typos from linting (#4918)
     new fa4acb1  Add doc entry for BigQuery support (#4917)
     new e213ccd  [bufix] filtered column was removed (#4921)
     new 5d6e59a  Support Apache Kylin in EngineSpec (#4925)
     new 976e43e  Install superset in Kubernetes with helm chart (#4923)
     new e2d5c33  Hide restricted ui elements, remove <br> from error message (#4900)
     new 440fb77  [druid] Updating Druid refresh metadata tests (#4887)
     new 52a6bd1  rm-slices (#4899)
     new 58a02bb  Add to the list of organizations (#4940)
     new f5b6367  add Airboxlab to Superset users list (#4938)
     new 8933365  Add Portugal to country_map visualization  (#4939)
     new ab958c6  make queries older than 6 hours timeout
     new d87504c  Merge pull request #4833 from timifasubaa/help_sqllab_forget_the_past
     new a60d577  Update installation.rst (#4930)
     new 415d1c0  [sql lab] handle query stop race condition (#4928)
     new f21ba1a  [docs] add entry for Hive in installation.rst (#4942)
     new 374482b  Fix naming for geojson (#4946)
     new 45ffed9  Move from deprecated flask-cache to flask-caching (#4944)
     new 65c4499  Support hours in relative time range selection (#4950)
     new 18e67f9  add 30 minutes support under time granularity (#4954)
     new 75df3d0  CHANGELOG for 0.25.0 (#4948)
     new e29beba  Add extraction function support for Druid queries (#4740)
     new 918399d  [bugfix] handling UTF8 in Druid dimensions (#4943)
     new 94249ed  superset/import_dashboards.html: Update title, clean up html (#4972)
     new af4dd59  Fix templating in sqla datasource (#4971)
     new 8591319  [sql lab] Use context manager for sqllab sessions (#4927)
     new a8514b2  [Explore] Adding Adhoc Filters (#4909)
     new 6720255  bump pyhive version
     new b75942d  Merge pull request #4977 from timifasubaa/bump_pyhive_version
     new 7d5195a  expanding regex for automated columns (#4990)
     new ad4912d  Allowing sqlExpression to be blank
     new 2c5200a  [deps] force flask<=1.0.0 (#4959)
     new 071c6a6  Merge pull request #4991 from michellethomas/fix_filter_blank_custom_sql
     new b391676  Force lowercase column names for Snowflake and Oracle (#4994)
     new ce710f8  cleaning up the table fab view since we hide these autogenerated metrics anyway (#4992)
     new 7a4a89b  Update Apache Kylin dbengine with supported week/quarter grains (#4965)
     new b839608  [sql lab] a better approach at limiting queries (#4947)
     new 7b427d7  Make MetricsControl the standard across visualizations (#4914)
     new c2eae96  Fix AdhocFilterControl for single metric options (#5012)
     new e72c9cd  Fix EncryptedType error (#5007)
     new cf374ef  fix missing datasource error message
     new 2bf53da  Make port number optional in superset for druid (#5020)
     new 2ba929a  Fix flask<1.0.0
     new 5a64b3f  Merge pull request #5022 from mistercrunch/flask_sub_1
     new f52f7aa  raise exception early
     new 63115fb  nit
     new 5505c11  Merge pull request #5019 from timifasubaa/fix_error_message_for_missing_datasource
     new 9f66dae  [bugfix] Fix ZeroDivisionError and get metrics label with percent metrics (#5026)
     new 1c9474b  treating floats like doubles for druid versions lower than 11.0.0 (#5030)
     new ce0011e  Add missing dep on contextlib2 (#5027)
     new 0e1fb62  forcing ace editor to refresh when it is shown (#5038)
     new a746fce  expanding simple tab (#5032)
     new 459cb70  Visualization for multiple line charts (#4819)
     new 973c661  Rename "slice" to "chart" and update translations (#5008)
     new b312cda  fix metrics type error in pivot table viz (#5025)
     new b8aeb1a  Allow MetricsControl to aggregate on a column with an expression (#5021)
     new 4c44223  [Dashboard] Allow Superset Alpha, Gamma users to save dashboard as a copy (#5051)
     new 17d6464  [get_df] Adding support for multi-statement SQL (#5060)
     new fa3e4e2  integrating dashboard filters with adhoc filters (#5056)
     new d322e48  [markup] Enable allow-forms (#5062)
     new 05061a7  Fix time shift color assignements (#5065)
     new 1aaa73b  Translate string to array for multi fields in getControlsState (#5057)
     new 3207116  Revert "[get_df] Adding support for multi-statement SQL" (#5078)
     new 42d0597  Use a dummy version number on master (#5000)
     new e30215c  Add 24 hours refresh for dashboard (#5068)
     new c18ef89  [bugfix] fix visualization with adhocMetric (#5080)
     new 1aced9b  force limit only when there is no existing limit
     new d38315a  reuse_regex_logic
     new 4592677  Fix python2 str() in visualization (#5093)
     new ae50845  Proper error handling in Hive Queries (#4428)
     new 6c3e469  Add more time grains (#5083)
     new 7dbb45e  add CnOvit to Superset users list (#5094)
     new 0511d1f  [get_df] Adding support for multi-statement SQL (#5086)
     new f611797  Bump dep on pydruid to 0.4.3 (#5098)
     new a9d7faf  add tests
     new 21967f4  Add Lime to Superset user list.
     new e8b2598  Merge pull request #5109 from cxmcc/patch-1
     new 875d0b5  Override time grain in annotations (#5084)
     new cefc206  Merge pull request #5023 from timifasubaa/fix_sqllab_commit
     new f3778c3  fixing LIKE constant name (#5110)
     new 4ecd95a  [bugfix] on druid always shows animation (#5107)
     new 6f05b48  Adding the MetricsControl to the timeseries_limit_metric field
     new ff4b103  Fixing time table viz for adhoc metrics (#5117)
     new 2861110  Refactor NULL handling into method, disable for vizes (#5106)
     new 40fadfc  adding null checks to adhoc filter popover (#5111)
     new 1d3e96b  Allow multiple time shifts (#5067)
     new 556ef44  docs: Add new Athena URI scheme awsathena+rest:// (#5112)
     new cc0942a  updating adhoc metric filtering (#5105)
     new 4776828  Adding tests for adhoc metric as timeseries_limit_metric
     new dc21e0d  URL shortner for dashboards (#4760)
     new ffd65ce  Pin FAB to 1.10.0 (#5133)
     new d2bc4ec   Bump celery to 4.1.1 (#5134)
     new b71f551  Optimize presto SQL Lab query performance. (#5132)
     new f102eab  [crud] Improving performance (#5136)
     new 0abbc98  pin kombu dependency (#5150)
     new 0545d11  [migrations] Fix time grain SQLA (#5135)
     new 57e1256  Improve time shift (#5140)
     new 5b35f75  empty lists are invalid comparators (#5160)
     new 1b4406d  [migration] Adding migration to remove empty in/not-in filters (#5161)
     new b53b240  [Explore][Adhoc Metrics/ Filters] disabled message for custom sql tab in druid (#5162)
     new 915e6e9  Restore translations as of 459cb701fb2140fcce8b97a1839a9511574375c7 (#5156)
     new 7d1c035  [druid] Fixing Druid version check (#5028)
     new 0a276ff  Init docker for local development environment. (#4193)
     new a3477ab  Pin FAB and bump a bunch of JS libs (#5122)
     new 3de79b6  Fix bullet chart rendering (#5108)
     new 280200f  Fixing tooltip displaying metrics in heatmap (#5055)
     new 52a933f  [migrations] Cleanup recent migrations (#5155)
     new 502b617  [migrations] Cleaning up migration logic (#5167)
     new 7f30b48  fetch datasources from broker endpoint when refresh new datasources (#5183)
     new d6846d9  Adding column only if it doesn't already exist (#5179)
     new 95bb175  fix empty metrics
     new b380a57  Fixing sortby adhoc metrics for table viz
     new 6e37d3f  Merge pull request #5190 from timifasubaa/fix_null_metrics
     new 7a107fa  pass_error_message_separately
     new 30111bf  Repoint .istambul.yml to the right location (#5187)
     new a109543  Introduce class attr BaseViz.enforce_numerical_metrics (#5176)
     new 585dbe6  fix Formula type annotation, it doesn't show up since #4630 (#5181)
     new 66ffcb6  Merge pull request #5118 from michellethomas/add_metrics_control_sort_by
