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From Justin Case <>
Subject Re: Cleanup needed after failed update
Date Sat, 16 Jun 2012 01:33:16 GMT
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> I'm not sure whether that applies to Justin's particular case because
> that's only a problem if the lock gets released between the original
> workqueue run and the second workqueue run.  That's a very small
> window--in most cases both runs see the lock and the bug does not apply.

I don't think so - my problem comes if the DLL file to be replaced happens to be in use at
the time when I do the svn update. 
Please guys, don't keep using the word "locks" then throwing it back at me: I'm NOT EXPERIENCING
LOCKS, just a regular file being in use in Windows. That's most probably not a svn lock, although
I actually have no idea what a svn lock actually is - I just don't want to do a cleanup each
time svn fails to update a file in use.

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