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From Kris Deugau <>
Subject Re: svnadmin create complains about subrepositories
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2011 18:55:40 GMT
Fabian Richter wrote:
> To be frank: I dont see why I am not able to create nested repos

A Subversion repository, from the point of view of the filesystem it 
lives on, is intended to be (mostly) a black box that you interact with 
through the SVN repository access layer you've configured.

> or
> what you mean that they need to be peers...

You can have a set of repositories side-by-side like so:


You can't put another repository inside another, *at the same filesystem 
level*, like so:


You *can*, if you really want, add a filesystem location containing a 
SVN repository as content to an existing repository...  although how 
you'd access it usefully is another matter.

> You say a repo folder can have the content i need it to have. I need
> them to have other repos. To be sure we are talking about the same
> thing:
> /repos1
> /repos1/repos2
> /repos1/repos3

Can you expand on why you really need to do this?  Why can't you use 
folders in a single repository, or just leave /repos1 as a regular 
filesystem directory, that contains repositories?

To ask things a bit differently, does arbitrary content under the URL 
that leads to /repos1 need to be version-controlled (eg, /repos1/file1), 
or is all the version-controlled content one layer deeper 

> something like that. And the comparison to mysql DB doesnt make sense,
> because in a dbms I am able to deklare multiple databases for the same
> server or "root" dir, thats what is apparently not possible for svn...

Well, when you create a MySQL database, the tabledefs at least all go 
into /path/to/mysqldir/database2 - you can't put them in 

Subversion is pretty much the same, except you as administrator have 
somewhat more control of the filesystem location of each repository; 
it's perfectly possible (if inadvisable unless you need to isolate repo 
groups) to put a couple of repositories under /path/to/repgroup1, and 
another group under /another/place/repogroup2, and a lonely one off by 
itself in /some/other/repo.


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