     new 7fa5559  remove resolution link prop
     new 4b7a14d  Merge pull request #5194 from timifasubaa/pass_error_link_separately
     new b60ac5f  Fixing issue with table viz for table with no metrics (#5205)
     new 8cdc9ca  [pie-chart] Restricting query to single metric (#5203)
     new de0aaf4  [webpack] setup lazy loading for all visualizations (#4727)
     new d5ebc43  [explore] fix autocomplete on verbose names (#5204)
     new 7b49b6c  Revert "[webpack] setup lazy loading for all visualizations" (#5219)
     new 00fad1c  README: update Maieutical Labs url (#5227)
     new ccf2110  Bump Celery to 4.2.0 (#5222)
     new c89933d  [sql lab] quote schema and table name (#5195)
     new c670621  setup: improve description (#5226)
     new 0509d7a  [Explore] Enable Rich tooltip by default (#5215)
     new d7d5327  [CRUD] Improving performance by disabling editing Associated Chart] (#5238)
     new 480ddfc  [CRUD] disable user change slices from dashboardmodelview (#5217)
     new 1fc4ee0  [perf] add webpack 4 + SplitChunks + lazy load visualizations (#5240)
     new d483ed1  [adhoc-filters] Adding adhoc-filters to all viz types (#5206)
     new 5c106b9  [bubble-chart] Fixing issue w/ metric names (#5237)
     new a84f430  Describe the use of custom OAuth2 authorization servers (#5220)
     new 70679d4  Pin botocore version (#5184)
     new 93cdf60  [sqllab] Fix sql lab resolution link (#5216)
     new 62427c8  Revert "[perf] add webpack 4 + SplitChunks + lazy load visualizations" (#5253)
     new 2a3d297  Allow users to view dashboards they own (#4520)
     new 409ac68  [sql lab] Fix issue around VARBINARY type in Presto (#5121)
     new 13cbf80  [Explore] Handle empty metrics control data (#5241)
     new eb67651  Moving homogenize_types to after no data exception (#5214)
     new 15c8e5b  [timeseries table] use verbose date in tooltip by default (#5263)
     new 0e5293b  Update (#5264)
     new 73295f2  Bump pydruid to 0.4.4 (#5262)
     new 2f27432  fixing regex displaying as undefined in the pill (#5266)
     new 5a716e9  [bugfix] get word_cloud to support complex metrics (#5248)
     new b344056  [bugfix] add support for numeric nodes in Sankey (#5154)
     new e1618dd  Fix edge case around NaN values (#4964)
     new d4672db  make sure there is a val to be set for existing filters (#5257)
     new 7de5023  [druid] Adding verbose_name to editable columns (#5249)
     new ca5cc67  [metric] Fixing ad-hoc metric for dual-line chart (#5271)
     new c065319  [wip] dashboard builder v2 (#4528)
     new bd24f85  specify hve namespace for tables (#5268)
     new b0eee12  add more precise types to hive table from csv (#5267)
     new 05a39b3  fix sqllab <Loading /> css, fix double AddSliceCard margin and drag border (#5293)
     new 4ee984c  [dashboard fix] force refresh charts under tabs (#5291)
     new fb988fe  Pin boto3 to 1.4.7 (#5290)
     new 117507c  [get_df] Fix datetime conversion (#5274)
     new 17b4298  [dashobard fix]: fix validation check for default_filters (#5297)
     new 04fc1d1  [dashboard v2] add MissingChart component in the case that chart component has no slice definition, add tests. (#5296)
     new 777d876  Improve database type inference (#4724)
     new df5ce50  Adding THE ICONIC to the list (#5305)
     new 089037f  [DeckGL] Raise error with null values (#5302)
     new ad05700  [dashboard fix]Fix copy_dash unit test (#5323)
     new bfa9fff  Update (#5320)
     new 885d779  [bugfix] README encoding-related UnicodeDecodeError on (#5309)
     new 16d2633  Fix flaky unit test - remove 'Markup' object in data (#5313)
     new 72d815c  [cache] Allowing zero cache-timeout (#5315)
     new 6f4a2e3  Fix typo in Start with Docker (#5348)
     new 976e815  RST formatting fix for Installation docs (#5346)
     new 81bd5cc  A couple of fixes (#5338)
     new 059b64d  normalize column names for Redshift (#5337)
     new 6fee058  Implement rolling api introduced in pandas 0.18 (#5328)
     new ad9103f  [Bug fix] Divide by 1000.000 in epoch_ms_to_dttm() to not lose precision in Presto (#5211)
     new 252cba2  impala support for epoch timestamps (#5349)
     new 7158fb1  added a 'no_trend_line' option (#5356)
     new c1187e0  [cache] Adding description for a zero cache timeout (#5354)
     new 28ba5a9  use schema form field in upload csv (#5303)
     new 7222c6f  CHANGELOG entry for 0.25.0 to 0.26.0 (#5334)
     new a17f714  [dashboard] Fix save issue at Force_V2_Edit mode (#5360)
     new 6b15592  [dashboard] should use forceV2Edit property name (#5362)
     new cd2414b  Set ignore NaN as true for TableViz (#5371)
     new cafde15  Adding Druid Time Granularities (#5379)
     new 0ca426a  Set control 'percent_metrics's default to [] (#5357)
     new f9352af  [pie] improvements to pie charts (#5236)
     new 19ac6e1  get rid of global `notify` (#5355)
     new 22b7c2d  quote hive column names (#5368)
     new 2eeff2a  Fix the build (#5403)
     new bd47587  Fix display limit in sql lab (#5392)
     new 996304a  Make Pypi upload support markdown (#5352)
     new e79bb92  Add `IS NOT NULL` and `IS NULL` as filter options (#5375)
     new 709f056  [bugfix] make MetricsControl work with DECK visualizations (#5376)
     new 0d10cc5  [Table Viz] columns not match with group_by control (#5329)
     new 4fa4163  Make time filter more usable (#4981)
     new 48317fd  [big_number] tooltip shows in the wrong place (#5404)
     new c445ef8  Explore to SQL Lab (#5101)
     new f8a6e09  [sqllab] Fix sqllab limit regex issue with sqlparse (#5295)
     new 7b4e6c7  Time shift difference (#5177)
     new 7670e0c  allow 7 tabs, remove 'slice_' prefix in logs (#5411)
     new 75cf5e1  Fix time filter in dashboard v2 (#5412)
     new 8b7aaec  [webpack 4] third time's the charm ;) (#5370)
     new 73ec526  Fix db migration 3dda56f1c4c6 (#5415)
     new 7f8eaee  allow selection of dbs where csv can be uploaded to (#5393)
     new b0b04b3  Fixed typos in currently modified files (#5419)
     new 5be0e69  Avoid expensive select_star on dashboard bootstrap data (#5424)
     new 99ce7b7  Add pylint back as a tox env (#5416)
     new 6441f69  Typo fixes in and (#5432)
     new 41447e8  remove limiting at the display level (#5413)
     new 83e1e2c  Time filter fixes (#5448)
     new 670b145  Add Snowflake connection string instructions (#5443)
     new 90decbc  Migrated to click (#5410)
     new c545fdf  Added Zambia geojson up to district level. (#5436)
     new 0d5443e  Add week granularity for Clickhouse (#5455)
     new 6e7b587  Clarify title when importing a table (#5454)
     new 7fcc2af  [sql] Correct SQL parameter formatting (#5178)
     new 971e9f0  Fix the build by merging both db migrations heads (#5464)
     new a165aec  Fix broken dedup and remove redundant db_spec logic (#5467)
     new a11e47f  Add row_limit control to line chart (#5426)
     new fee5023  Move flake8-related packages deps to reqs-dev.txt (#5460)
     new bea0a0a  fix migration 3dda56f1c (#5468)
     new bfcc3a6  [migration] Fix migration 3dda56f1c (#5471)
     new fd2d4b0  Migrate dashboard positions data from v1 to v2 format (#5463)
     new 3f2fc8f  retire dashboard v1 (js and python) (#5418)
     new dfb6147  Remove is-react dep (#5478)
     new 3df82d9  Modify Athena connection description (#5492)
     new 7ff02c0  [migration] bug fix in dashboard migration (bebcf3fed1fe_) (#5497)
     new 54fba0f  Visualization Unicode bug fix (#5387)
     new 41286b7  [sql lab] extract Hive error messages (#5495)
     new e22fcb9  [sql lab] fix Hive 'Transport' not open issue (#5494)
     new 94cb20c  Apply SQL_QUERY_MUTATOR to explore & dashboard (#5493)
     new 6f87552  [sqllab] fix unexpected keyword argument 'ignore_nan' (#5490)
     new 723bbe4  Remove dashboard transition related config (#5505)
     new cd55998  Improve hive/pyhive error message regex (#5502)
