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From Chris Tashjian <>
Subject svnserve.exe (Win32) using 2GB of memory and then crashing?
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 23:01:53 GMT
We've been having this problem for a while now (since late in the 1.5 
releases and now right up thru 1.6.13) and I'm at a loss as to what the 
cause is.

We have a single repository with approximately 129K revisions.

SVNServe.exe's memory usage, numerous times a day, spins up to about 2GB 
and then the svn server becomes unresponsive.  Clients get:

    svn: Can't connect to host 'svn': No connection could be made
    because the target machine actively refused it.

When this happens, I have to restart svnserve (sometimes force-killing 
it in task manager first).

I used to use CollabNet's windows distribution, but recently switched to 
SlikSVN and we're still experiencing the problem.  I'm tempted to move 
the server to a 64-bit box and try SlikSVN's 64-bit client, but I feel 
that that may only be a band-aid and we'll start hitting the 4GB wall.

There's no good logging for SVN, so I can't even seem to dig up an error...

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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