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From "Marek Slama" <>
Subject Re: svn client does not convert line endings for some java files
Date Fri, 03 May 2013 13:57:29 GMT
So it seems I will have to set eol-style explicitly on all my text files. I 
will have to investigate how to set eol-style
for newly added file for different clients my teammates use on Win. On Linux
I can set it in config file using auto-props.

Thanks for info


---------- Původní zpráva ----------
Od: C. Michael Pilato <>
Datum: 3. 5. 2013
Předmět: Re: svn client does not convert line endings for some java files

"On 05/03/2013 09:21 AM, Marek Slama wrote:
> Hi,
> not sure why but my svn client does not convert line endings for 'some'
> of my files. I did not find any rule for this. I have java project and
> files are text java sources. There is no mime type or eol-style property
> set on given files and some are with Linux line endings and some with DOS
> line endings. I have svn, version 1.7.5 (r1336830) compiled Sep 28 2012,
> 11:22:04. I do not know how to find out server version in case it is
> relevant.
> If I set eol-style property to native then it works. But such behaviour 
> seems weird to me.

Subversion is designed with a pretty clear policy governing such matters:
don't screw up the user's files!

If you happen to be coming from a CVS background, this will seem odd to you,
because CVS's default mode of operation is to assume that a file is
human-readable and that native newlines are desired, and will quite happily
destroy the binary files you forget to add with the -kb flag.

In Subversion, your file's contents are considered sacred. Unless you set
the svn:eol-style property on a given file, well-behaved Subversion clients
will not attempt to perform newline translation on that file.

C. Michael Pilato <>
CollabNet <> <> Enterprise Cloud Development"
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