     new 213fb64  Fix 5479 - unicode columns issue. (#5508)
     new d373178  Added India in country map visualizaion. (#5459)
     new daf2116  set default layout for new added charts (#5425)
     new 3b6cafc  allow security manager provide error message (#5500)
     new 8fd8d73  Fixed the issue of Zambia country map. (#5516)
     new b77d6e9  Set max width for tooltips (#5504)
     new 9e67445  hotfix - pass link not error message (#5512)
     new 37c9b0b  added clickhouse as supported db (#5522)
     new c1e6c68  Add time grain blacklist and addons to (#5380)
     new 2d8101b  Fix time shift (#5529)
     new 47e3c41  [ad-hoc filters] Fixing issue with legacy filters (#5525)
     new 8c822f1  Adding 364 days to time compare option (#5521)
     new e7d0512  [get_df] Updating multi-statement logic (#5517)
     new e52518c  [ad-hoc filters] Remove legacy split in /explore (#5533)
     new b564aa4  Stop pretty printing dashboard json (#5538)
     new 9831730  Annotation Styles for Time Series Annotations (#5437)
     new 1a9c459  Include README in MANIFEST (#5531)
     new 4bf69a7  fix superset error message flow (#5540)
     new 906dcd8  Replace metadata refresh stacktrace with danger flash (#5536)
     new 1b9e5d4  Update BigNumber design (#5469)
     new fe6846b  [sql lab] simplify the visualize flow (#5523)
     new 0786913  Portuguese translation (#4874)
     new 9d95c4c  remove js packages that are not referenced in js code (#5514)
     new 0aff865  Add Thailand country map (#5554)
     new aa9b30c  Re-add dashboard short links (#5398)
     new e1f4db8  Match viz dataframe column case to form_data fields for Snowflake, Oracle and Redshift (#5487)
     new 2e2c980  Reduce dashboard position_json data size (#5543)
     new 8014709  [bugfix] time filter on dashboard view (#5546)
     new 1e15566  permissions bug fixes (#5559)
     new 51bd17d  Improve URLs for Chart and Dashboard ModelViews (#5544)
     new faf35b0  convert position to v2 for Superset load_examples (#5515)
     new 9331cf7  [sql lab] allow EXPlAIN queries (#5558)
     new 89b7ca0  Remove function since_until_to_time_range (#5560)
     new f5ad661  remove uneccessary comma (#5564)
     new b7f9dab  A collection of small bug fixes on master (#5561)
     new aa14bac  Add option for BigNumber to not start y-axis at 0 (#5552)
     new 68ba63f  Implement a React-based table editor (#5186)
     new 39acd9f  remove deep-equal and use _.isEqual instead (#5573)
     new ad469c7  Fixed the wrong icon for Source -> Table (#5574)
     new 39ff9de  update python3 version for testing to 3.6 (#5562)
     new 222b79d  Template dashboard (#5550)
     new a8f4849  [table editor] disable 'Sync table metadata' button for Superset views (#5580)
     new f4b45f0  [sql lab] visualization flow to detect unaliased columns (#5579)
     new 21bf8d9  [bug]Fix load_examples dashboard version key name (#5592)
     new 682ca38  [sql lab - explore flow] make sure groupby is empty (#5596)
     new d1ef81f  [ad-hoc filters] Fixing legacy conversion (#5589)
     new 7d61eea  fix cal_heatmap tips location error (#5480) (#5587)
     new 50981db  make some text localizable (#5611)
     new 2685ab4  [fix] Enforcing main dttm column (#5584)
     new e0c02be  [dashboards] Increasing position_json to MEDIUMTEXT for MySQL (#5618)
     new 536478e  [feature] Allow min/max value for the sparkline in time series table (#5603)
     new 5c1d906  Add option to run query with ctrl+enter (#5622)
     new d04d714  Fix menu on 'import dashboards' page
     new 763eeca  No exception on no data (#5597)
     new a39dfb9  Add additional heatmap schemas (#5549)
     new 1d7f4f2  [bugfix] line_multi chart crashed on chosen (#5568) (#5572)
     new 9f6ac08  [Dashobard]Fix bad merge (#5624)
     new 85a6da1  Fix annotation_json endpoint (#5621)
     new 4c2be71  [bugfix] TIMESTAMP not detected as date (#5629)
     new 2171ffb  [bug fix] Fixed forced percentage format on tooltips and bubble chart tooltips format. (#5631)
     new be04c98  [sql lab] always use NullPool (#5612)
     new d601ff4  Tackling late-arriving comments from #5186 (#5626)
     new 46f89f4  [bubble] Fixing ad-hoc metric labels (#5630)
     new c9bd5a6  Fetch a batch of rows from bigquery (#5632)
     new 4e3b2e7  [title] Fix issue with non-string names in series title (#5433)
     new bf0afef  Fix form data issue switching viz types (#5100)
     new 5966a67  Explore View Perf Fix (#5637)
     new 492ad6c  use_slice_data in slice_json calls (#5643)
     new 2e04180  Upgrading vx responsive to fix ResizeObserver issue (#5647)
     new 32b3d00  Updating yarn.lock for the vx upgrade (#5648)
     new 4ff5686  make filters use security manager (#5567)
     new cc9324a  handle exception and set dtype value to JSON, when column type JSON (#5644)
     new 97acfc7  fix multilayer viz backend error (#5649)
     new 5a4b70d  Fix checkbox is fails When disable Druid datasource (#5645)
     new 0a1aa6d  [bugfix] TypeError: adhocMetric.comparator.join is not a function (#5661)
     new 3d15d91  [sqllab] call out transient state of tabs to users (#5652)
     new dd5e0ba  Update (#5668)
     new 4c5142d  Filter out null locations by default (#5642)
     new cdd348a  Minor improvements to SQL Lab UI (#5662)
     new fef39a7  Fix time filter in cache (#5681)
     new 683edc3  Refactor Chord vis (#5671)
     new 2d23ae1  [bugfix] df is None breaks df.empty check (#5657)
     new 0fbda33  Handling bigquery dialect when previewing data (#5655)
     new 5e5360f  make some text localizable, mainly in dashboard, explore, datasource editor, webpage title (#5685)
     new 50042af  [bug] 'an error has ooccured' when saving datasource (#5683)
     new fdb8001  change title from hotkeys to keyboard shortcuts (#5688)
     new 14b5c6b  Fix CSS (#5640)
     new 8dfa565  Upgrade mysqlclient to 1.3.13 (#5665)
     new 71e0c07  [bugfix] making secondary_metric optional (#5682)
     new 80e7778  Field names in big query can contain only alphanumeric and underscore (#5641)
     new ebe585d  [bugfix] Encode unicode error message response (#5687)
     new 3929f0f  Refactor force-directed graph (#5691)
     new 0a40149  Repair and refactor Word Cloud (#5669)
     new 359b31e  Increase pylint jobs (#5646)
     new bcc0954  Fixes to the play slider (#5675)
     new 6959b70  Add categories and time slider to arc viz (#5638)
     new 6e8c7f7  [viz flow] detect TIMESTAMP, transition to line chart (#5634)
     new 2a8cd43  Make brush send events (#5663)
     new b42f8a2  [bugfix] geohash lat/long is reversed (#5695)
     new 1c85192  adds TimorLeste geodata (#5698)
     new 0e057d5  Adds geodata for Myanmar (#5697)
     new b92e730  Allow users to select color for big number (#5694)
     new 54c9ceb  Merge pull request #5623 from mistercrunch/fix_templates
     new 8992755  [security] Moving set/merge perm to security manager (#5684)
     new 71866f6  [deck arcs] add JS hooks for sourceColor & targetColor
     new 5c49514  [sqlparse] fix sqlparse bug (#5703)
     new 9fb28b5  Revise markup.js and iframe.js (#5672)
     new 0448db3  remove console.log and change wording (#5702)
     new 5e6efae  Geojson property names (#5708)
     new 9827925  Return 401 on no authorization
     new c567a89  Use 403
     new 2abc941  Merge pull request #5716 from lyft/DPTOOLS-976
     new 14930bb  [bugfix] add item is missing on table editor metrics tab (#5714)
     new 54ae215  [SIP-5] Refactor treemap (#5670)
     new ba32944  [table editor] fix 'Autocomplete filters' checkbox doesn't stick
     new c447a97  [css] show border around editable input while editing
     new e964d83  [table editor] better table header for Metrics tab
     new cae0704  Fix FAQ on filters (#5720)
     new bddc952  [docs] FAQ entry 'Does Superset work with [database engine]?'
