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From Terry Inzauro <>
Subject Re: svnsync checksum error
Date Sun, 07 Nov 2010 03:59:41 GMT
On 11/06/2010 07:29 PM, Edward Ned Harvey wrote:
>> From: opensrcguru []
>> Today, the sync process started failing on 1 repo (all others were
>> unaffected) on both r/o copies at the exact same time/same revision
>> with errors similar to the following...
>> Transmitting file data .svnsync: Base checksum mismatch on
>> '/path/to/file/foo/bar':
>>    expected:  2f2e025c4c4855e7466799a877b3e23d
>>      actual:  272214b9518d352e16e7eeceeb22f573
> I recently had the same problem.  I never found any cause for it, but I did manage to
deal with it somewhat better than you did.  On the master, I did svnadmin hotcopy, then I
tarred up the backup and sent it to the slave, and extracted it.  I had to configure the slave
hook scripts, and the revprop rev 0 properties, and then I was able to svnsync to the slave
again.  The main point of difference ... No need to wait for 65k commits to transfer.  Since
it's starting from a recent backup, it's enormously faster.

Yes, that sounds  quite a bit easier/quicker.  I didn't realise the r/o copies maintained
by svnsync were that similar to the
r/w copies they get their data from.  Thank you for the information.

I've found a handful of other cases similar to ours. Do you think a bug report is warranted
or is this unique to our

kind regards,


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