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From carol schaef <>
Subject VisualSVN on clustered windows server 2008
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2013 18:14:48 GMT

I would like to run VisualSVN Server vs 2.5.8 in a clustered windows server 2008 environment.
The configuration would be, VisualSVN installed locally on the c drive and the repository
installed on a cluster shared volume (csv). VisualSVN presents 2 paths during installation
to separate these. Upon failover VisualSVN would be accessible on another node, continuing
to use the csv as the repository. Upon failover we would also like not to change the url which
references svn in a Development environment. Would "https://[ipaddress of the cluster]:port/other
directories" work in accessing the repository? We would also like to use VisualSVN's web interface
and would like the web address not to change after failover.

On Microsoft's technet website they discuss cluster-aware application requirements including,
The application must use an IP-based protocol, The application must be able to specify where
the application data is stored and client applications that connect to the server application
must retry and recover from temporary network failures. On the third item, typically that
would be eclipse as a client.

Any responses regarding whether this configuration is possible would be helpful.

Tia, carol

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