     new 12cc2fb  [docs] note as to how to build and view the docs
     new 9a6595d  make some text localizable, mainly in explore, query (#5735)
     new f83ea23  Autofocus aggregation in metric control (#5717)
     new 09d46a7  Fix tests
     new 52b99df  [celery] Using preferred configuration proceedure (#5726)
     new f5cc983  remove unneeded console.log (#5738)
     new d7f06cb  [SIP-5] Repair and refactor Horizon Chart (#5690)
     new 8d01c84  [SIP-5] Refactor sunburst (#5699)
     new 0781cf2  [bugfix] BigNumber crash, Horizon indent and Myanmar geojson (#5746)
     new 19062ed  Merge pull request #5723 from mistercrunch/fix_autocomplete_filters
     new 0d6201d  Merge pull request #5724 from mistercrunch/css_editable_input
     new 1e6a3b0  Merge pull request #5706 from mistercrunch/color_arcs
     new 46a048b  update webpack (#5744)
     new ceda309 entry about dashboard v2 forced migration in 0.28
     new 4ae08c2  Merge pull request #5725 from mistercrunch/label_verbose_name
     new 13e48e8  typo-delipo
     new fcf2c75  [SIP-5] Refactor and update heatmap (#5704)
     new 506cfd1  [SIP-5] Refactor sankey (#5701)
     new 24a9a39  Merge pull request #5731 from mistercrunch/faq_db_engines
     new 1a95fbc  Merge pull request #5732 from mistercrunch/build_docs
     new bd1f36d  Merge pull request #5750 from mistercrunch/updating_0_28
     new 6cc52c6  Prevent deleting databases that have attached tables (#5749)
     new f0beb3a  Silence error on migration 4736ec66ce19 constraint drop (#5729)
     new 60ecd72  [deck polygon] add support for geohash (#5712)
     new ba4b8a0  Add Myra Labs to user list in README (#5756)
     new 6c6ea37  [bugfix] IS NOT NULL filter triggers KeyError: 'val' (#5764)
     new 48d220c  Disable input when IS (NOT) NULL selected in filters (#5766)
     new ae3fb04  Bug: fixing async syntax for python 3.7 (#5759)
     new 2da5db9  [Table view] Handle empty arrays in fd.timeseries_limit_metric (#5715)
     new 135539c  [bugfix] 'DruidCluster' object has no attribute 'db_engine_spec' (#5765)
     new d5d5927  fix sqlparse bug and refactor (#5768)
     new 772ae77  [dashboard] Update font style for markdown component (#5722)
     new 00cc6e9  [SIP-5] Refactor World Map (#5719)
     new 86f99b0  [SIP-5] Refactor rose (#5763)
     new 00f2771  [SIP-5] Refactor and repair partition (#5718)
     new 5437efa  Fix multilayer geoviz and color picker error (#5767)
     new ada8b92  New branding images (#5776)
     new 8af3e1f  Fix redirect to SQL Lab (#5777)
     new 9f2b502  remove backend logic for wordcloud (#5753)
     new f72cdc3  [SIP-5] Repair and refactor CountryMap (#5721)
     new e12f4fb  update thumbnail (#5782)
     new 5e3f833  Update annotation model to have JSON Metadata field (#5745)
     new 8a4b1b7  [SIP-5] Refactor table (#5707)
     new 77fe9ef  Force quoted column aliases for Oracle-like databases (#5686)
     new d43813f  make some text in [druid,CRUD,datasource] localizable (#5796)
     new eb41756  Configure webpack-dev-server (#5786)
     new cf12ea0  [celery] setting default (#5812)
     new a411516  bug: don't show query overlay when panning mapbox maps (#5814)
     new 0c33f80  Enable CSS Hot Module Replacement and optimize css output for production (#5813)
     new 2811498  [SIP-5] Refactor calendar chart (#5760)
     new b461287  [SIP-5] Refactor and improve histogram (#5758)
     new bebbdb8  [SIP-5] Refactor MapBox (#5783)
     new dafe0b9  [SIP-5] Refactor parallel coordinates (#5761)
     new a9952bb  [SIP-5] Remove unused function #easy-review (#5825)
     new 5eff7a8  [SIP-5] Refactor pivot table (#5705)
     new 8c2dbad  fix bug with react-syntax-highlighter import (#5826)
     new 98d9fb1  Adding 'Resources' section to the docs (#5823)
     new f9977af  Update Readme that support Apache Kylin (#5818)
     new 5616d7b  [sql_json] allow not specifying client_id (#5730)
     new 0c98ecb  [dashboard] Add alert on user delete root level tab (#5771)
     new d40ded0  Adding simple Cypress tests (#5693)
     new b284788  [SIP-5] Refactor filterbox (#5789)
     new 68e7794  [SIP-5] Refactor Paired t-test (#5762)
     new 3f8b970  [bugfix] Fix bignumber overflow in dashboard (#5839)
     new 9f4d67b  Adding instructions on how to run Cypress in (#5840)
     new 4a62ef3  Get 'Test Connection' button to take 'engine_params' into account (#5830)
     new 299e20a  Fix cache for multiple time comparisons (#5828)
     new 517fea3  [docs] suggest using python3.6 in installation docs (#5834)
     new 6d57372  Enable hot module replacement for React via react-hot-loader (#5841)
     new 6c9be9d  Update time filter to use `react-datetime` (#5819)
     new f740974  Handle "ambiguous durations" (#5785)
     new e35bfba  add timing to stats logger (#5844)
     new 73db918  Upgrade to React==16.4.1 &  Enzyme==3.3.0 (#5359)
     new 039e7c5  [sql lab] handle large ints, prevent overflow (#5829)
     new 73cfccc  [bugfix] 'No numeric types to aggregate' in NVD3 chart (#5853)
     new ce362f0  [bugfix] fix rows not showing on welcome page (retry) (#5849)
     new 9a4bba4  [sqllab]More granular sqllab logging (#5736)
     new 965c838  update dashboard sidepane title (#5850)
     new 1f6e8b3  [dev] fix redux devtools (#5855)
     new 6ae285b  Adding line and big number total integration tests (#5846)
     new 6df720d  [bugfix] mapbox pan on filter (#5858)
     new 01212c3  make access request open new tab (#5859)
     new 962eb08  fix Object.assign try to write to read-only (#5860)
     new c82cea3  fix sqllab logging (#5862)
     new 657993d  Moving get_main_db out of tests and into superset utils (#5864)
     new 166058d  correctly compute slice width in dashboard (#5867)
     new 1e35030  [Docs] Running DB migration (#5748)
     new 367dcda  [time table] fix sorting on missing values (#5863)
     new bec0b4c  [tests] fix sqllab/TableElement_spec (#5874)
     new f482a6c  Improve categorical color management (#5815)
     new 4121d57  fix: Pivot table not sorting formatted numeric column properly (#5709)
     new 620beed  remove getColorFromScheme in favor of CategoricalColorNamespace.getScale() for histogram (#5878)
     new 80faa8d  Fix CSS theme flickering on FAB pages (#5880)
     new ee89a3e  [SIP-6] removed get_data for BigNumber (#5861)
