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From Stefan Hett <>
Subject E175009 upon merge with Subversion 1.8.1
Date Sun, 28 Jul 2013 21:34:21 GMT

I'm having the following issue with Subversion 1.8.1:

Upon trying to merge a specific (rather large) revision from trunk into 
a branch I'm getting the following error after a few minutes:
"svn: E175009: Missing update-report close tag"

TSVN 1.8.1 (also tried via svn-command: svn merge http://[....])

Tortoise SVN shows it's build against Serf 1.3.0.

On the server side we use Visual SVN 2.5.10 (build against Subversion 

The server is accessed via a VPN connection (effective transferrate is 
roughly 60-70 kb/s). The revision I'm trying to merge contains several 
larger binary files (a few MB in total size).

Searching on the web makes me suspicious that these reports ran into the 
same problem I did:

(second issue)

Is there any workaround for the problem? Any further details I can 
provide you with to trace down the issue?


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