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From Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Subject Re: Subversion multi-Project Repository: how to?
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 11:41:59 GMT
Am 02.03.2012 12:23, schrieb Pietro Moras:
> Very well, now I dare ask the same question not in point of
> principle, but with a practical, operative purpose. IF multi-project
> Repository is really possible, HOW can be it done, in practice?

Subversion doesn't define the term "project". This term can have lots of 
different meanings, depending on the context. Subversion provides 
versioned storage of file trees plus a few additional small features, 
but that is all.

 > 1]  Is it done through the creation of a sub-Repository, at
 > Server level, care of “svnadmin.exe”? How? Using what command?

There are no nested repositories, every repository is its own universe 
without any dependencies on other repos. What you mean is directories 
inside a repository perhaps.

> 3]  Is there a way to select the desired Project, exclusively, both
> for up-loading and down-loading data, without being bothered by the
> possible presence of other similar and distinct Projects, within the
> same Repository?

You can create a working copy (make sure you understand this term!) 
which only contains a subset of the repository it is associated with. 
This is the usual case, btw.

I think what you need to look at is the documentation explaining the 
idea behind the customary trunk/branches/tags layout. There you will 
also find a suggestion where to place that what is often considered as a 
project in this hierarchy. Also, make sure you understand both the scope 
(i.e. that SVN doesn't know what you consider a project) and 
terminology. Otherwise it's a bit difficult to communicate, if two 
people attach different meanings to the same term.



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