     new 10836ce  fixed modal close issue (#5865)
     new 8569261  [bug fix] Fixed adhoc metric is not working for WordCloud (#5877)
     new 83fa7af  Enable Teradata (#5870)
     new 057c749  Addded documentation for Teradata DB (#5885)
     new 7098ada  [SIP-5] Refactor Time Series Table (#5775)
     new b453cd2  [lint] turn no-undef back on, set browser, cypress, and mocha env's (#5879)
     new fdd44ac  remove duplicated utils (#5851)
     new acf1a1b  [treemap] add row_limit control (#5811)
     new b68766d  Add cypress artifacts directory (videos/screenshots) to gitignore and sort items in gitignore (#5900)
     new 9c486a3  [react16] fix React type checking (#5903)
     new 0e93a94  [SIP-5] Refactor nvd3 (#5838)
     new 041fe52  Adds a new macro to allow getting filter values easily (#5547)
     new 39ef77a  Remove jquery usage to highlight sql lab menu (#5907)
     new 74940e6  Fixing linting error in macro_tests (#5918)
     new 14de28a  [bugfix] Fix color scheme picker (#5891)
     new f2d6449  Remove unused functions and jquery dependency (#5868)
     new 19a3319  [bugfix] Fix percent metric display and check for string columns in table (#5917)
     new 24be692  [refactor] Remove dependency on personal fork of supercluster from mapbox visualizations (#5902)
     new 42ab175  [] swap cypress command order (#5921)
     new 8cb734d  Table and dist bar tests (#5901)
     new 325e7c0  [bugfix] De-dup <script> tags. #5883 (#5890)
     new 7448d07  [bugfix] ignore history.pushState errors (#5905)
     new 75bc501  [explore flow] handling duplicated column aliases (#5778)
     new 8fff0d9  [SIP-6] Add reactify function and convert world map to new directory structure. (#5893)
     new 549328f  Clean up (#5911)
     new b9e3159  Fix regression around low row limit for CSV exports (#5866)
     new 71f014e  Allow removing legend (#5932)
     new 5b97fe5  Some linting (#5790)
     new 1e5a02a  use es6 import (#5938)
     new 00c4c7e  fix csv upload bugs (#5940)
     new 8c83b72  remove .only (#5943)
     new a0e7c17  fix sqlab progress bar and status inconsistency (#5848)
     new b6d7d57  Add schema level access control on csv upload (#5787)
     new 15b1037  Adding configuration to cypress to enable dashboard (#5926)
     new 4e78803  [eslint] add no-only-tests (#5945)
     new 896c260  [docs] iterating to get to ASF compliance on project site (#5923)
     new 73d1e45  [explore] add "View samples" modal to action buttons (#5770)
     new f94bda0  [bugfix] metrics issue in 'Periodicity Pivot' (#5931)
     new a1fa4bc  [deck_polygon] implement null locations flag (#5948)
     new 70c095b  [deck_polyline] show metric in geohash (#5952)
     new 0886870  ensure npm run build is in production mode (#5934)
     new 4c62494  fix sqllab querysearch typeahead permission error (#5906)
     new 6b89b7f  Deprecate getColorFromSchem (#5937)
     new 5811a26  Constrain the max version of markdown (#5967)
     new 569f221  Add fordeal to superset user list (#5970)
     new 52033cb  Pinning a version of click to fix travis (#5975)
     new 4c21c65  Remove lodash.throttle and replace underscore calls with lodash (#5946)
     new 458b2b5  Explicit set markdown version to >= 3.0 (#5959)
     new 0cc0996  [cypress] Update dashboard test to remove 10s timeout (#5957)
     new bf9a102  Update webpack bundle configuration (#5983)
     new 2cd9407  [SIP-6] Migrate visualizations to new directory structure.  (#5949)
     new 4868c00  wait and verify one-by-one (#5995)
     new 36e2ddd  disable dashboard test (#6008)
     new 414a4bf  Removing the key from cypress build and removing parallel flag (#6005)
     new 604524b  [feat] Feature flag system via config (#5960)
     new 7388294  feat: import/export dashboards via cli (#5991)
     new f9344f1  [cypress] Combine multiple tests under visualizations into single test to save running time (#6019)
     new 5c2a788  [SIP-6] Migrate visualizations to new directory structure (part 3 - nvd3) (#6006)
     new df64eca  [cypress] Add integration test for area, pie, pivot_table, world_map, dual_line, sunburst, sankey, big_number, bubble, box_plot, treemap (#5924)
     new ab5c910  [bugfix] Fix Tableviz metrics column disorder (#5566)
     new e12d00a  log query fetch time (#6033)
     new a9ef0ae  Revert #5991 (#6035)
     new 9f028cc  [SIP-6] Migrate visualizations to new directory structure (part 2) (#5997)
     new f889798  use world map only bundle (#6029)
     new 50c701c  [ci] Update ci config to reduce javascript test time and some of cypress. (#6016)
     new df341ff  Sorting tables by "modified" is broken (#6027)
     new 8fe6f12  refer to default color scheme in colorpickercontrol instead of pointing to specific scheme (#6031)
     new 160e477  Deprecate support for Python < 3.6 (#5985)
     new adfe9e3  [tablemodelview] Fixing JSON api/read serializable issue (#6023)
     new 93fe453  remove redundant mysql (#6049)
     new 06e029f  fix for annotation layer bug (#6047)
     new 96952d0  Search queries when enter is pressed (#6043)
     new 6282edd  Revert old precision formatters (#6056)
     new 9dcf8e1  Upgrade flask-appbuilder to latest. (#6030)
     new 1ee08fc  [select-star] Adding optional schema to view (#6051)
     new 712c1aa  Allow user to force refresh metadata (#5933)
     new f50ed17  check db extra and metadata params preemptively (#6004)
     new 361f588  [Dashboard] Fix margin issue in dashboard modal (#6037)
     new 395359f  [cypress] add integration tests for dashboard (#6002)
     new cd2c46a  Add data structures for chart plugin system (#6028)
     new 3cc6fb6  Add increment back arrow to time player (#6062)
     new 238ffb4  [setup] Using pip-tools to create requirements.txt (#6054)
     new ee472af  feat: import/export dashboards via cli  (#6061)
     new 9b4cf85  [cypress] add SQL lab tests (#5974)
     new 247a85b  Fix top groups with user defined metrics (#6073)
     new 5c5be82  remove future imports (#6050)
     new c0f685b  Fix the horizon title only show the first key (#5998)
     new 64383ce  Rename color constants and move util function into separate file (#6074)
     new b7d5554  Cypress tests for controls and explore links (#6069)
     new e37b83a  remove future imports from db migrations (#6063)
