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From Daniel Widenfalk <>
Subject Potential issue in libsvn_diff:diff_file.c:find_identical_prefix
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 09:06:25 GMT

First off: I'm sorry if I post this in the wrong way.

I've found a potential issue in the function "find_identical_prefix"
in libsvn_diff/diff_file.c

The faulty code looks like this:

diff_file.c:432 (as per 1.7.1, code identical to 1.7.5)
      is_match = TRUE;
      for (delta = 0; delta < max_delta && is_match; delta +=
          apr_uintptr_t chunk = *(const apr_size_t *)(file[0].curp + delta);
          if (contains_eol(chunk))

          for (i = 1; i < file_len; i++)
            if (chunk != *(const apr_size_t *)(file[i].curp + delta))
                is_match = FALSE;
                delta -= sizeof(apr_size_t);

The problem is that the 64-bit build I'm using (ColabNet) have
different sizes for apr_uintptr_t and apr_size_t.

>From looking at the disassembly I can deduce that
sizeof(apr_uintptr_t) = 4 and sizeof(apr_size_t) = 8. This leads
to these two issues:

1) Data is truncated in the initial read-up to "chunk" and the compare
   in the inner loop will fail because the second read-up will compare
   a 64-bit value against a 32-bit value.

2) When the test fails it will back up delta by 8, not 4, resulting in
   a buffer advance of -4 later in the code. Once the search code has
   advanced another 4 character if will be back at the same spot.

   Rinse and repeat.

Are these a known issues?

In my case this results in an infinite loop on the following input

  23 0a 23 20 54 68 69 73 20 70 72 6f 6a 65 63

I found this out when my svn-client spiraled into an infinite loop
and would not respond to ctrl-c during a "svn up" command.

/Daniel Widenfalk

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