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From Mattius McLaughlin <>
Subject Environment variables in .subversion/config
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 21:35:58 GMT

   I'd like to use a shared config file for multiple users, but I'm in a 
bit of a bind when it comes to ssh identity files.  I'd like to have a 
line like

ssh = $SVN_SSH ssh -q -i $HOME/.ssh/ssh-identity

   but svn cannot expand environment variables (or ~) from this file.

Warning: Identity file $HOME/.ssh/ssh-identity not accessible: No such 
file or directory.
svn: To better debug SSH connection problems, remove the -q option from 
'ssh' in the [tunnels] section of your Subversion configuration file.
svn: Network connection closed unexpectedly

   It would seem I can only have lines like

ssh = $SVN_SSH ssh -q -i /home/user1/.ssh/ssh-identity

   which prevents a shared config.

   Has anyone run across this before?  How did you get around this?

--Mattius McLaughlin

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