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From Mark Phippard <>
Subject Re: Update-Only Checkout Enhancement
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2013 15:57:49 GMT
On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 10:46 AM, Mark Kneisler <> wrote:

> Yes, I understand the export function.  I want functionality for release
> management into test and production environments.
> For these environments I have a few requirements:
>         Files in these environments will NEVER be edited
>         For new releases I will need to perform an update to revision,
> which will add, update and delete needed files
>         I want as small of a .svn directory as possible
> I'm fairly certain that this functionality is currently not present, but I
> think there are many installations where this would be valuable.
> I'd like to create an enhancement request, but according to the website it
> was recommended that I post to this mailing list first.

Pristine files do not exist solely so you can edit files.  It is convenient
they exist so that you can diff your changes or revert your changes without
needing to contact the server, or even be online, but obviously those
commands could be made to use the server for that and simply require a
connection when no pristine is available.

The main reason the pristine files exist is so that the client and server
can exchange deltas with each other and minimize network traffic.  This is
just as true for update as it is for commit.  One of the original mantra's
for the 1.0 release was "disk is cheap, network is expensive".

There is an existing request in the system for making these files optional:

There is also an existing request for storing the pristine files in
compressed format:


Mark Phippard

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