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Subject Fw: Problem with read only getting overwritten by rw - AuthzSVNAccessFile
Date Thu, 02 May 2013 10:41:28 GMT

Hi everybody,
I'm trying to setup up a server with different repositories over different <Location>
with LDAP and AuthzSVNAccessFile. Everything seems to work but a user can create a dir or
a file even if he only has read access.
Taken from one accessfile:

def00002 = r
def00002 = rw
def00002 =
In this case user "def00002" can create a dir or a file in "geraete-entw:/". What am I doing
If I change ist to:

def00002 = r
def00002 =
Then the user cannot create a dir or a file in "geraete-entw:/"!
Thank you
Björn Freise

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