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From "Hutchinson, Steve (UK)" <>
Subject SVN Externals 1.6 to 1.7 migration issue
Date Wed, 01 May 2013 11:01:32 GMT

We're been using 1.6 svn externals to manage a FW task.

In the repository we have a folder structure (which is pretty much defined by the tools we
are using) as below :-

FOLDER A -> file_a1.txt, file_a2.txt, file_a3.txt
FOLDER B -> file_b1.txt, file_b2.txt, file_b3.txt

Then using externals we link to those folder to create a WC PROJECT structure that looks like

PROJECT -> FOLDER C ->  file_a1.txt, file_a2.txt, file_a3.txt AND  file_b1.txt
PROJECT -> FOLDER D ->  file_b1.txt, file_b2.txt, file_b3.txt

The externals on PROJECT FOLDER we used looked like (not actually using file protocol, just
created for example purposes) :-

file:///D:/FPGA/SVN_ISSUE/repo/FOLDER_B/file_b1.txt FOLDER_C/file_b1.txt

Worked ok with 1.6. We get the below error in 1.7 when updating of :-

External failed:	 D:\FPGA\SVN_ISSUE\PROJECT\FOLDER_C\file_b1.txt  
Error: 		Cannot insert a file external defined on 'D:\FPGA\SVN_ISSUE\PROJECT' into the  
Error:  		working copy 'D:\FPGA\SVN_ISSUE\PROJECT\FOLDER_C'.  

We have tried a few things (will not share all at this point due to info overload), but wondered
if there were any others that achieve something like this with 1.7 or could offer some advise

Thanks for any help.

Steve H

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