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From Lorenz <>
Subject Re: How to create a tag from multiple revisions?
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2012 07:19:37 GMT
marc wrote:
>As the subject says, I want to create a tag consisting of at least 2 
>different revisions in the trunk.
>All revisions concern the same project. Reason is, I have several revisions 
>in the trunk and I want to exclude some revisions from the tag because the 
>code in those is not yet production ready.
>For example the trunk consists of this:
>  rev333
>  rev331
>  rev330
>  rev229
>  rev228
>I want to create a tag based on rev333 and rev330 but not rev 331 since 
>that code is not finished yet.

at first glance I would interpret this diagram as rev### being
subfolders of trunc, but that is not consistent with the rest of the

So assuming you realy mean revisions of trunk:

you either take trunk@330 and merge in (cherry pick) trunk@333,
or take  trunk@333 and back out ( reverse-merge) the changes from

you might want to read

I would create a release branch from the last stable trunk version
(330) and merge in the trunk revisions that I want to go in the
release. Then create the tag from the branch.

> Am I able to do this - using subclipse or tortoise?

yes 8-)


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