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From "Thuan Seah Tan" <>
Subject Status after svn_client_move6
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 07:08:40 GMT
Hi all,


I am new to subversion and subversion api, and I have a question which I
hope someone can point me in the right direction. I am trying to do a
subversion integration in the tool I am working on, and to rename a file, I
believe I need to call the svn_client_move6 function. That's all good, I can
see the file is being renamed in Windows Explorer after the call. What
puzzles me is the svn_client_status5 call straight after. If I have an
unmodified file A.txt, renaming it to B.txt and back to A.txt should give me
the node status as "replaced" but text status should remain "normal". I have
TortoiseSVN installed, and using the file properties dialog, I can see that
the file goes into "replaced" and "normal" state. But trying to call
svn_client_status5 straight after the svn_client_move6 returns the file as
"replaced" and "modified" in the status5 callback. It is only on subsequent
call to svn_client_status5 (after some arbitrary time) the status is
correctly marked as "replaced" and "normal".  Wondering is there something I
am doing wrong? This is how I am calling svn_client_status5:


err = svn_client_status5(NULL, mSvnClientContext, filename, &info_revision,
svn_depth_files,TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, NULL, status5_callback,
&statusBaton, mRootAprPool);


Any advice or pointer is appreciated.




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