     new 5282f39  Create chart plugins and metadata (#6072)
     new 2a7b64f  [SIP-5] Remove references to slice from all components.  (#6039)
     new 1d2b1aa  [cypress][sqllab] increase timeout for sqllab results (#6089)
     new 8e88d02  Add ChartPlugin and metadata for nvd3 and BigNumber vis (#6085)
     new e1e8778  Add ChartPlugin and metadata for vis (#6090)
     new 047c8b0  remove six dependency (#6091)
     new dd9eeda  remove future (#6065)
     new 2fc0743  move countries directory under CountryMap (#6088)
     new 12ce1b2  Fix link formating in (#6097)
     new 3df98e5  make BigNumber PureComponent (#6105)
     new dc7b6f2  Rename onTooltip to setTooltip (#6103)
     new 68ff4e5  fix dependency issue #6086 (#6102)
     new 46c8667  remove utf8 declaration (#6096)
     new 9029701  [refactor] Migrate from Mocha+Chai to Jest (#6079)
     new 316fdcb  [SIP-4] replace chart ajax calls with `SupersetClient` (#5875)
     new 91792a5  send username in sync request (#6113)
     new b4a1983  Fixes to the CategoricalDeckGLContainer and filter box (#6038)
     new 7d49255  This control test is flaky and affecting travis runs, turning it off for now (#6121)
     new 177bed3  allow cache and force refresh on table list (#6078)
     new 462c58e  [SIP-4] replace dashboard ajax calls with `SupersetClient` (#5854)
     new dcfbae1  [SIP-5&6] Refactor line_multi (#6058)
     new af0ffa4  [SIP-4] replace explorer ajax calls with `SupersetClient` (#5869)
     new bbfd69a  [] gathering/refactoring into a "utils/" folder (#6095)
     new 273991f  Use @vx/responsive to provide Chart width on Explore page (#6104)
     new e163dfe  [SIP-4] replace SQL Lab ajax calls with `SupersetClient` (#5896)
     new 58be31a  change viewport dimension (#6123)
     new 0aa6d90  Remove isNumeric util function and use Number.isFinite instead (#6106)
     new 7d0a17a  Turning off flaky link tests (#6141)
     new 4e2341a  downgrade reactable and remove fastdom (#6142)
     new d662e36  [Ready] Define ChartProps data structure (#6125)
     new 9d01af2  Add annotation information to ChartMetadata (#6136)
     new 04e5e87  remove reactable from Hotkeys.jsx (#6143)
     new bc4dfad  fix bar chart value overlap with legend (#6145)
     new fc3422e  add build query as part of plugin (#6146)
     new bc3a2ef  [superset-client] pass csrfToken as configuration (#6148)
     new 546d150  Define chart presets (#6144)
     new 96228ad  [superset-client][datasource editor] replace ajax with SupersetClient (#6134)
     new a71e6eb  [superset-client] replace misc ajax calls  (#6135)
     new b9257b2  [Refactor] Extend color scheme management to sequential schemes (#6150)
     new fc3b68e  [Sqllab] Add offline state to sqllab (#6013)
     new 8573fde  [superset-client][logger] replace ajax with SupersetClient (#6133)
     new d8d50a1  [superset-client] use getClientErrorObject for client error handling (#6163)
     new 9595adb  [bugfix] Fix language switch (#6166)
     new 9e6b171  Bump FAB to 1.12.1 (#6138)
     new 5f1eaa4  [SIP-9] Introduce TypeScript (#6120)
     new 47b1a08  Add TrustMedis to the userlist (#6117)
     new 6ec9e1a  [Ready][Dashboard] disable force refresh when chart is still loading (#6034)
     new 60796da  [superset-client][bugfix] fix stop query (#6179)
     new 9cb2dce  Update CHANGELOG from 0.26 to 0.28.1 (#6139)
     new ca5be1c  [fix] should allow force refresh when having charts under tab (#6181)
     new f1089c4  Improvements to the polygon spatial viz (#6178)
     new 90809f6  [sqllab] more robust copy to clipboard (#6180)
     new ef8429c  pass width and height (#6183)
     new e7e8e9d  [dashboard][bugfix][save as] re-direct to copied dashboard upon saveas (#6189)
     new e21e6a7  add get_data method to IFrameViz (#6185)
     new 9c5fc42  add error details into log (#6169)
     new bfbd83b  [datasource-editor] Correcting tooltip (#6191)
     new a0479d5  fix sql lab permission issue (#6194)
     new 71db073  [external-metadata] Fix unknown column types (#6196)
     new d57614f  Update (#6167)
     new 9580103  Fix typo in load-examples command (#6193)
     new 5c02e31  Implement SuperChart and enable the chart plugins (#6154)
     new dcf048c  [fix] should set chartUpdateEndTime when chart fetch failed or stopped (#6205)
     new 87161a6  [fix] hide annotation layer (#6204)
     new 735499c  Update (#6210)
     new d6908ee  i18n(App) syntax errors detected by Grammarly while translating (#6209)
     new 5403f31  [explore] Include "Autocomplete Query Predicate" field to Table Editor (#6171)
     new 81fc3df  [build] fix pip install issues on OSX High Sierra (#6201)
     new 7db11d9  [] allow for range on boto library (#6071)
     new acb4416  [deck] allow an array of dynamic of aggregations (#6198)
     new 71d6ff4  partition and clustering bigquery keys (#6212)
     new 7d6a429  [fix][Annotation] Fix override since/until for annotation (#6221)
     new 0f6b39a  A few improvements, removing future lib (#6219)
     new e1a3a68  fix bug : docker build error with no permission with this floder (#6226)
     new 1fbdd24  [fix] typo until (#6233)
     new 1c4b3e9  Fix time range filter dropdown (#6223)
     new 1473e2c  Integrate translation module @superset-ui/translation (#6222)
     new 1190ebb  [datasource] Ensure SQL Lab link opens in a new tab (#6195)
     new 2d4a1ab  fix misstake (#6237)
     new 2ad8e2e  [sql lab] improve placeholder strings for query search form (#6228)
     new af38d25  [bugfix] cannot add options to FilterBox (#6231)
     new c552c12  Move metadata cache one layer up (#6153)
     new 0a701d6  Corrected name of an area and fixed major grammatical errors (#6250)
     new db93dca  fixed grammatical errors and typos (#6249)
     new bc8c8a2  Fixed typos and grammatical errors (#6248)
     new 6d00692  Fixed grammatical errors (#6247)
     new bfec591  Fixed grammatical errors. (#6245)
     new 9710369  Fixed grammatical errors. (#6246)
     new 7b3095d  Fix examples charts/dashboards and refactor (#5881)
     new e46ab4d  Bump Flask, bleach and  sync pip-compile (#6239)
     new 59109f6  revert the change in (#6255)
     new d34217e  Dashboard filter box default (#6236)
     new 2fd18ee  Setting line chart row_limit to 50000 (#6244)
     new d1cbb0d  Update (#6259)
