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From Thomas Harold <>
Subject Re: Subversion Exception! line 647: assertion failed (peg_revnum != SVN_INVALID_REVNUM)
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2013 05:05:03 GMT
On 6/20/2013 11:55 PM, Sandeepan Kundu wrote:
> Tried going back to 1.7, but it is telling project is in higher version :((
> how to use now, my development is getting affected!!!

I suggest renaming your old (upgraded to 1.8) working copy out of the 
way, doing a fresh checkout using 1.7 into a fresh working copy folder, 
then copying over changed files from the upgraded 1.8 working copy which 
isn't working.

Naturally, making a backup of the borked working copy is strongly 
suggested if you had uncommitted changes.

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