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From Ryan Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Specifying a start revision number for a new repository
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2010 12:54:58 GMT

On Dec 1, 2010, at 06:45, wrote:

> I'm developing and hosting an open source project 
> ( and want to start using subversion to
> manage the source codes (including a webinterface with sventon).
> Until now the source codes revisions were organized manually without
> any version controol system in formof f backups and the current 
> revision is 197. I have already set up a svn server with an empty 
> repository and want the revision numbers in svn to start with 198, 
> when uploading my source codes there, to avoid having different 
> revision numbers in svn and the download section of the website. 
> Is there any way to set an initial revision number when doing the 
> first import to svn?
> I have not found any information on that, and the only idea I have
> until now is to make 197 more or less senseless commits before 
> committing the first real change to my source codes. I would really
> appreciate if anyone known a more elegant (and faster) way of doing
> that.

Creating 197 throwaway revisions is the only thing that occurs to me as well.

However, the revision number is really only "the number of changes that have been made to
the repository" so you shouldn't attach too much meaning to it.

If you have kept backups of each (or some) of your existing 197 revisions that you managed
by hand, perhaps you'd like to import these into the repository. You could use the
script to help you with this, assuming each revision is in its own complete directory somewhere.
Then your 197 revisions in the repository wouldn't be senseless; they'd be your existing history.

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