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From Andreas Mohr <>
Subject Re: Cleanup needed after failed update
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2012 14:02:20 GMT

On Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 06:43:52AM -0700, Justin Case wrote:
> > From: Ulrich Eckhardt <>
> >
> > Only you (the user) knows "if it was interrupted" or is maybe still
> > running! I would say that this message could be improved[0], but
> I beg to differ: the operation which interrupted itself because it found a file in use
knows very well that it was interrupted. So, it would be in the best position to do something
instead of just quitting graciously. You later suggestion "leave the working copy in a state
of mixed revisions" is exactly what I as user would expect from it: "hey, error! I couldn't
finish my job bcoz file X is in use, just close the other app then try updating again". 

Dito. That context knows that it encountered a problem and knows best what
it's been doing, thus it's obviously within its own scope and *responsibility*
that it should be doing (or at least attempting to do) proper cleanup.
Necessity of "svn cleanup" should definitely be relegated to exceptional use cases,
since it's a problematic *foreign* intrusion into the lock-shared processing.
Well, so much for idealistic speak - I don't know SVN implementation
specifics which might go against implementing it like that.

> And I could swear it was like this before, I never had to cleanup even though I always
forgot DLLs in use... I just can't test it because the only machine with a 1.6 SVN I have
is a server and doesn't have Word (and will never have) - any idea how to mark a file "in
use" on Windows Server 2003? Notepad/Wordpad doesn't cut it.

Probably see exclusive sharing modes (flags at Win32 CreateFile() API).
Either code up a quick app which locks a file, or do an internet search on
the terms encountered in CreateFile() docs and thus discover some app
which already does that, too.


Andreas Mohr

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