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From Os Tyler <>
Subject SASL authentication with fallback to native passwd file
Date Thu, 02 May 2013 23:35:22 GMT
Thanks in advance for any help here.

We're using svnserve and I've successfully implemented SASL authentication against our company
Active Directory LDAP instance. And our windows and linux clients are successfully connecting.

However the subversion client on our AS/400 servers does not support SASL.

I was looking for a way to configure subversion so that if the SASL authentication failed,
it would fall back to the native passwd file and if a user/pass match was found there, auth
would succeed.

I've searched the interwebs and the archives of this mailing list, but I'm not seeing that
there is a way to accomplish this "SASL with fallback to native passwd file".

Is there a way?


Os Tyler

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