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From "Dietmar Fleischhauer (WhereGroup)" <>
Subject Missing folder / "Could not open the requested SVN filesystem"
Date Sat, 09 Jun 2012 12:37:13 GMT

after migrating some repositories to a new server with the same
directory layout and permissions (but new OS and svn), I get the
following error:

    <m:human-readable errcode="2"> Could not open the requested SVN
filesystem </m:human-readable>

The data was dumped with svnadmin and then loaded into a freshly created
repo on the new server (from SVN 1.5 on Debian 4.0 to v. 1.6 on Debian
6.0). The dav module is installed, and I couldn't find a difference in
it's configuration.

Comparing the old and new repo directories, I found one difference: the
old repos contain a sub-folder "dav" with a file "activities", which are
missing in the new repo. And indeed, the "svnadmin create" on the old
server creates an (empty) dav folder on the fly, while the new one does
not. Manually creating such a folder didn't have any effect.

The Apache config looks like this:

        <Location /wheregroup>
                DAV svn
                SVNPath "/data/svn/myproject"
                AuthzSVNAccessFile "/etc/apache2/authz"
                AuthType Basic
                AuthName "SVN"
                AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/pw
                AuthGroupFile /etc/apache2/pwg
                Require group svngroup

Could youplease give me a hint?

Thanks a lot!

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