     new 02f0616  Make VizTypeControl use metadata from plugin (#6235)
     new 7d8e321  [Fix] merge since,until request parameter with time_range (#6251)
     new da24b0e  Remove label and showOnExplore. Specific import validators (#6261)
     new 3115eec   Externally Visible Server (#6264)
     new 8dbc20b  I18n es002 (#6208)
     new c041b66  i18n(es) (#6270)
     new fb13218  Dockerfile change because error: E: The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/https… (#6258)
     new 08cdb09  [explore] raise attention to row_limit being reached (#6252)
     new a1e408a  Fix typo in druid granularity (#6229)
     new 7373be7  Add chart names translation (#6273)
     new 7fe8e8a  [superset-client] getClientErrorObject for everyone (#6276)
     new c7f8abc  Adding backwards compatable check to add ago to since if it doesn't exist (#6269)
     new 124c55c  rename @superset-ui/core to @superset-ui/connection (#6274)
     new c653ab1  Fix Infinity css warning (#6280)
     new a1d867c  [dashboard] fix spinners disapear too early (#6283)
     new cd05d44  Avoid clearing metric when saving from datasource editor (#6277)
     new 1a4199a  [bugfix] deckgl scatter CategoricalDeckGLContainer (#6288)
     new 69e8df4  sql lab localStorage config (#6257)
     new aed774e  [bugfix] handle Loading spinner properly (#6292)
     new 0584e36  Add separate limit setting for SqlLab (#4941)
     new a57603a  Geoviz state management fix (#6260)
     new 4ce475f  Wrap <LoadableRenderer /> with <ErrorBoundary /> (#6294)
     new 8c0551e  [SIP-5] Open a new /api/v1/query endpoint that takes query_obj (#6220)
     new 77845ab  add logging to csv upload (#6297)
     new ede5c71  [annotation] Only allow override whole time_range (#6286)
     new 70327ca  Docker Demo, Port Change (#6289)
     new 2607d0a  [fix warning] Warning: Failed prop type: Invalid prop bsSize of value md (#6293)
     new 1fcfda4  Add Showmax among users (#6308)
     new 4934605  Make stacktraces available in many more cases (#6299)
     new 3d77526  [reviewable] [refactor] Split visTypes into one file for each visualization type (#6290)
     new 62dcce8  [bugfix] don't parse save dashboard response (#6349)
     new 04865f0  Update (#6346)
     new 5a37732  change to camelcase (#6354)
     new 8bf9a5b  [dashboard] fix save/save-as flow (#6350)
     new 3ffb48c  [reviewable] Organize d3 utilities usage (#6287)
     new 81349df  Parse datasource_id as integer on the server side (#6359)
     new 841d5e6  [nvd3] refactor margins (#6282)
     new a7b52da  [reviewable] Integrate @superset-ui/{core,color,chart} modules (#6234)
     new 1a5ca35  [cypress] Test dashboard save/save_as functions (#6361)
     new 74f0817  [hive] Fixing where lastest partition logic (#6357)
     new 0873abd  [404] Aborting for views with invalid dashboard/slice IDs (#6355)
     new b44c834  [bugfix] EventFlow does not display (#6367)
     new e0b3927  [bugfix] visualization flickers when rerunning query (#6374)
     new 8e2d28d  Fixed the cache issue for BigNumber (#6375)
     new d9a7d56  remove user params (#6345)
     new cb55668  do not convert value to lowercase when looking up color (#6384)
     new 4690563  [bugfix] prevent d3-format from raising (#6386)
     new a5b528c  Update the installation document based on Python 3.6+ (#6370)
     new d695321  Disable flaky cypress SQL Lab test (#6302)
     new e66b046  Add Japan country map (#6368)
     new ec1316a  [fix] JS error after delete row level tab (#6393)
     new c17de39  Split cypress tests (#6241)
     new 8c4f723  Set default limit on creation of new qe and on run (#6400)
     new c42bcf8  [migration]clean up __from and __to parameters in dashboard json_metadata (#6378)
     new 8b2cae0  [SIP-5] QueryBuilder in the client for granularity and groupby in word cloud (#6377)
     new 4c94447  Fix adhoc metrics in Polygon (#6399)
     new 8177fa1  [bugfix] grid&hex don't respond to zoom&drag (#6363)
     new e469086  [fix] view results in sql lab (#6405)
     new 5913c27  Expose Sqllab status in databases list view (#6388)
     new 8f3d911  'Fligth' filename typo (#6364)
     new d1a3ba8   Adding cypress tests for showing errors, time range filter, and verbose name (#6407)
     new 4c4b6c4  Minor improvements to Histogram viz (#6391)
     new 8155f4b  [bugfix] deckgl legend is not interactive (#6365)
     new a6f0132  Update (#6410)
     new 91b758f  Reduce data loaded before loading tests (#6298)
     new 2916c48  use same xaxis formatter for line chart tooltip (#6412)
     new 9dffe3a  Link to the ASF's code of conduct (#6406)
     new 0b830ce  Fix French typos (#6435)
     new 7eb4684  FixBug sqlMetricModels No attribute get_perm (#6433)
     new 3c6e882  [bugfix] Display raw value in addition to ERROR (#6417)
     new 5ca8c0b  Updated local dev instructions to include missing step (#6428)
     new 2489876  [logging] Add render failure error into log (#6422)
     new 2b2c650  Grammatical Error (#6439)
     new 1eb0d0d  Remove coordinator in Druid Cluster config (#5164) (#6443)
     new 3e4742f  [fix] edit chart title cause JS error (#6438)
     new 02aa3c6  Improve development experience with Docker (#5966)
     new 52bb92d  [Docs] Make sure venv is py3 and export app (#6401)
     new 8a8e840  Rename Druid to Apache Druid (Incubating) (#6419)
     new b0a5574  fix sunburst breadcrumbs (#6451)
     new 529cb5c  fix Calendar Heatmap (#6445)
     new 2931baa  Deprecate database attribute allow_run_sync (#4961)
     new 71a713d  replace missing round function in d3 to fix MapBox (#6444)
     new 4579b12  Ensure that dttm is of same timezone as epoch_with_tz (#6453)
     new f1cae2e  override get_view_names in PrestoEngineSpec (#6459)
     new 2731a01  fix metadata cache bug (#6458)
     new c11e9c8  [SIP-5] Build metrics in query_object in the client - Unify the metric interface (absorb the current plain string metric for built-in metric keys into the format used by adhoc metric) - Port the logic in adhocMetric on the client and process_metrics in the backend to the new typed Metrics class - Omit hasCustomLabel and formFromData properties from the new metric interface as their value can be inferred from label and optionName - Expose from the Metrics class both metri [...]
