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From " Subversion" <>
Subject Re: Subversion reports error.
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 22:09:40 GMT
On 2012-02-09 00:23, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Feb 8, 2012, at 15:41, Subversion wrote:
>> On Feb 7, 2012, at 15:44, Masaru Kitajima wrote:
>>> On 2012/02/08, at 6:36, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
>>>> What is the output of
>>>> % ssh svnserve -t
>>> It is as below:
>>> ( success ( 2 2 ( ) ( edit-pipeline svndiff1 absent-entries commit-revprops depth
log-revprops partial-replay ) ) )
>>> and then stops. A prompt is not shown.
>> This symptom of not getting any prompt back reminds me of a totally
>> non-svn related "bug" but a network error I encountered some time ago.
> Not seeing a prompt in this case is not a bug; it's expected behavior. svnserve is not
an interactive program that has a prompt. It's a Subversion server; the above test demonstrated
that svnserve is running correctly and is waiting for a Subversion client to connect to it.
Maybe I was reading the threads wrong but my answer about not getting 
the prompt back was a reply to this part:

    %  ls /home/section-9/svn/reps


    and then stops. A prompt is not shown.

which to me seems like the ssh session is running a normal shell ls command.

About the MTU value I'm really don't know as it was in the VPN routers 
which I don't manage, but it's normally 1500 so I guess the change was 
to 1490 or something to account for the VPN headers.


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