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From Pietro Moras <>
Subject Subversion multi-Project Repository: how to?
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 11:23:34 GMT

Very well, 
   now I dare ask the same question not in point of principle, but with a practical, operative
purpose. IF multi-project Repository is really possible, HOW can be it done, in practice?

I mean: 
1]  Is it done through the creation of a sub-Repository, at Server level, care of “svnadmin.exe”?
How? Using what command?

2]  Is it done through a special creation of a single Project, at Client level, care of “svn.exe”
[or, if that IDE case, some Eric VC command]? Through which command, exactly?

3]  Is there a way to select the desired Project, exclusively, both for up-loading and down-loading
data, without being bothered by the possible presence of other similar and distinct Projects,
within the same Repository? How, exactly? With which “svn.exe” [or, if that IDE case,
some Eric VC] commands?
 It might be my fault, but what I've seen so far about this matter spans from utterly impractical
to impossible, hence my stated questions. Gratefully, yours
 - P.M. 		 	   		  
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