     new a4597af  addressing PR comments
     new e06f873  Adding a comment for metrictype values
     new e715cdb  [READY] Update SuperChart onRenderXXX listeners (#6376)
     new 5261d8a  Fixing error when clearing big number (#6465)
     new 5f7817a  [SIP-5] Build metrics in query_object in the client (#6423)
     new 20e1ac6  Update `@superset-ui/colors` (#6464)
     new 8e14e0b  allow domain sharding in frontend (#5039)
     new 002518b  Update sqllab.rst (#6469)
     new cc3a625  Use py3's f-strings instead of s.format(**locals()) (#6448)
     new fcec748  Use @superset-ui/number-format and @superset-ui/time-format for formatting.  (#6470)
     new 13f374a  make loading icon bigger (#6485)
     new 8307716  Add See Tableview Form button to the Datasource Editor modal (#6430)
     new fd54de7  FixBug druidMetricModels No attribute get_perm (#6432)
     new fc8acf2  [Bug Fix]Prevent re-rendering when non-instant controls change (#6483)
     new eb408d7  Add copy to clipboard buttons in explore and sqllab (#6461)
     new 5168c69  Hook for auditing queries (#6484)
     new 4109e89  Bump pydruid to 0.5.0 (#6454)
     new f5a277c  Pypi has a 60mb package size limit, and we're over (#6493)
     new 96f5106  Fix Annotation (#6457)
     new 23a2ab1  Adding tests for time table, formatting, and annotations (#6498)
     new f366bbe  Google spreadsheets (#5915)
     new 8086224  [SIP-3] Scheduled email reports for Slices / Dashboards (#5294)
     new 56aa7ac  Typo: Fixed link (#6087)
     new 96a0105  Update with latest local dev instructions (#6513)
     new d203886  Fix malformed table in docs/visualization.rst (#6409)
     new 852c512  Update requests version (#6510)
     new 1fba6f7  [warm] Enforcing consistent form-data (#6531)
     new fe0f5e9  Avoid resetting margin to 0 (#6536)
     new 5bac723  Refactor teradata to new time_grain_functions spec (#6539)
     new e285499  Add docker files to gitignore (#6507)
     new 9ec3e18  adding in a dependency version to fix an error with Flask CLI (#6547)
     new 95cdda4  Fix string value displaying NaN (#6534)
     new c6263fc  Documentation Correction to use http.server for Python3 (#6549)
     new c4884e3  Remove note about snowflake-sqlalchemy stable version regression (#6398)
     new fe99490  filter_values documentation fix (#5977)
     new 672c470  Pass security manager to QUERY_LOGGER (#6548)
     new e2b9625  Increase size of column `name` in table `ab_view_meu` (#6532)
     new b069419  fix addr_str format bug (#6551)
     new 926f78c  Fix Polygon not show (#6545)
     new 3f29a1d  Secure unsecured views and prevent regressions (#6553)
     new 5a1ff0f  [cosmetic] add css no-wrap on CRUD's last modified (#6522)
     new 42067e0  [RfC] Fix URL too long (#6519)
     new 6a95f80  minor, auto tune debug mode when use flask_env (#6550)
     new fd03386  Make owner a m2m relation on datasources (#6544)
     new 8c6ddbc  Fix multiple db_migrations heads (#6560)
     new 60ccf3e  [SIP-14] remove dependency on yarn in favor of npm (#6541)
     new 6e942c9  Make boto3/botocore installation optional (#6540)
     new d427db0  [SQL Lab] Allow running multiple statements (#6112)
     new eff4e63  Adding missing slash (#6567)
     new fe77b57  [refactor] moving some datasource-related code to the frontend (#5769)
     new f424af8  json_iso_dttm_ser use for TableViz (#6563)
     new 4e03d41  fix #6530 and add some other chinese translation (#6569)
     new d99b36e  Fix: updated required cryptography version to 2.4.2 to resolve #6509 (#6516)
     new a0b2f2c  Fix multi/dual when no right y axis (#6571)
     new 2c3794e  [design] use angle icons instead of carets for expandable panels (#6564)
     new f761237  fixing issue #6572 with Oracle date handling (#6580)
     new d80cbbc  Change margin for slice description in charts for the dashboard view (#6575)
     new b164987  [bugfix] moving from reactable to reactable-arc fork (#6576)
     new 6099519  Using batch_op in db migration 0b1f1ab473c0 (#6581)
     new 142e7b6  Finish move to babel 7 (#6573)
     new c01230a  Enhance Docker (#6504)
     new 3802f01  add chinese translate (#6592)
     new bc9c183  Fix bug: some word not translate in js. (#6598)
     new f291dae  shift labels down along y-axis (#6596)
     new 68e9d29  Fix 'Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined' #6556 (#6574)
     new be1895f  [fix] url shortner for long explore url (#6449)
     new 818a6a8  Make NULL value grouping keys show up properly in rich tooltip (#6003)
     new 3c17dac  Upgrade gsheetsdb (#6609)
     new 28ca07e  fix(i18n) syntax errors detected by grammarly while translating (#6271)
     new 49e3638  Introduce a more visible resize grabber to the SQL editor (#6593)
     new accc754  Improve false negative on AlteredSliceTag (#6578)
     new eafb4f9  Upgrade webpack-dev-server to fix 'npm audit' issue (#6607)
     new f6ac0da  Improve padding in NVD3Vis (#6626)
     new fbf9586  Bump requirements (#6625)
     new 4243723  data point no clipEdge (#6614)
     new a2ce997  Add kuaishou to (#6630)
     new 9d70c34  pass source to db api mutator (#6497)
     new 8051818  [pie] allow formating nubmers on pie chart (#6628)
     new fafa6b4  Minor doc fix for superset (#6662)
     new 7e0e7c8  Improving Filter Box (#6523)
     new 0053a86  [README] use a numbered list instead of bullets for org list (#6629)
     new b143b16  #6588 Clear all other query tabs (#6617)
     new a55a5e0  Remove bad git conflicts from Readme (#6669)
     new 855228c  Add NOTICE file and include initial third party licenses (#6671)
     new 8e6c114  Add Apache Rat for license checks (#6663)
     new 42cf929  Fix scheduled reports for mysql (#6512)
     new b2f0b2b  Update Dockerfile (#6678)
     new ae6217b  Remove dep on unidecode (#6673)
     new 284a0cc  Add fix for pyodbc+mssql (#6621)
     new b1dbd1c  [bugfix] show results in query history & revert #5848 (#6436)
     new 5055157  Truncate long labels (#6631)
     new f480a52  Add doc about translation using poedit (#6600)
     new 207d952  Fix for #6590: Numeric values in columns sometimes returned as quoted strings  (#6591)
     new 4667f0c  Committing some licenses to fix master (#6689)
     new da813b7  [table editor] allow selecting physical table (#6046)
     new 1dd4d7a  Apply ASF licenses throughout the code base (#5800)
     new 4c65844  Update (#6682)
     new e03e276  Bump some of the requirements-dev.txt (#6700)
     new 65f7f29  Fix url_param macro when param is missing (#6699)
     new 88964b7  Deprecate auto-generated metrics (#5461)
     new 30c9119  Fix Text field to edit SQL snippet of a metric is not large enough (#6702)
     new 9c7b98a  Add more format shims (#6709)
     new 99d6dc0  Trim query before parsing (#6703)
     new 6718588  Add universal "New" button (#6670)
     new 75322ab  More ASF licenses (css + html/jinja) (#6711)
     new 69fe50a  [cosmetic] remove margin-bottom on dropdowns (#6627)
     new 055467d  Explicitly declare flags as flags (#6693)
     new 7ee8afb  Improve support for BigQuery, Redshift, Oracle, Db2, Snowflake (#5827)
     new 31ea681  Add `extra` column to `SavedQuery` (#6687)
     new b260cb6  Expose more columns in saved queries API (#6686)
     new c954fe3  Insert a space after auto complete (#6717)
     new 0038881  Allow empty results in Hive (from SET, eg) (#6695)
     new ef79757  Merge heads (#6729)
     new 057c43c  Revert "Truncate long labels (#6631)" (#6723)
     new 01063ce  Fix link to SQLAlchemy docs about database URLs format (#6698)
     new 3cc7cdf  Fix ASF issues (#6677)
     new ebb7991  Update based on SIP-13 and add how to use labels (#6701)
     new f742b98  Making thrift, pyhive and tableschema as extra_requires (#6696)
     new 88283dc  Add cc-by 4.0 for geojson files (#6731)
     new d628907  Hotkeys in Explore View (#6526)
     new 1fece0d  Add licenses to translations (#6732)
     new d65059b  Add disclaimer and remove counter (#6738)
     new cf1a35b  Allow specifying custom width for logo (#6739)
     new bbd781b  Remove test URL (#6740)
     new bab7ee7  Adding a note about 0.30 to updating (#6730)
     new 954e42b  Update gitignore (#6742)
     new 3ae7d32  Add iframe and markup legacy plugin (#6741)
     new 1ffee8b  [cosmetic] remove 'List' prefix from list headers (#6725)
     new 594cd70  A few fixes for Presto connection (#6720)
     new 97cb10d  Make it easier to select dropdown options in control tests (#6546)
     new 879c553  [fix] JS error out when rename a new chart (#6752)
     new 01689c3  bump PyHive version for prod requirements.txt (#6751)
     new d591cde  added docs on proper function call for db mutator

The 3815 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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